Jewels Jade’s New Site Opens!!!


Happy Saturday!!! Wow..I feel GREAT today! I worked yesterday in the morning and took the rest of the day off to watch football! I was happy to watch the Huskers win! 🙂 Guess I will always be a Husker at heart!! I was a little hungover from Thanksgiving, I drank too much wine and once again forgot to eat dessert! How does that happen? I started drinking, singing and dancing …and forget about food I suppose. lol! I will make sure to have some on Christmas!! hehe!

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!! Mine was so much fun!! My second brother moved into a new house and it is beautiful..the views were amazing, you can see most of the city from his backyard. Gorgeous!! The food was super delicious and it was so nice to catch up with all my friends from Nebraska! I danced a feet were killing me yesterday…but they are good today! He just adopted a new doggie..of course I had to give her love! 🙂 An awesome Thanksgiving I will always remember! Hopefully this week I can find time to put up my tree…time to get in the Christmas spirit!!

This morning I am getting my work out of the way and I am going to go shoot some sexy pics and vids for you!! A few outside shoots will be fun, the weather is perfect!

The sexy Jewels Jade’s new site just opened this past week!! Be sure to check it out. Omg, Jewels is sooooo hot..everything about her is perfect! Her face, her body, her personality…she is the perfect package!! I have met her several times and Love Love Love her!

Have a wonderful Saturday peeps!! ENJOY!


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