Been awhile..sorry! =)

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in writing. Wow, my life has been so busy lately. I enjoyed Halloween with my in-laws, took my nephew trick-or-treating. It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up. My neighborhood has so few kids and their neighborhood was packed. It reminded me of when I was a kid back in NE! I enjoyed some Mexican food for dinner and one of my favorite bartenders whipped me up a special Halloween margarita. So sweet! Buzz and I celebrated our 17 Year Anniversary…awesome! This past Friday I went to visit some friends…we enjoyed cocktails by the pool and fire-pit. Always fun! Saturday I spent some time in the desert, our ride got stuck in the water. Oops! My phone got ruined in the water, BUT I have been wanting to upgrade to the new Iphone so I stopped by the Verizon store and YAY they had a new phone for me. Super excited for that. I heard the new camera is awesome and that is important to me as you know. hehe! I lost all the pics I took riding. 🙁

The Arizona Cardinals are rocking this year! I was so tired this past Sunday …I literally watched football all day. Buzz laughs at me because I like it more than him. Cardinals won again …I am wondering if they might make the Super Bowl this year???? It is here in AZ so that would be pretty pretty cool.

Our weather is still the 80’s! I heard a little cool down is coming. And by that I mean 70’s. LOL I won’t complain, I felt some cold temps this past weekend and don’t miss it! I love the desert …and am enjoying the fire-pit and fire-bowls in my backyard. So relaxing and feels so cozy.

I am heading to Cancun soon, can’t wait! I am looking forward to a vacation! I had a death in the family back in Oct and also an affiliate of ours committed suicide. Ugh! I haven’t seen him in a few years, but he used to come visit us every summer all the way from Australia. It makes me sad! I always say enjoy life to the fullest and I will admit I DO!!! Appreciate life every day!! I am alive…healthy and happy!

That’s all for now, I will try and update my blog more. I do post to twitter, but I need to give my blog some more love! Hope all is good in your world!! Here are a few pics I have taken recently. 🙂 🙂


Yummy Halloween Margarita!

Enjoying the cool morning!

Out running morning errands with delicious DD iced coffee!

Keeping my tootsies warm!

Time to run the fire-bowls!

Fun times with friends!

Big ole kiss!





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