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Sexy New Video Updated ;)

Good morning world!! I hope your weekend is going great so far! 🙂 I slept soooo good last night, I was tired. I had a really busy Saturday. I worked, I went to the gym, I ran errands, I cleaned my house and finished my laundry. Whew! Last night my sweetie made me dinner and we snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. Of course I fell asleep…the minute I get cozy I am out! Then I wonder why I don’t remember movies. lol! Today I have a lot to do as well…and off to Vegas tomorrow. I am excited! 🙂 🙂 Fun times ahead. I will twitter some pics!!

I added my new video yesterday, here are a few vid clips I thought you might like. At least I hope so!! Create a great day everyone!

Thanks guys for a fun cam show!!! :)

Good morning all you amazing people!! 🙂 It is going to be entertaining around here the next few days, a webmaster convention starts today and I get to see lots of friends and have lots of great fun! Woohoo! Yes I will take pics to share! Thanks for an awesome show yesterday afternoon!! You guys rock! I forgot to take some pics, I am sorry! A big thank you to “heynow” for the sexy bodystocking!! I love it!  After my cam, I went to the gym and ran a few errands. I even made a delicious dinner last night…stir fry chicken and veggies. Oh so healthy too! It was a really nice Wednesday. 🙂

I finally got around to painting my tootsies! That gold was ugly! I went with a greenish/blue color for spring. Ahh, much better! 🙂

Ok..I am off now, need to work a bit, hit the gym and have a great time this afternoon. Yippee!

Enjoy your day!


Where’s Waldo?  LOL! haha! Yep that’s me in the mirror

Watch out Rachael Ray! LOL

Sexy tootsies! 😉

A Sexy Sling Suit!

Good morning all~ I hope you are enjoying your day so far!! I am working away! I got a nice surprise in my mail yesterday…a sexy swimsuit. A big thank you!! (not sure if he wants me to mention his name) I can’t wait to shoot in it. Wow..not much to it, but I like!! It matches my toe nail polish perfect. Sexxxxy~~~

I have a busy work day ahead of me..nothing too crazy or exciting. Am going to hit the gym this afternoon and will whip up a yummy healthy meal for dinner. I want to try a new recipe so I might have to run over to the grocery store. Most recipes always call for things I don’t buy.

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone! 🙂


More shoes? =)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 🙂 I hope you all have a great weekend! I had fun shopping yesterday, but didn’t buy ANY lingerie. 🙁 Nothing fit, my boobs are just too big. LOL! I think I might have to special order some online. 🙂 Most places don’t carry DD! However I did buy a few pairs of cute little booty shorts …AND two pair of shoes. I know..shocking! haha I fell in love with these heels …they are super sexy! The running shoes, not so sexy, but needed. It was funny.. the minute I walked into Sports Authority I was surrounded by three guys wanting to help me. It was so cute!! I thought “wow, this is cool.. how sweet” .. but then I realized they probably work on commission. LOL I have always wondered if those guys have a foot fetish..what do you think? I think so!! They were very helpful and I found the most comfy pair of running shoes ever!! They look like they glow in the dark.

Great job “Stephen” for guessing the correct models from yesterday. (Mary Carey, Dyanna Lauren, Lexxi Tyler, Me and Nikki Benz) Way to go!

I will be home all day today, need to get some work done.  I am excited to try out my new shoes …will be going for a little jog on my treadmill. (wearing 3 sports bras) Don’t want any black eyes. ~hehe~

I have dinner plans with one of my girlfriends tonight. Not sure where we are going yet?? Hmmm, I am sure wherever we go, it will be fun! Have a fantastic Friday!!


Sexy Shoes!!

Good morning!! How is your day going? I hope GREAT!! 🙂 The weekend will be here soon!

I didn’t go shopping yesterday because I got busy running errands and felt tired after that.. I just wanted to come home and relax a bit. The summer heat can do that! I am off early today to hit the mall..woohoo! A girl day..and I like those. I am going to look for lingerie and probably shoes. lol! I can’t help myself. Shoes are my weakness! I see some girls have similar taste to me! Can you guess who the models are? If so..the first one to email me the correct names …I will send you a FREE DVD or something from the Aziani clothing store. (you have to show proof of 18 for the DVD) 🙂

Have an awesome Thursday..need to get some work done, exercise, shower..and of course SHOP 😉


Fun Flirty Feet!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your day so far! 🙂 I am a little sleepy, but doing ok! Back to work for me today. I played more than I expected yesterday. I found myself shopping at the mall. My car just drove that way. hehe! 🙂 I did buy a new sexy white bikini at Victoria Secret…they have a huge sale going on. Love that!! I only have a million thong bikinis right now so I needed something with a little more coverage. I, huh? Haha! I prefer a thong, but there are times that more coverage is needed. 🙂 I enjoyed my massage big time and also treated myself to a pedicure. I thought bright pink was an awesome summer color. Happy Toes!! Took a dip in the pool last night …talk about refreshing. Wow..that was nice!
I will be around working the entire day if you want to stop by my office cam! 🙂
ENJOY your day!