*Happy Monday*

Good morning everyone! Did you have a wonderful weekend?? Mine was nice!! Friday felt like Fall..it was raining and the temps were cool (at least for us) I enjoyed the rain..but now the temps are back up in the 90’s..WTF? Every time I get excited that Fall has arrived..summer comes back. lol! I would imagine this will be the last week of hot temps. Hopefully!! I am actually going to layout a bit this afternoon. I am going to Mexico in less than a month and need a little tan. I have been busting my ass with cardio and the gym lately so I will be bikini ready! Yay..can’t wait to be lounging on a beach while someone brings me cocktails, the ones with the umbrellas. hehe! Saturday I finished my chores and spent the day with my dogs. It was all about giving special attention to my angels! 😉 I even made them homemade treats! They smelt soooo good, but didn’t taste as good as they smelled. Ha, I just had to taste one. They are going bananas over these treats, I will have to make more of them. I found a good website with lots of good recipes…  I have tried several of them and my dogs always love them! Bake your doggies some healthy treats, “most” of the ones you find in the stores are crap! Look at the ingredients.


Yesterday I went to the horse track with my parents..we had so much fun! We ate lunch, had some drinks and gambled a bit too. We watched a few races outside, but it was still hot so we sat in the nice cool clubhouse for the day. I did come home a winner..a whopping $26.70! LOL! Hey..beats losing! 🙂 🙂 I flipped channels back and forth from the horses to the Arizona Cardinal game…and boy what a bummer, they lost in overtime!!

Well I should stop babbling and get my Monday work done. 🙂 Here are a few pics from my weekend. I hope you all have a super day!!



Still swimming in October! So cute!


Mia guarding her bone, she’s such a bad ass! Ha, not!

Yummy home made doggie treats!

Fun day at the horse track!


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