~New Pics~

Good morning! Happy May 1st! Wow time sure goes fast…seems like we were just celebrating Christmas! Thank you guys for an awesome cam show last night. I had a lot of fun!! 🙂 I will schedule my next one soon, maybe I will do a day show …thoughts? Last night Buzz saved a baby bird that fell into our pool. So happy he found him in time, he was pretty soaked so I think he might have been in the water awhile. Poor baby! I have a feeling it’s one of the babies that was up in my ceiling fan. Just happy he/she is ok! I hope it finds its way back home to the momma bird. Once he dried he flew away in the front yard. My new photos went up yesterday..I hope you like them. 😉 A big thanks to Stephen for the sexy black dress. I am planning my next shoot in CA at the end of this month OR beginning of June. Can’t wait, it has been way too long. Hope you all have a fabulous day!!! I am off to run my errands.



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