My weekend…

Hey Hey everyone!! It’s a beautiful morning outside as I look out my office window. The sun is shinning and not a cloud in the sky! Of course it’s hot, but still very pretty. 🙂 I am a fan of the desert obviously! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was nice!! Friday night we ordered pizza and chilled in the pool. I found out Mia is a hunter. She is like a cat..she catches birds!! She actually ate one a few months back..gross huh? Buzz tried to take it from her mouth and she swallowed it whole!! It was a small bird, but still!! That’s nasty! We had friends over when she did that and they said they are not going to allow anymore kisses from her. LOL I thought that was funny! On Friday night she caught a Dove in my backyard and I yelled loud enough to scare her, she dropped it. I thought for sure it was dead, but within a few minutes it flew away. I love love love my birds..I feed them every day. Soooo I guess I need to really watch her from now on. Silly silly dog! It’s never boring at my house! hehe

Saturday I worked and finished my weekend chores .. I accomplished a lot!! I met up with friends for afternoon drinks after that. 🙂

Yesterday was family day!! I had everyone over for dinner and even whipped up three batches of cookies last night! It was an awesome quality family kind of day! 🙂 I am blessed! Last night I watched True Blood and relaxed so I could be ready for a busy week ahead. Bring it on..I am ready to get things done!

Create a great day!!!!




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