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OUCH, that hurt!

Happy Monday everyone!! Did you have a nice weekend?? Wow..I really had a nice 3 days off. It was like a mini vacation..very nice! NOW..back to work!

So what are your thoughts on the SuperBowl? I really enjoyed the game, it was exciting!! Football should be like that. YES I am totally bummed we lost. 🙁 However I have to say I am still proud of the Cardinals. I think they played great and I am happy that they made it that far. Can’t complain about that. A big cheers to the Steelers, they are a great team! In the end..the best team wins. right? I still had a really fun time at the bar. We ate lots of greasy bar food and enjoyed a few cocktails (including Patron shots)..we yelled a lot too! ha! Here are a few pics of Hot Stuff Chica and I. We both love Larry Fitzgerald. (see Jerseys) He rocks!! The Cardinals picked up a lot of new fans this year..can’t wait for next year! Way to go guys, what a great SuperBowl. I live close to one of the biggest Steeler bars in the country!! They had 4000 people show up last night for the game! WOW! The traffic was insane on the way home, but it was luckily going the opposite direction. Lots of happy Pittsburgh fans partying it up last night. It is a cool restaurant/bar…I go there all the time. Any ways…it is over and I am proud of the Red Birds!

I have to work super hard this week, yikes..I have so much to do. Working hard allows me to play hard! Love it! Have an awesome Monday everyone! ENJOY!

Off to the FBR Open today!!! :-)

Good morning, happy Friday!! I have a fun day planned…going to the FBR Open here in Scottsdale.  I am meeting up with my family, there are all HUGE golf lovers. It is going to be a nice day, in the 70’s and sunny. A perfect day to walk the course. I find it very peaceful and relaxing on the course, I am sure today will be a bit crazy with all the people. Still FUN! After that I am meeting up with some friends for Friday night cocktails. I heard one of the bars in the tournament gets pretty crazy and is a lot of fun. Woohoo!

I had a great day yesterday!! Everything worked out perfectly. I even shot some pics on the Aziani motorcycle..ha, can’t say I have ever had a motorcycle in my house. LOL! It was actually my studio house …BOY if those walls could talk! They have seen it all! I took a photo with Jeremy and Lin. Lin is the crazy stunt rider. He is super awesome! He is so talented and so super sweet. Don’t let the tats fool you. hehe!  I think I might head to Aruba in April to see him compete. That would be sooo much fun!  Jeremy is Buzz’s PA, he is wonderful too. He is the guy you see moving around lights when we shoot. Nice guys! 🙂 And I love nice guys!
I also took a few behind the scenes silly photos of Eric doing my hair and makeup. He rocks!! I shot some behind the scenes video yesterday as well. My members have been asking for more of that..sooo coming soon!! Well I need to get moving now. Have a fantastic Friday everyone..enjoy!


~Back From Vegas~

Good morning!! I am back!! Wow..what a fun trip! Vegas is always so crazy…so nuts. I always eat and drink too much and never get enough sleep. Guess that is what vacation is for!! It was fun seeing old friends and of course making new ones!! I have to admit it feels nice to be home, I missed my dogs and my bed. Even though the hotel had a super comfy bed, it’s still not the same. I did take a bunch of pics I will post to my scrapbook section soon, but I wanted to share a few with you. This is the sexy black outfit I wore to the AVN awards. So many sexy girls and guys running around. 🙂
We were invited to a house party one afternoon and they could see the entire strip view from their backyard, I thought that was really cool. I bet it looks awesome at night when all the lights come on.
One night we had dinner with my good friends Allie & Jake, talk about a yummy restaurant. It is called Little Buddha in the Palms! Great Asian food!!
Back to work for me today, my “to do” list is HUGE! The weather is so gorgeous…70 and sunny, makes it hard to stay indoors and work. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice start to a new week. Have a great Tuesday!


Happy Christmas Eve!

Good  morning, Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with family & friends!! I will be cooking tonight for my family and probably drinking some yummy egg nog. It wil be fun!

I ran a bunch of errands yesterday and it was super busy out, but I found some killer sales!! I went to PetsMart and bought my dogs a bunch of Christmas goodies…. some bones shaped like candy canes. Ha, they are really cute and the dogs seem to like them. We must not forget our furry friends on Christmas!!

Dakota and I went out to dinner last night….we had some delicious Mexican food. 🙂 It was fun!

Ok..I am off now!! I have a busy day before my family arrives. Have a happy happy Christmas Eve!

Another day of work.. work.. work!!

Good morning! Another great night of sleep. Wow..I am liking this. I bought some relaxing, night-time tea and it really works! It makes my entire body relax and actually sleep the entire night. I am so glad someone introduced this into my life! (thanks Rene)  If you have trouble sleeping..try it!! I have always been a light sleeper, I hear everything! When I have a cup of this tea before bed, I sleep deep. Nice! Loving that! 🙂

I am posting a few more pics from Saturday night. Chica and I have so much fun together…she Rocks! And boy those guys are sure looking good! (especially the one in the middle) *wink* I have so many photos to add to my scrapbook section. I will have to sit down for a few hours and put them in…SOON!

I worked all day yesterday and went out for Chinese food for dinner. ~Yummy~ I was craving some hot spicy food. Today I am doing the same..working. I made a crock pot full of chili for stuff too! It is a perfect day for that..only 66. I mean that is cold for us desert rats, but I am really enjoying the cooler weather. Makes me think it is actually the holiday season!!

Have an awesome day..enjoy your Tuesday!

Fun Saturday Night!!!

Good afternoon! Wow..I had fun last night!!! I went to a party and didn’t get to sleep until 5:00! I feel asleep at 5:00 and woke back up at 8:00. I stayed the night at a friends house and her cats were walking around my bed talking to me..”meow, meow, meow”…lol! And one of her dogs jumped on the bed with me and wanted me to rub his belly. ha! I felt right at home…except he probably only weighs 5 pounds. My dogs would eat him for a little snack. hehe! He is soooo cute! Animals have always been attracted to me, I guess because they know how much I love them! I had to come home to get some sleep…plus I needed to come home to my doggies, it was their feeding time.  So it is not almost 1:00 and I am barely keeping my eyes open. Three hours of sleep is not enough for this girl. I am going to snuggle up on my couch and take a little snooze. It is a perfect day to lounge..cloudy and in the 50’s. A peaceful Sunday.
Here are a couple pics from last night..hanging with the beautiful Jelena Jensen and gorgeous Chica!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!!! ENJOY!