****Yum Yum****

Good morning!! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I hope so!! I got some serious R & R!! I stayed home all weekend and spent it with my furry babies and my sweetie! We snuggled up and watched a lot of movies! Life is so busy all the time I think it’s necessary to focus on the ones we truly love!! Friday was Tony’s birthday so I whipped up some doggie cupcakes. Yummy! 🙂 They loved them! I still can’t believe he turned 12!! Wow..I am so happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We are making sure to enjoy every day with him!! Family has always been #1 to me and yes that includes my 3 dogs and 1 cat. I can’t believe how blessed I am in my life to not only have the best parents, but amazing in-laws too. I am surrounded by loyal friends as well. Ever heard of the law of attraction? I am a big believer!! Of course everyone has bad times or bad days, that is life!! It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. I count my blessings every morning when I wake up!!!! Life is too short, we need to enjoy every single day! Never know what could be around the corner…so go LIVE!! Go live your life to the fullest!!! Rachel’s orders!! 🙂

Ever heard the song by Nickelback…called “If Today Was Your Last Day?” If not…you need to listen to it. “Each Day is A Gift And Not A Given Right!”

Here are a few pics I snapped of the doggies eyeballing and gulping down their cupcakes. hehe! 😉

I hope you all have an awesome day ahead!!




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