Day: February 18, 2019

Well Hello…It’s Been A While

Good morning everyone!! How is your 2019 going so far? They go so fast…be sure to take time out of your busy lives to smell the roses. 🙂 One day you will realize that the little things ….really are the BIG things. (if you already haven’t) 🙂

I must say the weather here in CA has been pretty shitty! Sooooo much rain…enough is enough. Makes me miss the AZ sunshine, but it is raining there too. Buzz and I planned a bike ride yesterday, but the wind was horrible. We made that mistake one day and the wind almost blew me over. lol 😉 I think after work today we will head out on our bikes for a ride and soak up the sun while we can. 😉

Did you all have a nice Valentines Day? I am all for romance…but why do we need a day to do that? Kind of silly! I would much rather have flowers on a “normal” day…just because. When they are expected on a certain day it’s just not the same. I did buy Buzz a little box of chocolates…only 4 pieces. hehe! We are doing sooooo good on our healthy diet and working out, I am very proud of us!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will say we are both the healthiest we have been in many years…and we still have a way to go. Buzz has been 100 percent nicotine free since March 2018. AMAZING! I never smoked, but I know it’s a hard thing to quit.

Vegas was fun this year for AVN…but it’s always fun. However I got sick AGAIN this year after the show. WTF? Seriously every year I come home sick!! I take extra vitamins and wash my hands non stop and I STILL got the flu. Ughhhhhh!

What did you all think of the Super Bowl? I of course wanted the Rams to win, but we all know how that ended up. I thought it was a very boring game. I prefer more excitement! I do like Tom Brady though, I do…I do. He is so handsome and a class act. The best team won, period.

Buzz and I spent time playing in the mountains for a few days. It’s less than a two hour drive to the snow. It is one of the many things I love about CA…waking up in the mountains and going to bed at the beach.

It was so beautiful!! We had so much fun!! I just love spending time in little towns, everyone is so nice. 🙂

Oh by the way …Happy Presidents Day. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy your day!!! Whatever you do…make it great! 🙂 🙂 🙂