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*Work Hard=Play Hard*

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂 Mine was nice even though I did work my ass off. I want to be able to take all next weekend off and enjoy the holiday. I am once again working all day today. Shoot I didn’t even get my weekend chores done. Oops! I did go out for Chinese food last night and I stopped at Blockbuster to rent a few movies. I watch a lot of movies in the summer because it is so hot outside.
We have a birthday in my family today so tonight we are heading out for Italian food. YUMMY! We have a favorite little restaurant we go to on special occasions. Should be fun!
I was hoping to go to the gym this morning, but that is not going to happen. IF I don’t go right away..I usually don’t go. Good thing I have a treadmill. I just downloaded a bunch of new songs for my Ipod so it will be perfect to cardio for an hour or so. Better than no exercise. I share my treadmill with my dogs. Neo loves it! He jumps on it all by himself through out the day. It is so cute! I had to share a photo. It is getting too hot to walk my dogs outside unless I go when it is dark outside..early in the morning or late at night. Don’t want to burn their little it just doesn’t make sense to exercise when it is that hot.

ENJOY your day everyone…we must love Mondays! hehe!


Good Saturday morning!! I am getting ready to start some cleaning projects around my house..doesn’t that sound fun? LOL After that I am going to shoot a bit this afternoon…at least I get to have some fun! Speaking of Friday was great. I had a blast shopping. I found some killer deals on some super sexy clothes. I wish I could do that everyday. Ha~ After my shopping experience I went for a nice ride in the desert last night. Two of my dogs wanted to come with. (see pics below) I was running with Josie and Caesar, they are soooo fast. Caesar was sporting his “doggles”..he loves wearing them. Helps keep the dust out of his eyes. I need to buy a pair for all my dogs. So adorable! The weather was perfect..just a wonderful Friday! I hope you all have a SUPER weekend! ENJOY!

~ A nice long weekend ~

Good Tuesday morning everyone! I am getting ready to go work out, but I wanted to post a few photos I took yesterday. Splashing around in the pool with Josie & Caesar, Neo eating fountain grass (yum), Tony & Neo relaxing and Tony crashed out big time! I had so much fun…my dogs were silly, so playful. It was a GREAT Memorial Day. We grilled out some delicious food, I did enjoy a few margaritas..and splashed around in my pool as it filled up. It is almost completely done after filling all night. It looks like maybe another hour or two. Ohhh…the water looks so fresh, clear and clean! I hope you all had a great weekend and holiday too! Have an awesome day..I am off to work my body hard..and get back to work after that. Enjoy!

~A beautiful Sunday~

Good morning!! How is everyone doing? I hope your weekend is great so far!! My Saturday didn’t quite turn out the way I had planned. I didn’t make it to the mall…it got too late and by then I didn’t feel like shopping. Shocking..huh? ha! We jumped on our RzR with one of our dogs..went out for an early dinner. My dog loved the riding part, but was scared at the restaurant. So he wanted to sit in the quad and just watch everyone around him. I took a pic to share with you all. He is such a silly boy. After that we took a cruise to the desert and watched the sunset. It was so gorgeous! Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world! And I have heard this from many people all over the world. I even saw a deer! I couldn’t believe it. I just can not imagine how they survive in the desert..pretty bizarre. I hope you have an awesome Sunday!! ENJOY! See you Wed for my cam show..woohoo!


~Oh the weekend is over~ Bummer…

Good Monday morning!! The weekends go way too fast. I had a great weekend and I suppose I am ready for the week ahead. I have been too busy…so at least I can say I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I went for a few quad rides in the desert this weekend and took my doggies for a ride. (see below) Josie & Caesar are my riders! They love it! My other two dogs don’t like it as much. These two will ride for hours. It was fun and I thought this was a cute pic to share. I plan on staying home today so I can work work work. I want to work out at the gym, but not sure I will make it. If I don’t go right away in the mornings I have a hard time going. I can always jog on my treadmill and walk my dogs. It is supposed to be 94 degrees today. Yikes! I will have to wait until the sun goes down…way too hot on my dogs paws. Ouch. Plus they wimp out a lot sooner because of the heat. Oh…love the summertime in Arizona. LOL! Enjoy your Monday everyone!! Make it the best it can be!

*Have a great Monday*

Good morning….Monday again? Boy..the weekends go way too fast. Don’t they? I hope you had a great one! Mine was nice. I accomplished a lot on Saturday so I decided to take it easy yesterday. I cooked for my dogs (see pics below)..I snuggled up outside on my patio with a good book…grilled out some burgers last night. It was a perfect relaxing Sunday. I took some photos of my dogs as they were scarfing down their breakfast this morning. I know..I am a dork! I just love making them happy. They have been on a homemade diet since January 7th. Meaning I cook all their meals with healthy “people” food. Why you ask? Well I just have not found any dog foods that are worth a crap. I know lots of people feed their dogs “raw” diets, but I am kind of scared of that. I just don’t want them to get my vet is completely against that. Guess it is a matter of opinion. They are doing good on this diet. They have a ton of energy and are very happy! And no getting sick either..not to go into details about that, but you know what I mean. LOL! They are eating baked chicken, rice and lots of different veggies…topped with tomato sauce. Yummy! I bake them healthy treats too. I told you this was the year to get in shape…I meant all members of my family. *hehe* Any ways..just thought I would share some personal photos of my babies. I have something going on every day this week except Tuesday…so I have decided to take the day off and relax by the pool. The temps have been in the 90’s already..that means the pool is warming up nicely! I will have my pool cam on…so be sure to stop by to see my itsy bitsy bikini. (if I wear one at all) *wink* We are shooting new models on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The models happen to live in Arizona so that makes it very convenient. Sexxxy stuff coming your way! One last thing and I will stop my babbling! ha! Be sure to check out our Aziani store..everything is up and running now. Be sure to check back because more goodies coming all the time. New DVD’s, clothes, shoes, photos..etc… Lots of cool things will be added regularly. Have an awesome Monday!! ENJOY!