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New Video Update…& Some Fun In the Desert!

Good morning..and a beautiful morning it is! Another awesome sunny Arizona day! I did go out and play for a few hours in the desert yesterday was fun! I added a few pics to share with you all. Sipping on my Bud Light & Clamato drink..yummy! I also thought it would be fun to moon you! hehe! See my tan line that I have been working on. 😉 I have a busy Saturday. I am heading out to the gym shortly…run a few errands…come home and walk my dogs…last but not least ~clean and laundry~ Oh Joy! I will also be adding my new video today…so be sure to check back if it’s not already up. It was super naughty…and super fun! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Saturday!
RachDesert FunButt Moon


Good morning…Happy Friday! Yeah..the weekend is “almost” here. 🙂 I am ready! I have had a busy week…I am happy about getting lots of work done..but tired! I am ready to relax a bit..and of course have some fun thrown in there too! I think I might go play in the desert today …pack a lunch and maybe a beer or two! I found a new beer…well it is not new, but new to me. It is a mix between beer and Clamato juice. is so yummy. It is already mixed..salt and lime too! M’m M’m! I am adding a cute little pic of two of my dogs snuggling. Look at how adorable that is? Such babies! Speaking of…I am off now to take them for their three mile walk..going to try and increase it to four in the next week or so. The weather is just gorgeous..sunny and high 60’s. Yeah..time to play! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend..ENJOY!
Rach Dogs cuddling

A fun & naughty cam show last night

Good morning!! I hope you are enjoying your Thursday so far. I ran out of my favorite flavored cream this morning..uh oh! Coffee just doesn’t taste the same without all that yummy sugar. LOL! Sooo looks like I will skip the coffee is pretty strong and just nasty. I had a great cam show last night…it was so much fun! A big thank you to all of you that could make it. 🙂 Thanks for the tequila shot Buzz! I am debating if I should go work out today. My body is pretty sore. I was an exercise queen yesterday. I went to the gym and worked out my chest..which I have to say is a very important body part. ~hehe~ I walked my dogs on a three mile was awesome! The weather was beautiful! As it is again today. Last but not least I tried out my new Land Rollers..Oh they are fun, but hard. They are easier than Rollerblades..but still hard for me. I can be “klutzy” sometimes. I pretty much skated around my hips and shins are hurting today. I didn’t fall..but sure had a hard time stopping. I will take some pics to share with you can laugh at me. Ha! I have another busy work day today so I need to get my tushy moving. I will be in my office working so please stop by my office cam. It does run 24/7. Have a super day!


Happy Hump Day all you sexy people!! I am just leaving for the gym…love those morning workouts..ha! Not really! I wanted to tell you about my live cam show tonight for Members Only!! See you tonight and I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

New Photo Update..My Favorite Photo

Hey everyone…happy Tuesday evening! I am finally settling down after a
very busy two days. I have been working like a silly girl! Looks like 2008 is going
to be a work hard…play hard kind of year. It’s all good! 🙂 I just
made myself an apple martini…my treat for working so hard. hehe! I am
now ready to relax a bit. I just updated my new photos so I wanted to
post one for you to see. A special thank you goes out to “JT” for the
gorgeous see thru robe. *WooHoo* He has marvelous taste, don’t
you think? 🙂 I hope you will like the sample photo I picked. As you see
I have been growing out my pussy hair for the cold winter.
is very cold in AZ. Haha! No worries I am shaved “down below”…wouldn’t
want any hair getting in Buzz’s mouth. LOL! I always love smooth
“hairless” pussy lips…mine are sooo soft! I have a lot of members that have
been asking me to grow it out…so here you go! I love making my members
happy…and I love taking requests!! I will be shaving it in my next
video completely bald and probably grow back a little strip. Oh the joys of being a
girl. *hehe* Have a great night…and enjoy the rest of your week. Be
sure to check back as I will be posting pics & vids all the time!

Rachel Aziani Pic

Polaris RZR…playing in the snow on 4 peaks!

Good Friday morning! Welcome to my new BLOG!! Looks like I can do some pretty cool stuff here. I have also just opened my new site as well. Yeah…lots of cool changes coming in 2008! I am working hard on my new on line store too. More info coming soon!! I want to wish you all a happy weekend. I have been working very hard the past week so I will say..”I am ready for a fun and somewhat relaxing weekend ahead!” 🙂 It was a rainy morning, but now the sun is out and the clouds are gone. It is going to be the high 60’s. I love Arizona this time of the year..makes up for the hot gross summer months. I added a new video of me playing in the snow on my quad. Check it was sooo much fun! I hope you have an awesome Friday..go enjoy your weekend!!

[youtube: 425 355]