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Happy Friday Everyone! =)

Good afternoon!! I hope you are enjoying your Friday so far!!! 🙂 I had a super fun time shooting are a few pics! 😉 I woke up early and enjoyed watching the sunrise. It was beautiful! I slept really good..the bed was really comfortable!! After my shoot I ordered some room service and rented a movie. I watched Law Abiding Citizen, I liked it…however I fell asleep the last 30 minutes. Nice..huh? LOL…that happens to me all the time. I had a monster breakfast at Cocos and am finally getting some work done. I have a huge day! YIKES! Work work work!! 🙂

Have a Fabulous Friday!!! ENJOY!

Thank You For A Great Cam Show!!!

Good morning everyone!! Thanks so much for the fun last guys are the BEST!!!! 🙂 I will schedule my next show after Christmas …and it will be a daytime show. 😉

I have another busy day ahead, I knew this week was going to be nuts…and even more things keep popping up. Oh well..nothing I can’t handle! 🙂

ENJOY your day ..Happy Holidays!

~Have a great Friday~

First thing, first….THANK YOU so much for a fun cam show last night!!! You guys are the best! You make me a very happy girl! I hope I returned the favor!! 🙂

Unfortunately I am feeling “blah” today. I just don’t feel like myself …yuk! I am going to make some soup and go back to bed. Snuggle under the covers and watch some TV. It is a good day to do that…it is chilly out ..perfect snuggle weather.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday!! 🙂

***Happy Friday Everyone***

Good morning! Wow, I slept good last night! It is always nice to come home to your own bed. 🙂 Might have been the margaritas too 😉 Dinner was super yummy last night, we had a great time!! It was so nice to meet my friend face to face! We might hook up one more time while he is here. He is from Pittsburgh and a big Steeler fan …there is a Steeler bar not too far from my house that he wants to check out. That place was rocking big time last Super Bowl.

Here are a few photos from Vegas!! 🙂

I have a busy day today trying to catch up on work, off to the gym too! I need to bust my ass this weekend and next week…I have some killer workouts planned. ~ugh~


Eric …my wonderful makeup artist!! XOXO

Video time!!

Picture time!

The Wynn …view out my window

Fun Time Shooting!!

Happy Thursday!! Good morning everyone!! I just checked out of my hotel at 7:00 ..stopped for some orange juice and drove home. I had a super awesome time shooting yesterday. Wow..that was fun!! Around 11:00 I ordered room service and watched a movie. I had a turkey sandwich that was yummy, but the Caesar salad was not so yummy! I didn’t think you could mess up a, but they did. I also didn’t think it was possible to pour that much dressing on a salad. I LOVE all types of salad dressing and I usually order it on the side. OOPS~ Here are a few photos from my shoot yesterday. Sexy stuff coming your way!!! 🙂

Back to work for me!! I am a bit sleepy, I didn’t get many Zzzzzz’s  last night. I tossed and turned a lot. I don’t adjust to strange beds very well. I will probably have to take a little snooze this afternoon.

I hope you are enjoying your Thursday…the weekend is coming soon!!


Thanks Eric for the sexy hair and makeup!


A little hot!

Aziani Xposed Episode!

Good morning!!!!! I am glad Monday is over..ugh! Another busy day for me..just working away. It is so hot outside, I don’t really even want to leave the house..but I must workout. I will go early. 🙂 It is already 90 degrees and only 9:00. Yikes!

OMG, this AzianiXposed episode is so funny!! Angie Savage is such a fun person! We were playing miniature golf and she flashed her nice tushy …a lady saw her. OOPS! You can see it on the sample video..check it out. LOL! Silly girl!

I hope you all have a great day! ENJOY your Tuesday!