Happy Memorial Day!!!





Good morning beautiful people!! 😉 I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend. I am!! I have been doing a little bit of everything really…working, working out, cleaning, cooking, grilling, swimming, drinking!! Buzz and I discovered a new place called Total Wine. (new to us) We were at the mall the other day and thought we would stop in. WOW..this place is awesome. The prices on wine are even cheaper than CostCo! We are on a wine kick lately so we stocked up our wine rack and are trying all sorts of new brands. I bet you didn’t know Buzz was in the wine business before adult…ha! He was a cork dork so he knows a lot about wine unlike me. 🙂 🙂 Today I am off to wash our cars…people always ask me why I wash our cars when the majority of people take them to car washes. I guess my answer would be I enjoy it, I like to keep moving as much as I can. One thing I am not is lazy. Ugh..huge pet peeve of mine. Lazy people drive me insane!!! Buzz is super picky about our cars and always has been since I met him so NO way would he ever take his car in. I am a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning our house like he is with our cars. Silly we are! 😉 I need to find out if the gym is open today because I would like to go workout. Last night Buzz grilled the BEST steaks, we have been shopping at a grocery store here called Sprouts and we love it. Such a great variety of fruits and veggies …mostly all healthy clean food. I want to go out to eat this week though…it’s been too long. I feel the need to GET OUT…been kind of a hermit lately.

We have been working around our house now for awhile and Buzz finally got his garage 100 percent done. What is it with you guys and your garages? Makes me laugh. He got all new cabinets, bench, paint..etc.. So the reason I bring this up is because he hung our flag up. Ohhh it looks pretty cool. It was given to me back in 2009 by some awesome soldiers that flew it over Iraq for ME! Seriously..how flattering is that? I can’t thank them enough AND all the other men and women that have died for our country …and of course the ones that have served or currently serving. Freedom is not free. A big huge thank you for the service you do for us to keep us safe!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have a great holiday everyone..enjoy and be safe!!! Will write more soon!