Day: May 23, 2013

Memorial Weekend Is Almost Here!!

Good morning …happy happy Thursday!! 🙂 The holiday weekend is just around the corner. I am not really sure of my plans yet?? I do know I am going out with a big group of friends tomorrow night for some cocktails. Woohoo! A good way to start the weekend. hehe! Not much happening with me since I posted last. Buzz shot a new model for Aziani yesterday..her name is Kendall Karson, she is really pretty and very sexy!! I have no doubt you will love her!! I went out with the sweet and sexy Nicole Graves on Monday night …we went out for dinner and drinks. I have been going out way too much lately. Yikes! Last night was a nice night to just relax and actually cook.

I bought a new Nike FuelBand and I will be able to track my activity and calories burned throughout the day. It’s pretty cool. I cardio every morning for an hour on my treadmill and the calories burned do not match my FuelBand..I am wondering which is more accurate.??? Hmmm! Either way it reminds me to keep exercising and watch my calorie intake. It’s all about being healthy..oh and bikini season is here too! ha!

I just scheduled my next members cam show for Thursday May 30th!! See you then! 😉

I need to run a bunch of errands shortly so I should go get some work done now. I am wishing you all a fabulous day ahead!!