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~Happy Feet~

Good afternoon, happy Saturday everyone! My favorite day of the week is here!! I didn’t sleep very good last night due to a major headache. was a bad one and Advil didn’t help. It always does. Yuk! Needless to say I am tired today. But that’s ok, I am going to relax around my house today and do NOTHING! I am going to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV. I just took a hot bubble bath in my favorite scent of vanilla. (a big thank you to Santa) hehe! I am sipping some hot tea feeling very calm and stress free.

I went shopping a bit yesterday and bought some new polish..can always use new fun polish! I thought this color was cool, black with gold. What do you think..the sparkles of gold are hard to see in the pics. It is a sexy color. We must keep our feet happy through the winter season too! Someone just told me that if you have a bad cough to put Vicks Vapor rub on the soles of your feet before bedtime..and of course put on socks. It is supposed to help ease your cough. Hmm..interesting info. Thanks for the tip “dw”

Have a wonderful day everyone, enjoy your weekend!


Good morning everyone! HAPPY Thursday….just think the weekend is right around the corner. Yeah!

This post is for all you feet lovers out there…you know who you are!! *hehe*

You love feet…I love shoes! I always get carried away with shoes, I think last count was over 200 pairs. That is crazy, isn’t it? I had so much fun shopping yesterday. I found some killer deals and Rachel always loves a good bargain! I bought four new pair of shoes and just had to share some pics. ~SEXY~ The salesman was great..he was so nice. He was working hard for me..I had him running all over the store. I think he might have liked my feet…just a little. *wink* I figure if he is working in the shoe dept he probably has a “thing” for feet. He ended up giving me 20 percent off each pair and another 20 percent off the total. WOW..I will be shopping when he works from now on. was so cute. I was so flattered. 😉

Have a fabulous day …enjoy! I will be sure to chat more tomorrow.

~Fun Shooting Monday~

Good morning!! Happy Monday again…the weekends go too fast. I hope you had a great one!! Mine was nice! Yesterday I gave myself a pedicure and thought you “feet lovers” would appreciate a few photos. I love this color is so sexy! I enjoyed my Sunday at the pool..very nice and relaxing. I am getting a little tan too! Yeah! The water is warming up nicely, but it should with temps in the 100’s. *Hot Hot Hot* I am off to shoot today, I love shooting on Mondays….it makes Mondays FUN! Have a happy day! Enjoy~

feet21.jpg feet41.jpg