Animal Lover :)

Hey Hey everyone…Happy Weekend!! 😉  I had such a busy week, I am ready to unwind a little bit. I am done with my work for the day so I am off to run some errands. I am officially 100 percent ready for Christmas! Yay! I have all gifts bought and food ready to prepare. We are doing Mexican food on Christmas Eve and Italian on Christmas Day. Changing things up a bit …we are all bored of the traditional meal. I am in the holiday spirit, I whipped up some cookies the other night while jamming to some Christmas music. 🙂 Only thing I haven’t done this year is buy Eggnog. Not sure why? I am off to an ugly sweater party tonight…it’s going to be fun! Of course I will take pics. Since I got my new Iphone the camera works SO much better than my last one. I am constantly taking pics of my furry babies and I thought I would share some. 🙂 I love animals..I love them all. They bring so much joy to my life, I can’t even describe it. All you animal lovers know what I am talking about. 🙂 🙂 I enjoy feeding the birds …and Rocky (my cat) loves to watch them. It is so cute, he will sit and watch them for hours. He is in indoor cat…he only goes outside if Buzz or I hold him. If he escaped my house he wouldn’t make it long. We have bobcats and coyotes that cruise my neighborhood. Yikes! Well I am off now…I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! ENJOY!


Chewing up my ornaments 🙁

Busted! Caught in the action!

Hehe, playing with my computer screen.

Big boy never leaves my side! 🙂 He sleeps by my feet all in my office.

Aww just look at that face!

He loves running errands with me.

No that’s not her Jameson, she doesn’t drink. 😉

Snuggled up with me outside by the heater.

Enjoying some bone chewing last night by the fire pit.

He visits me time to time. Go Cardinals 😉

This guy is way too big ..he thinks he is a hummingbird. ha

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