Happy Birthday Tony!! So happy to see 8/8/14!!!

Good morning everyone! I am flying high this morning…and I don’t mean high on drugs. hehe! I don’t do drugs…well I drink and I guess that is a drug. I should say I don’t do illegal drugs. lol! I am so happy to see today come. It is Tony’s 12th birthday and I didn’t think I would see him make it to 12!! My regular vet and surgeon both thought he only had weeks to live and that was back in March!! Long story short, he has a tumor and it can’t be removed. It’s just way too big and would disturb organs. He is on pain meds and antibiotics both…and seems 99.9 percent normal. Only strange thing is when he walks his back legs turn in. He is happy, playing and running around still. I honestly didn’t think I would see this day! I have been giving him spices and different foods…not really sure if it has helped. ??? But in my mind I really think it has, I know it hasn’t hurt. 🙂 Any ways..I am on cloud nine today. I am going to get him a cake and do a little celebration with my furry babies today. 🙂 🙂 He is such a strong and sweet angel..not to mention the smartest dog I have ever met. Shhhh don’t tell the others. hehe! 😉

I bet most of you are happy Friday has rolled around!! I have NO plans this weekend and am excited about that really. I need some R & R!! This has been a busy week and I need to recharge my batteries! I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!!





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