Well hello ;)

Hey Hey everyone…good morning!! 🙂 🙂 Yet another beautiful day in the desert! Buzz and I have been hiking as much as we can before the summer heat hits. We are getting stronger every trail! Yay! Been walking our doggies a lot too! They love it! I was on one trail last week and got stung by a bee!! OUCH! It got stuck in my hair and stung my scalp. I of course was freaking out because it was buzzing around in my head and Buzz helped get him out..AFTER he already stung me. I have been stung before but this hurt worse than any of the others. I will be wearing hats from now on. Ha! They are out in full force…Spring is HERE! I absolutely love this time of the year!!! Not only is it pretty with all the flowers blooming, but the air smells so nice. As Buzz and I continue down this healthy path our eating habits have changed BIG TIME!! We used to eat out a lot…but now we cook all the time. We make it fun…I like it more and more. We went to a farm over the weekend to pick up some locally grown organic fruits and veggies. YUM! It was a really cool place. They had all sorts of goodies, they had a juice bar, pizza stand and live music. I will go there again for sure! I bought a tomato plant and some flowers that we planted in our backyard. I will say I do NOT have a green thumb, so wish me luck! hehe! So Easter is this coming Sunday…I am looking forward to spending it with my family! 🙂 We have a big ole feast planned. I won’t be counting calories on that day. Ha! I hope you enjoy your holiday with family and friends (if you celebrate that is) I am off now…will write more soon. I know I don’t write here as much as I used to. My life has changed, but as long as you want to still read it, I am happy to still share my life with you all. Thanks for that. 🙂 Have a great day/week ahead!!


My furry baby enjoying the beautiful weather 🙂

Mia and her BFF finally resting after some serious play! 🙂