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Fun Saturday Night!!!

Good afternoon! Wow..I had fun last night!!! I went to a party and didn’t get to sleep until 5:00! I feel asleep at 5:00 and woke back up at 8:00. I stayed the night at a friends house and her cats were walking around my bed talking to me..”meow, meow, meow”…lol! And one of her dogs jumped on the bed with me and wanted me to rub his belly. ha! I felt right at home…except he probably only weighs 5 pounds. My dogs would eat him for a little snack. hehe! He is soooo cute! Animals have always been attracted to me, I guess because they know how much I love them! I had to come home to get some sleep…plus I needed to come home to my doggies, it was their feeding time.  So it is not almost 1:00 and I am barely keeping my eyes open. Three hours of sleep is not enough for this girl. I am going to snuggle up on my couch and take a little snooze. It is a perfect day to lounge..cloudy and in the 50’s. A peaceful Sunday.
Here are a couple pics from last night..hanging with the beautiful Jelena Jensen and gorgeous Chica!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!!! ENJOY!

Work Work Work

Morning everyone! A big Happy Tuesday to you all!! I am working the next two days like crazy. I am so far behind. Ugh~ Oh well at least I can take off Thursday and Friday too! I still have to pick up my turkey and a few other things. Yummy, can’t wait for the big feast! 🙂

Lexxi is shooting again today, she had a great day yesterday. She is soooo HOT!

The weather took a nice change today..cloudy and only 75. I love it! It is actually supposed to rain the next few days and cool into the 60’s. Never thought I would be excited to see that. Change is good! Plus it makes the holiday seem more believable. haha!

I am collecting some b-day pics from this past weekend and wanted to share a few more. Ha, gotta love the one of me blowing out my candles. Way too many of them….but who is counting!! LOL! (Red Bull/Vodka in hand)  The other pic is of me and my two best buddies in the entire world! Dakota and Buzz! Well Buzz is WAY more than my best friend~ 🙂

Have an awesome day everyone..ENJOY!

Ohhhh I am soooo tired!

Hey!! Happy Sunday!! I am taking the day off and spending it on my couch. Been partying with friends since Wednesday and I am pooped out. I have had so much fun! What a great b-day!! Yeah!! I am sad it is over…but need some relax time. 🙂

I will post my pics as soon as I get them. I only took a few with my camera. This photo is of me and some of my sexxxy girlfriends. Nikki Nova, Priya Rai and Dakota. A big thanks for all the b-day wishes, cards and gifts. WOW..I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Thanks!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I am off now..back to the couch and TV. A busy Thanksgiving week is coming. Hope you are having a great weekend!


“Happy Birthday to Me” :)

Hey!! Gosh, I can’t believe my b-day is finally here!! YEAH!! I have had such a great day so far…lunch, shopping, hanging with friends. 🙂

I am getting ready for my party, but wanted to make sure I wish you all a happy weekend ahead. I will be sure to share lots of pics with you all. 🙂

Here is a pic of Dakota and I having a margarita at lunch yesterday. FUN FUN FUN!

Talk more tomorrow…Kisses, Rach

****Shooting New Aziani model today****

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! 😉

We are off to shoot a new Aziani model today and let me tell you..she is sooooo fine! Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! You’ll see! She kind of looks like Pamela Anderson, but I think even prettier! And I love Pam!
It is going to be a beautiful day to shoot..85 and sunny! Yeah..the weather is finally cooling to what I think is perfect!

I was hanging out with Eric (my makeup artist) and Priya Rai a few weeks ago and Eric brought his new puppy over. YES she is pink! LOL! Her name is Sugar and she is so adorable! I love her! Any ways..he is a hair stylist too so I guess he thought she would look cute pink. ha! Silly boy!

Have a great day..I have a lot to do today before the shoot.



Hey everyone!!!!! I am back! I had an awesome trip to Colorado …we went to visit our great friends Allie & Jake!! We rode our Razors in the beautiful CO mountains and had soooo much fun! We rode all day and had great weather…yeah, it stayed sunny the entire time. It did get a bit chilly when we hit 12,000 ft. Brrr! The views from that high are AMAZING!!

We drove into town and had some yummy dinners and chilled by the fireplace at night. We also celebrated Buzz’s 40th birthday!! We had some delicious b-day cake too! It was a perfect vacation…by far one of my all time favorites!! We did run into some snow and that was fun to play in. It took 12 1/2 hours to get there which was not so bad because we drove it in two days. Yesterday we drove straight …took a different route which was even longer. 15 1/2!! That was a looong drive, it was fun though. Eat junk food, drink lots of caffeine, chat, sing…I kept myself entertained. 🙂

I am posting a few photos from the trip. I will post all of them to my scrapbook section soon!
The first photo is the view outside our patio window, how stunning is that? The lake was full of animals and you know how much I love that. I love nature trips! Really brings you back to what is truly important in life.

Be sure to check out my sexy friend Allie!!!! Click here to see more of Allie…

I have such a huge busy day…I must go now. Have an awesome Tuesday!!!!! I need to spend some extra time with my dogs, they missed me. AND of course I missed them too! 🙂