Summer Storms!!

Good morning!! I am loving our weather the past few days…lots of storms rolling through bringing lightning, thunder and monster rain drops! It’s such a nice change because it rarely rains in the desert. It’s so peaceful and relaxing…except for 2 of my dogs that absolutely hate it. Ugh!! 🙁 Mia is sporting her new pink thundershirt! hehe! Besides the fact that she looks totally adorable, it does work. She stopped shaking immediately, her tongue was still out, but it did calm her down. Woohoo! I always heard they worked. I might have to buy one for Tony now. He does ok if I turn the TV on kind of loud. It seems to calm him down, distract him I suppose. I enjoyed a little pool time yesterday after I got all my work done. I cranked up some 80’s music, jumped on my raft naked and sipped on some ginger ale. Yum! I haven’t been drinking any alcohol lately, just detoxing for a bit with food and drinks. I have been juicing a ton!! Lots of fruits and veggies. I love the fruit juices I make, but to be honest the veggie ones are kind of gross. I hate beets..but I put them in every drink. They are super healthy, but yuk I hate the taste. I am not a big fan of cucumbers either, but I juice them as well. It sucks to be healthy! haha, just kidding. I feel so amazing when I drink them, my body thanks me with a smile!!  🙂 🙂 I have realized that without your health you have nothing!!! I see so many unhealthy people in my life that it just motivates me to keep on a healthy path with exercising, eating good and less alcohol. I don’t drink soda and I was getting bored of water so I have been flavoring my water with fruits. I make them with lemons, limes, any kind of berries, ginger, mint leaves and cucumbers sometimes too. I let them sit in the refrigerator overnight and they are super delicious the next day. I try and drink a gallon a day…but I usually fall short. It’s hard to drink that much water. I tend to drink more in the summer for obvious reasons. 🙂

Here are a few pics I want to share! 🙂 You can’t deny natures true beauty!! Am I the only one that finds the sky and clouds fascinating?

Wish you all a happy happy hump day!! 😉


Looking totally cute in her thundershirt!!

This mornings storm out my office window.

Some pool time yesterday while the sun lasted.

Last nights storm rolling in.

My only dog that isn’t afraid of storms. He sat outside with me and enjoyed the rain.



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