~Columbus Day~

Good morning everyone! Today is a holiday so I am hoping you all get to enjoy your Monday! 🙂 Did you have a nice weekend?? Mine had some good and bad both. Friday I got my hair done, added some highlights to it. I like it! 🙂 I got a migraine while I was at the hair salon. Oh what a nightmare that was! My vision was all messed up, if you have had one you know what I am talking about. The headache didn’t hit until I got home so that was the good part. I ended up in bed ALL day. My headache didn’t go away until 8:00 Friday night. I had plans with friends that I had to cancel. I was bummed. I am lucky though because I only get maybe 2 a year. I have never had one last that long. Ugh! It sucked! I spent all day Saturday doing chores around my house. I am a neat freak.. I actually like cleaning. Weird huh? Saturday night I cooked a big Italian meal for Buzz and I. Yum! It was delicious and yes very fattening. Ha! Yesterday I enjoyed a cookout, some cocktails and football. Woohoo the Cardinals won! 🙂 🙂 Have I told you that I love this time of the year? hehe! This is a busy work week, but this weekend is going to be FUN! Buzz’s birthday is Saturday and that is a perfect start to a great weekend ahead. Here are a few pics I have taken lately. Have a wonderful day!!! Get out and enjoy life!



Sleepy kitty!

This picture made me laugh. Everyone wanting daddy’s attention!

I like the messy hair look, new color 🙂

Kisses to Mia!


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