~Happy Holiday~

Good morning!!! It is feeling like the holiday season in the desert, it’s cold!! Brrrrr, I had to break down and turn on the heat this morning. It’s 40 degrees outside which is cold for my desert bones. hehe! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Mine was great, lots of quality time with family and friends..and the food was delicious!!! 🙂 These past four days have been awesome!! Lots of sex, food, drinks and exercise!!! It doesn’t get much better than that. 😉 I started walking Mia every day. She loves it!!! My other dogs are older so they don’t walk very good. 🙁 Neo will be 11 soon and Tony is 13. They get some exercise in my yard which is good. Mia is only 4ish so she is still full of piss and vinegar. ha! Buzz and TRIED to go hiking one morning and I think everyone else in the valley had the same thought. It was PACKED! We couldn’t even get close to the parking lot, cars were packed up and down both sides of the street. Needless to say we left. I hate crowds. Might try again today since I think most people are back to work. Friday afternoon Buzz and I went out for tacos and tequila. Yum! We went to one of our favorite restaurants and they always make me the best jalapeno margaritas. It was a beautiful day to watch football…NE lost to IA which sucked. Our AZ Cardinals are doing pretty good this year. Yay!

Saturday night we went to a party, oh boy…it was fun!! We ended up taking an Uber car at 3am to our studio. Needless to say I was tired yesterday. I only got 4 hours of sleep. Ughhhhh! I recharged my batteries yesterday and feeling refreshed today. 🙂 🙂 I want to put up my Christmas tree in the next few days. 🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting Lylith Lavey when she came to town to shoot for GloryHoleSecrets and GangBangCreampie …She was awesome! We snapped a pic in the gloryhole booth, it is so kinky in there. The girls LOVE it! 😉 Aziani has added a new model, Kimberly Kendall and I have no doubt you will love her. She is super sexy!!!

I am off now, lots to do on this chilly Monday. Sending you all holiday hugs!