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Oh for the love of animals!

Good morning!! It sure does not feel like Thursday…does it? It feels like a Monday…I guess my days are all messed up due to the holidays. I can’t believe the holidays are over!! I still can’t believe it’s 2014! Omg, where does the time go? I took the day off yesterday and spent the day at my in-laws. They invited us over for a New Years celebration with cocktails, cornbread and chili! Yum! I had a few mimosas. (OJ and Champagne) I enjoyed playing with their dogs! Shocking, I know! 😉 My sis in law recently found a Chihuahua living on the streets and she gave him a good home!!! He might not be the friendliest dog, but he is sure cute! I love their Lab…she is super sweet. She followed me all day, probably cause I was giving her snacks. hehe! Shhhh don’t tell! 🙂 Today I am starting my new health kick!!! Meaning less drinking, eating healthier and more variety of exercise!! Bring it on 2014! Oh don’t get me wrong..I will still eat pizza and have drinks..but not as much. LOL! I will for sure allow myself “cheat” days! It’s my parents Anniversary today…49 years!! WOW! Next year is the big one and we are all going to take a family trip together. I am looking forward to that a lot! I am so blessed to have such amazing family!! My mom bought Rocky (my cat) a Christmas present, it’s called Cats Meow. He LOVES it! He literally played with it for hours..I think I need to buy new batteries already. lol! Silly cat!

Off to work now peeps! Busy day ahead!! Enjoy your day..make it great!!!




Enjoying Life!

Good morning loves! Happy Monday…you gotta love them! hehe!! I had such a nice weekend with my family…there is nothing in the world better than quality family time. Especially when we all get along! 🙂 No drama or bs..just laugh and love! I am am so very blessed! Everyone keeps asking me what my New Years Resolution will be. I don’t really make them..but I do set goals for myself and my business. I am excited to welcome in 2014 and see where it takes me. I am ready for some changes in my life! Change is good!! 🙂 Our weather has been so beautiful, but the nights cool down enough to sit by the fire, I love doing that. It’s so peaceful! I had to best Italian food on Saturday night…Yum! Not exactly very healthy, but oh so delicious. Yesterday Buzz and I went to one of our favorite sport bars and watched football..we of course had a great time eating, drinking and chatting. It’s nice to be able to enjoy conversation with the one you love! 😉 We all need our date nights..or date days! Are you all ready for New Years Eve???? I am pretty sure I am staying home…I usually do. Some friends invited us over so I am debating that. Hmmm!

I have a busy Monday so I am off now. Here are a few pics I took over the weekend. Create a great day everyone!!


Chilling Friday night by the fire!

Mia loving the fire too!

My favorite..Bruschetta!! Yum

Silly me!

Neo on guard duty!

Rocky’s new favorite spot to lounge!

Sunday Funday!!

Another Christmas Over…

Good morning loves! 🙂 🙂 I hope you had a great Christmas!! Mine was really nice..I feel very blessed to have such amazing people in my life drama free! 🙂 I had friends and family over Christmas Eve…we made a big Mexican feast. It was delicious! We opened gifts and hung out by the fire pit. The weather was perfect. We took Mia to the dog park that day and she had a blast meeting all the new dogs, making new friends. 🙂 She is a social butterfly. Christmas Day was a lot of fun… my brother is a good cook, he made prime rib and filet mignon. Not everyone in my family likes prime rib so he made both. We sat outside and played games, it was way too nice to stay indoors. I was the designated driver yesterday which was cool with me, didn’t really feel like drinking it up any ways. I have a lot of health changes coming in 2014, a lot of personal goals for myself and I am excited to get them started!! I am ready for 2014..bring it on! It’s going to be a fantastic year ahead!

Back to work for me today!! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone..ENJOY life!


Mia running wild at the dog park! 🙂

Christmas Eve with my baby!

Ugh oh!

Even Rocky loves to sit outside by the fire pit!


A New Member Of My Family!

Good afternoon!! I am getting around to my blog much later than normal…but at least I am doing it. Right? 🙂 I woke up early this morning to do my was hard waking up in the dark and the cold!! Brrrrr! I am thinking it was in the low 40’s! It’s defiantly time to get out the coats and hats!! I finally enjoyed my fire pit last night…it was so cozy and warm! I am not really ready for Christmas yet this year..I still need to shop and put up my tree. I think I will do that tomorrow. 🙂 I am wondering about my new cat and my Christmas tree. Uh oh…could be interesting. Speaking of my new cat…I just took him to the vet today for the first time and he is healthy and happy. He got his shots and now I have to schedule a time to get him “fixed”..ughhh! I learned so much today about cats..I never had one before. He is really cool!! I mean a cat that likes to go camping in the RV! 🙂 🙂 He is now part of our family and I am happy we rescued him from living on the streets! The vet thinks he is between 7- 12 months. I am shocked at how easy cats are to take care of…WOW, I can see why people enjoy them. Dogs are so much more work, but worth it for sure. I love my furry babies!! Here are a few pics of him! He loves looking out the window at the birds..he will sit there for hours. Hey I love my birds too, I feed them every day which gives him a lot of entertainment. I can’t wait someday to live in the mountains surrounded by animals. My dream! My goal in the next 5 years!

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday! Have a fabulous weekend ahead!


At the vet today

Look close

Sleeping beauty



A Fun Holiday Weekend!

Good morning!! I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving!! Mine was awesome! My brother had a pretty big gathering of family and friends. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather! My niece has a trampoline and everyone had fun on that..well except me. lol! I didn’t want any black eyes. hehe! 😉 It was a great holiday for sure! My weekend was fun too, we hung out with friends Friday night and had a few holiday cocktails. 🙂 🙂 I love this time of the year. We got invited to go camping in the desert Sat-Mon so we did. A big group went out …I am not a big fan of camping in the desert, I would much rather be in the mountains. However it was a really fun time ..we even took our new kitty!! We finally named him Rocky, not sure if I mentioned that or not…he loves to box so it’s a perfect name for him. The dogs are finally getting used to him and I know he is loving his new home. He even liked camping..he thinks he’s a dog. There were 9 dogs total and Mia loved them all..Tony not so much. Everyone had a fantastic time including the dogs and cat! I am ready to get back to work today. Lots to do! I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday so far!!


Animal Lover!

Good morning!! 🙂 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend!! It feels like Monday to me ..I pretty much took all day off yesterday so my days are messed up a bit. I had an interesting past few days. Saturday we met up with friends for lunch and afternoon cocktails. Fun times as always! My friend said he has been feeding some wild cats and wanted us to come see them. A fellow animal lover always wins my heart over! 🙂 He said a new cat arrived recently and he was defiantly not a wild cat, he was a house cat living on the streets. Ohhh that broke my heart. We played with him, feed him and as we started to walk away he followed us to our car. He wanted to come home with us. Buzz and I have been talking about adopting a cat recently, I can’t have any more dogs right now. I have a full plate with the 3 I have….  we thought we could bring him home and at least see if the dogs would accept him. We figured we could always find a home for him, he is better off at a no kill shelter than living on the streets. We took him over to the Emergency Vet on Sunday morning to make sure he didn’t have a chip (he doesn’t)…we kind of figured he didn’t since he is not neutered, but I wanted to get him to his owners if I could. I know I would want someone to do that for my pets. We have spent a lot of time slowly introducing them all …and two of my dogs like him and one is afraid of him. Sooo I am still not 100 percent sure he can stay in our family…time will tell. I have never had a cat before…he is the sweetest thing. He is pretty awesome and I hope we can make it work. I just can’t help loving all animals, they are so special. 🙂

Sunday we took one of my dogs to the park and then treated her to some new toys and treats. She had a blast! I think it’s good for them to have one on one attention some times. It was such a beautiful day, she loves riding in the Jeep with the top off.

It has finally cooled down here a little bit. Yay! Once again I have shut the a/c off. My birthday is Thursday and I can’t decide what I want to do yet?? It probably depends on the weather, I heard some rain is coming. I can’t believe I will be 45!! Omg, where does the time go!! It’s just a number right? hehe! I feel great!! I am happy and healthy in my life and that is what really matters. Life is good!

Hope you are enjoying your day so far!