A Fun Monday! :)))

Good morning!!! Buzz and I finally got out and did some CA exploring yesterday…it’s going to take awhile to get used to it here. It is very different than what we are used to. We are figuring out the traffic and when NOT to drive, good thing is we don’t have to. Makes a huge difference! 🙂 I think we will venture out on the weekdays and work on the weekends. Smart huh? 😉 We went for a hike yesterday morning in Malibu, it was so peaceful and quiet. Just what I needed!!!!!! Just to be out in nature makes me happy! We drove in to Santa Monica and enjoyed lunch and the ocean. It was windy and a bit chilly for me, my desert bones aren’t used to that. hehe!! After living in a dry state for 22 years it is strange to have humidity. It’s not terrible, just different. I think it will be good for my skin, but not my hair so much. I have naturally curly hair so it might be a challenge to keep it straight. I might even cut it short!! What do you guys think??? Something different…why not my life has changed big time!

I am almost done unpacking…almost! We downsized from our house in AZ and it is difficult to find room for all our stuff. We gave away and sold SOOOO much that I didn’t think I would still have a challenge with finding room. Just going from a 4 car garage to a 2 car is strange. The houses are super expensive here, WOW! We won’t be buying a house anytime soon, I do know that. We signed a year lease so we will be moving around a lot to find our spot. It takes time to figure out where you belong. Ya know? I do know I will end up in the mountains some day. My dream! I haven’t spent much time around the ocean except on vacation, but I will. I think I am more of a mountain girl than ocean….but never know. I will find out. 🙂

It will be an adventure for sure. Life is too short!! Get out and enjoy! Here are a few pics I took yesterday. I didn’t take many, but I will be sharing more as time goes. Please be patient with me as I am really behind on emails for obvious reasons. I will be catching up soon. Have a great week ahead everyone…talk again real soon.