Fun times!

Good morning!! Another beautiful day here…70’s and sunny! I better get out and enjoy it a bit because this weekend is supposed to cool down and rain. Bummer! I have been working hard lately, but playing hard too!! 🙂 🙂 Here are a few pics recently that I wanted to share!! I went out with my g/f’s yesterday for lunch..we had a few margaritas and some delicious food! We were all a little “buzzed” so we decided to shop a bit. Darn! hehe! We walked around the mall and hit some of the sexy stores such as MAC, Bebe, Guess, Victoria get the picture!! I did buy some really pretty red lipstick that looks good with my dark hair. I bought a sweater and also some jewelry. It was so much fun! We decided to do a girl thing at least once a month!! 🙂 The Super Bowl was really fun, the party was huge! He had 150 people there! He had 2 full bars and tons of good food. I didn’t care who won, but I did watch most of the game .. I did enjoy the commercials. The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial was my favorite..and I loved the Doritos with the goat too. You know me..I always love the ones with the animals. 🙂 The other pic is of me partying with my friends..Chris and DD! Fun times as always! Buzz just shot DD again for!! She is a fav for sure, he body is tight and hard!!

Today is a busy work day again for me. My parents are coming over and we are going to dinner tonight. I am thinking a big juicy steak! Speaking of food..I need to go eat breakfast now. I have been eating steel cut oats with protein powder …it is really yum and healthy! I didn’t think those actually went together..healthy and tasty! 😉

Have a fabulous day everyone..the weekend is right around the corner! Woohoo!


Lunch with Demi, Chica, Dawn, Catalina and Jessica!

Super Bowl Party with Chica!

Hanging with DD and Chris!



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