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Happy 4th Of July weekend!! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday with friends and family!! 🙂 I am planning on some swimming and bbq time. It finally cooled a bit back to more normal temps. WHEW! Buzz and I went up to Northern Arizona and I didn’t want to come home. I haven’t spent much time in Prescott….boy have I been missing out. I am in love with that city. It’s got that small town feel (which I like) but still has a population of 40,000 ish. The weather was awesome…80’s with some rain. Ahhh that felt GOOD! We enjoyed nature and got in a few hikes in the clouds and rain. We stayed at a really old and cool hotel on what they call “Whiskey Row!” You know I enjoyed that. hehe! We bar hopped and ate some of the most delicious Italian food ever!!! It was a nice little getaway!! No doubt I will be going there again, next stop is Sedona Arizona…then off to Cancun. Can’t wait!!

I have some super hot updates to tell you about. First on Aziani, Anna Belle Peaks enjoyed some solo masturbation time after she performed a sexy striptease. Richelle Ryan showed off her hotness once again on Aziani with some gorgeous photos. Rachele Richie made her 2nd appearance at our gloryhole. She rocked GloryHoleSecrets once again!! She is one babe that loved sucking off 15 complete strangers and swallowing their cum! Last but not least Sarah Vendalla loved being gangbanged and creampied by our cocksmen at GangBangCreampie. Her deepthroat skills are off the chart. So as you can see we have quite the variety of is the spice of life ya know 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have a fab weekend everyone and will write again soon! 😉












First Day Of Summer!

Good morning!! I hope you all had a great weekend/Fathers Day! Mine was nice…very relaxing. Had some yummy food, drinks and fun with family & friends. 🙂 It was 117 yesterday so needless to say we all sat in the pool to stay cool. It is supposed to be 117 again today. I brag all winter about how nice it is in AZ…ha, karma!! lol 😉 When can I get that cabin in the mountains again? Not soon enough! I have to venture out today to go to the gym and to run some errands. It won’t be fun..but oh well I always say it’s still better than snow! 🙂 🙂 I am pretty much just stopping by to show some love and to say HI!! AND of course share some pics with you all. I wish you a happy day and fantastic week ahead.



From the gym to the wine store. 🙂


Buzz hates having ones in his wallet..I’ll take them! 😉


My fur-babies! 🙂 Love Love Love


He wants nothing to do with the catnip I bought him. 🙁


Margarita time! 🙂 🙂


Doing his daily rolls outside. Silly kitty! 😉


~~ Fur Babies ~~

Hey everyone…just stopping by to say HI!! 🙂 I hope your week is going great so far!! Things are heating up here…another heat wave is coming over the weekend. I heard maybe 119 on Sunday and Monday. WHAT? It actually sounds hotter than it feels because of the low humidity…but still that just sucks! Don’t forget Fathers Day is this coming Sunday… don’t forget pops! I am really close with my dad…he is such a great dad!!! I am blessed! He is in his 70’s but still healthy and happy. Both him and my mom keep active with playing a lot of golf. AZ is one the best places for that. 🙂 He is also a great grandpa to my dogs and cat. He is my dog sitter when I leave town. It is soooo nice to go on vacation and not worry about them. I am not the best traveler actually. I don’t like the chaos at an airport and I hate packing and unpacking. I prefer driving!! I do like the actual vacation, but then I miss my pets. I miss my bed. See I told you! I guess I am a homebody that likes peace and quiet. I like routine too…does that make me boring? lol..probably! I do like to try new things and get out of my comfort zone “sometimes.” I try! 🙂 Here are a few pics I have taken recently…of course they are of my dogs and cat. I can’t help it, they are so cute!!! We went to a pool party on Sunday and there were 6 dogs total, they had so much fun swimming and playing. I can’t wait to take Mia to San Diego and let her run in the ocean!! She loves water! Well that’s about it for now… Just doing a drive by to say hello!! 😉 Talk more soon!! Have a great week ahead!












New Aziani Babe!

Be sure to watch Anna Belle Peaks at GloryHoleSecrets & GangBangCreampie


Good morning!! Happy Hump Day!! 🙂 Not much new going on with me since I last wrote. The temps have finally cooled down a bit…whew! The water in my pool is warming up which is great…I hate cold water. Been spending time soaking up some rays. My dermatologist would not be happy with me, but I do wear sunscreen. hehe I did finally book some much needed trips!!! We are off to Cancun in July and San Diego in August. I am trying to plan a little trip up to Northern AZ at the end of this month. I had a little critter start eating my tomatoes. AND if you know me that is a big NO NO! I am very passionate about growing them so of course I want to eat them!! lol! I put a net around them so hopefully that will help. Next year Buzz and I are going to grow a huge garden!! I miss that about Nebraska. My dad always had an awesome garden!! I met Alana Luv yesterday…she is soooo nice and obviously gorgeous. She is here from NY shooting for GloryHoleSecrets and also GangBangCreampie. We had some margaritas and dinner last night. It was fun!! Aziani added a new model today..her name is Anna Belle Peaks. She is super hot!!! I love her pink really fits her. Not many girls can pull that off ! I hope you all have a great day/week ahead. Talk more soon! 🙂 🙂






Well Hello :)


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Good morning!! Monday again? Gotta love them. hehe! 😉 Not much new is happening with me since I last wrote, which is ok!!! 🙂 🙂 Been kind of a homebody lately and I like it. Didn’t leave my house all weekend except to hit the gym. I have just been enjoying Buzz and my fur babies..getting things done around my house and relaxing. I got a little sun yesterday. WOW..I am super pale right now. Yikes! Buzz and I had some yummy healthy dinners on the grill over the weekend and we enjoyed a few bottles of wine. Digging the whites …not so much the reds lately. My backyard looks so pretty right now with all the flowers blooming. I just love sitting outside this time of the year and taking in all the beauty that surrounds me. I am such a simple girl that loves the little things…I seem to get like that more and more every day. Funny how what used to make me happy no longer does. We all change..we all evolve. (well most of us) I hope all you wonderful mothers had a great Mothers Day. My mom was in Vegas whooping it up with my aunt. Those two are soooo silly together. I just love the fact that she is still having fun and enjoying her life. She is happy so that makes me happy! 🙂 My niece graduates from the 8th grade tomorrow. WOW…High School!! She has grown up way too fast. Tomorrow night should be fun!!! Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.






Happy May!!

Hey hey everyone…happy May!! Wow, this year is flying!! Where does the time go? I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have been working and playing both!! Moderation is key. 😉 We went to a doggie birthday party and took Mia. Tony is too old and Neo doesn’t get along with other dogs. However Mia loves all dogs so she had a blast. I love watching them play and swim. We took some friends out on our Razor, zooming around in the desert. It was a BLAST!! We had a wedding last night and whew that was FUN!!!! Feeling a little slow today..too much Chardonnay. Ugh! Oh well..I am going to go sweat it out at the gym. Another Ugh! Our weather is so weird, one day it hit 103 then back into the 70’s. Maybe I will try and talk Buzz into taking me out for a nice lunch outside. The temps are too awesome to not enjoy. Of course I always take photos of my dogs…and cat. 🙂 All my photos on my phone are of them. 🙂 Our newest model on Aziani is Callie Klein..she is such a doll and yep sexy too. She is really new to the adult world…be sure to check her hotness out here

Well I am off to take a little cat nap now…so I will write more soon. Have a wonderful weekend!!