Six Flags Fun!

Hey Hey everyone…I am getting back into the swing of things. 🙂 🙂 Still not 100 percent unpacked and organized, but getting there. We took the past few days off…Sunday we went to Saddle Ranch at Universal Studios. YUM! I love that place, the one in Scottsdale AZ closed years ago. I want to go visit Universal Studios again, but I am waiting for my parents to come visit us. I think they would have a great time there. They haven’t spent much time in CA so I am planning  some fun things while they visit. Monday we went to Six Flags with the guys and had a blast!! It was a perfect day…we only waited in 1 line and the weather was awesome!!! 🙂 I walked over 18,000 steps yesterday and my body got a little beat up on the rides…I feel it today. I could use a foot massage! 😉

We are joining a new gym today, it’s time to get back! I have lost over 10 pounds in this move…it’s pretty crazy because I haven’t eaten the healthiest. Lots of fast food and UberEats. Yuk! I am done with that! The kitchen in this house is really nice and we just bought a new grill so I am ready to get back into my healthy lifestyle. 🙂 🙂

Here are some pics I took yesterday!! I will write more soon. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!




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