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Sexy Panties!

Behind the scenes!

4th Of July Pool Video!

Good morning everyone! Waking up to a little cooler day, these past few days have been killer hot! The excessive heat warning is gone..whew! Ohhh it’s still hot… 106 but not as bad. It is supposed to rain this afternoon, I hope it does!

I have a busy day ahead…lots of work to catch up on. Been slacking a little bit because of my new doggie. I am having fun with her ..I can’t wait until she can go swimming once her stitches heal.

I planned a shoot for this coming Friday! Yay..time to get back into the swing of things. I haven’t had a “normal” schedule for over a month. And I very much look forward to tomorrow night’s cam show! See you then!

Here are my last 3 updates…hope you are enjoying them. Many more to come!

Have a wonderful day!! Enjoy!



Behind The Scenes!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying your new week so far!! 🙂 🙂

My new BTS video went up on Saturday so if you have not checked it out yet…you must! 😉 My members love it! I will be doing more of that since it is so popular!! It ends with a nice juicy squirt thanks to Buzz. 😉

I am still trying to figure out my summer schedule with shoots and vacations..however I did schedule my next members cam show on July 12th! Hope you can make it! I will plan a pool one soon too!

I went boating with Chica and Demi this past weekend, it was soooo much fun in the sun! After that we treated ourselves to a big Italian meal. Yum!

I have a really busy day today..lots of work and errands to run. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Sexy Shoot!

Good afternoon!! I hope you are enjoying your hump day so far! 🙂 I had so much fun shooting yesterday!! I hope you will like the goodies coming your way. 😉 After my shoot I met up with Chica for dinner and cocktails. I had two drinks and a big juicy cheeseburger. I only ate part of it and was going to bring the rest home to my dogs, but I left it in the hotel refrigerator. It was super yummy too! I am pretty tired today, I didn’t go to sleep until 2:00 and woke up at 6:00. I can’t sleep in even if I try…so I will be taking a nap later. Today is my dad’s birthday so I will be having a bite of b-day cake tonight…just a small bite. 😉 I will need to work out extra hard tomorrow.

Off to work now..and maybe a nap soon.



Is it Friday yet?

Good morning peeps! Just think it is already Thursday…the weekend will be here soon! AND I am ready for that! This has been a busy week so far, I will need a break. 🙂 Here are a few more updates coming your way!! I am planning to shoot again in a couple weeks. Yay! I will see you tomorrow night for my cam show too! 😉 Woohoo!!!

I am off to chop away at my to do list. Create a great day!!

Flirting with my sexy photographer! ~wink~

New Pics and Vid!

Hey everyone!! I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I am slow moving today..had a little too much fun last night and paying for it today. I went out for dinner and drinks…one too many drinks. Oh well, the good thing is I don’t have a lot of plans today..just a family bbq at my house. Whatever doesn’t get done today will wait for tomorrow. extra day off! I think I will make tomorrow a pool day. I need to work on my tan a bit. 🙂

I had two updates go up yesterday. Some sexy outdoor photos and behind the scenes video of my last Las Vegas trip. Chica and I had soooo much fun!

Have an awesome Sunday!! I need to go pick up my goodies for my bbq today!

Back From Vegas!

Good morning everyone! felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night. 🙂 I had such a great trip, but it is always nice to come home. ~Home Sweet Home~ I was excited to see my doggies. They missed I missed them. Grandma and grandpa spoil them so realistically I probably missed them more. I didn’t win any money, but didn’t lose much either. I am not a big gambler..I was hoping to win so I could go shopping. Omg, so many awesome shops!! I did go shopping a bit at bebe with Brianna Jordan for her episode of AzianiXposed …she was GREAT!!! You guys are going to love this upcoming episode. Brianna her! 😉 I did some pretty sexy shoots on Monday ..can’t wait to share with you all!! I ate like a queen in Vegas..I had the best food!! Two nights in a row I had steak, I even had crab legs. YUMMM!! Didn’t watch my diet at all. Back to the gym today and back to my healthy eating. I enjoyed a $23.00 bloody mary one morning. Seriously? 23.00? Wtf? That seems a little crazy to me! Oh was vacation. It was such a fun trip!! I have lots of pics to share. 🙂

I am off now to the hair salon…cut and color time. I have a busy weekend of catching up, but I will be sure to spend some time outside..80’s and sunny! PERFECT! Have a fabulous Friday!!