**Happy Sunday Funday**

Good morning!! I was up with the birds today…woke up and went straight to my treadmill. I was in bed by 9:00 last night so needless to say I woke up early. I had a nice relaxing Saturday… Buzz and I went to an early breakfast and after that we felt the need to watch a movie and of course some college football. Sometimes we just need a little R & R!! Friday afternoon/evening I met up with friends for some tacos and cocktails…good times as usual!! It was so beautiful sitting outside!! I really think Fall is here! Seems like every year it tricks us into thinking that and then the 100’s creep back, hopefully not this year! I have a lot of “chores” to do around my house today …plus get groceries and go to the gym. I will be burning up my Nike fuel band today. HA! Grilling some steaks tonight with my family…a perfect way to end the weekend!! 🙂

I enjoyed my cam show on Wednesday night..thanks guys! A big thank you to Amy for the sexy white lingerie!! 😉 Also a big thank you to Stephen for the thigh highs!! I scheduled my next show for Friday night. See you then!

I am off now to finish up a little computer work. I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!





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