*Life Is Good*

Good morning!! 🙂 I am back from an amazing camping trip! We ended up staying another day because it was so much fun and the weather was awesome!! It did rain on us one afternoon for a few hours, even hailed! At that time we were really happy to have the RV to protect us. 😉 It was so nice and cool..a great escape from the desert heat! It’s always nice to get away from the busy world and smell the roses. The little things in life are really the most important. Of course the dogs had a blast! Running free and playing with no leashes, I love seeing them have fun. 🙂 On our way home we stopped and picked 13 pounds of tomatoes right off the vine! Yum!! Nothing like picking your own fruits and veggies. I can’t wait to move to the mountains some day, I am going to have the biggest garden! I feel so at home …so at peace..like that is where I am supposed to be. It’s in my 5 year plan! 🙂 🙂 Land, animals with beauty all around!

I was going to walk my dogs this morning, but at 7:00 it was already in the low 90’s. Ugh!! Welcome back to the heat!! Only a few more months …then cooler temps will arrive. Just think the holidays aren’t that far away. Crazy how fast time goes!

It’s time to get back to work!! Lots to do and catch up on. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!

I am going to schedule my next members cam show for this coming Friday…looking at my schedule now. See you then!

Create a great day!


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