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A FUN FUN Saturday ahead! :)

Hey everyone..happy Saturday! I woke up at 5:00 this morning…yikes! What was I thinking?
Yeah..the weekend is here! It is just gorgeous outside this morning, I have my office window open and am loving the cooler weather. The birds are chirping, they are happy too! hehe
Only supposed to hit 79 today..WOW! Love that! A perfect day to go play. I do have lots of things going on. I am going to watch those crazy guys do some crazy stunts on their dirt bikes! I know one of those guys, they are silly. Should be super fun! After that I am heading to a music festival, a friend gave me two free tickets. How sweet is he? 🙂 Thanks Steve! Now that will be a great time, good friends…music, food and drinks! Sounds like an awesome Saturday to me.

The shoot with Ahryan went GREAT yesterday. OMG..she is so fricken amazing! She is beautiful, sexy, sweet and tons of fun! We had a few hours before she had to catch her plane so as you can see below, we got a little silly flashing. You guys are going to love her!!! Coming soon!

I am off to the gym, need to hit it hard with all the goodies I will be eating today. Ha, I already know I will be a very bad girl. *wink*

Have a WONDERFUL Saturday!

~October has arrived~

Yeah, October is here, that means cooler weather is coming. I am happy about that. 🙂

Yesterday was a fun day of shooting a new SEXXXY model, you are going to love her. She is not only sweet and beautiful..but very naughty! Gotta love that combo!

Today is a busy day of running errands, I think I have dinner plans tonight. Kind of like a little date. hehe! Sounds like tonight could be lots of fun!! Woohoo!

Have an awesome day..enjoy your “hump day!!”

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone …a BIG HUGE happy Friday to you all! I hope you will enjoy your weekend!! They come and go so fast…don’t they? I had so much fun yesterday shopping! Seems like a good time to shop..I found some pretty cool things. 🙂 I also had fun buying makeup. I think I got a little carried away with the lipstick. HA..I bought 10 different colors. I love lipstick, I have a thing for nice lips. ~yummy~ Lunch was great! We went to a place called Kona Grill..and it just so happened to be happy hour. Uh oh! Ha, I did behave myself, I only had two drinks. My makeup artist didn’t drink at all..he had to go to work and doing makeup drunk is never a good thing. LOL! Wouldn’t want the model to look like a clown. *hehe*

Just working today…nothing too exciting going on..however, I think I am going out tonight. Not sure what I will do..but I will find something. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!!!!!!!


**Shooting again today** :)

Sexy Tyler Faith

Sexy Tyler Faith

Morning!!! I hope you had a great Monday..gotta love them! The shoot with Tyler went fabulous as expected..she is soooo awesome and you guys are going to LOVE her!! We are shooting her again today for our new site coming SOON! Can’t wait to share this new experience with you all. After the shoot we went out for dinner and a few drinks. A nice way to end a sexy naughty day. 🙂

**Notice the new Aziani tank top..our new clothing line has arrived** Yeah!!

Enjoy your Tuesday and be sure to check out my new photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!



**Happy Sunday**

It is a beautiful Arizona Sunday morning, ahhh..the weather is finally cooling down. I guess the summer did go by pretty fast..time goes by too fast sometimes. I am ready for winter!!! It is perfect here in AZ~

I had a fun time last night..went out to dinner with some friends. I have been really eating healthy and last night we went to an Italian restaurant. BLEW everything. Ha! That’s ok..I will work out extra extra hard today. After dinner we went to a car show, it was cool…lots of different cars. Everything you could imagine. I would say my 2 favorites were the Lamborghini and this cute little Mini Cooper truck. (see below) I actually could see myself driving my dogs around in that. lol! It was totally cool.

I am leaving shortly for the gym and probably will run a bunch of errands today. I should wash my cars..they are so dirty from the last storm. Any type of exercise I can get today would be good.:) Probably walk my four legged friends too.

Enjoy your day everyone! HAVE FUN!

~Fun Friday~

Good morning..happy Saturday! Happy Weekend! 🙂

I had an awesome cam show last night, thank you for coming!! I went to the porn store yesterday and bought a bunch of new goodies. I let my members pick the toy last night and it by far is one of the best TOYS EVER! I love the feel of it. It is soft..but hard. lol! It feels so real…like super soft skin. WOW! Naughty Naughty Fun times!

After my show Chica came over for a few cocktails. We sat outside and enjoyed some girl talk. We even took a picture to share with you all. She is awesome! We had a great time!

Tonight I am going out to dinner with some friends and then to a car show. I am such a girly girl..but i love cars! Fast ones!

Have an awesome weekend! ENJOY your Saturday!