Happy Happy Hump Day!!

Good morning everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂 No matter what time I go to bed I always wake up early…but I am feeling great! Refreshed and ready for a busy day ahead!! It looks like I will be doing all the BTS pics and vids for Aziani and Aziani Iron! It’s so much fun meeting the models and hanging out with them. I like it!! We know how much you guys like BTS so get ready…lots of awesomeness coming your way! 😉 Last week we shot Chloe Chaos, I met her in Ca last time we shot her. I love her, such a sweet, sexy and smart girl!! Last night we shot a new model named Janice. I posted a few sexy pics of her to my twitter. She is only 18 years old!! She is very mature and smart!! I enjoyed hanging out with her as well and I must say she is a natural beauty! She looked gorgeous without a drop of makeup!! She is super petite and really really pretty!!!! You guys are going to love her! She is full of personality!! Today is back to work in the office…lots to do. I am planning a trip to Vegas to shoot! I can’t wait..it has been way to long!! 😉

Here are a few pics I have snapped with my phone..and of course I couldn’t resist to take some selfies along the way. hehe! Selfies…who knew!??? 😉

Make today great!



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