A Fun Weekend!

Good morning everyone!! Monday rolls around so fast..doesn’t it? I hope you all had a great weekend!! I did!! Saturday we went riding…playing in the desert. What a perfect day!! So beautiful and so much fun! 🙂 🙂 Yesterday I went to the horse races with my parents. I did win..not a lot but I did come home with more money than I went with. So Yay! I always love spending time with my family! I am so blessed!! My parents are in their early 70’s..still healthy and happy so I want to be sure to spend as much quality time with them as I can. My dad gave me a huge stack of old photos of me when I was a kid. Omg, it was fun looking through them all. I will have to scan and post some for you guys to see. If you want..of course. hehe! After the races we ordered a big pizza, sat outside on the patio and laughed at the old times. Wow..it truly is amazing how fast time goes. I had a great childhood and I love those memories. I would like to go back to Nebraska and visit sometime. It has been 10 years since I have been back…I would love to see some old friends and visit my old stomping ground. Buzz has no desire so I have to talk him into that one. Nascar and Spring training are making things very busy around the valley. Lots of people visiting which is great for Arizona!! I bet they are loving our weather..80’s and sunny! No complaints from me!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!! Enjoy!


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