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~Well Hello~

Hey everyone…sorry I have not posted for awhile. I have been busy working and playing too.. 🙂 We shot a new hot Aziani Iron model, her name is Raquel Sultra. She is super sweet and very sexy!! You can check here out And Buzz shot the gorgeous Tiffany Brooks again for She just keeps getting hotter!!! She will be coming soon!! 😉 I have snapped a few naughty pics for you on twitter lately, so I will post them here too. Just playing around, having fun!! Everything is so good in my life..I can’t complain. I am happy and healthy..I’m enjoying the ride!! My furry babies are all doing great..even Tony! Yay! Sending you all love!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I promise to post more!!



*Too Much Fun*

Hey Hey everyone…happy Monday!! 🙂 Whew I have to admit I am tired!! I’ve been going out way too much this last week/weekend. Not that I don’t like going out, but I do like to stay home once in awhile too. 🙂 Lots of entertaining which I love, but I am ready for a little break now. Back to my normal schedule. I do like routine! Did you all enjoy your weekend?? I hope so! I sure did! A lot of thunderstorms going on here and even a dust storm Friday night. We drove right through it. They are freaky I must admit. I spent some time in the pool on Friday, very relaxing!! Friday night Buzz and I met up with Alexa, we had drinks and dinner. Fun Fun! You can check her out at our 2 sites...GloryHoleSecrets and also PovWars …she is really awesome! (and sexy too) Tuesday we went out with Madison, it was her birthday so we celebrated with a few appetizers and cocktails. You can also check her out at GloryHoleSecrets and PovWars. I really liked her too, I just love meeting the models!! I spent Saturday with my family, some good quality family time is always appreciated and loved! Yesterday Buzz shot Dani Dupree for AzianiIron …. we met up for YES more dinner and drinks. LOL Now you can see why I am tired. hehe! Here are some pics from my weekend!! 🙂 🙂 Back to work today!! Wishing you all a great day ahead!


Happy Birthday Madison!

Naked Pool Time!

Dust Storm!

Friday night!

Buzz and Alexa sharing a shot/drink!

Lucky Buzz! 😉

Cheers, having lunch with my family!

Me and my baby!

Sharing fried chicken and nachos with Dani! Super healthy meal! haha

Bathroom selfie! 🙂


~Back From Vegas~

Good morning!! Playing catch up today, lots to do!!! I just got back from Las Vegas and had a blast!!! It was so much fun..and productive too! I shot one day and then we shot two models …one for Aziani and one for Aziani Iron. Hot stuff coming your way!! I wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you all a great weekend. Here are a few pics I wanted to share! Enjoy your Friday and I will write more soon!


Happy Happy Hump Day!!

Good morning everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂 No matter what time I go to bed I always wake up early…but I am feeling great! Refreshed and ready for a busy day ahead!! It looks like I will be doing all the BTS pics and vids for Aziani and Aziani Iron! It’s so much fun meeting the models and hanging out with them. I like it!! We know how much you guys like BTS so get ready…lots of awesomeness coming your way! 😉 Last week we shot Chloe Chaos, I met her in Ca last time we shot her. I love her, such a sweet, sexy and smart girl!! Last night we shot a new model named Janice. I posted a few sexy pics of her to my twitter. She is only 18 years old!! She is very mature and smart!! I enjoyed hanging out with her as well and I must say she is a natural beauty! She looked gorgeous without a drop of makeup!! She is super petite and really really pretty!!!! You guys are going to love her! She is full of personality!! Today is back to work in the office…lots to do. I am planning a trip to Vegas to shoot! I can’t has been way to long!! 😉

Here are a few pics I have snapped with my phone..and of course I couldn’t resist to take some selfies along the way. hehe! Selfies…who knew!??? 😉

Make today great!



Two New Babes!!!

Hey everyone….are you surviving your Monday?? Mine is busy, but not so bad!! 🙂 🙂

We have brought you two new smoking hot babes!! Two of my favorites I must admit! I spent time with both of them and love them hot hot!!! Farrah Foxxx went live on AzianiIron and her body is is her face and her personality! You guys are going to love her! Lots more of her coming!! 😉 Viana Milian is already on AzianiIron, but she is now on Aziani too!! Can’t say enough about her, she is AWESOME!! 😉

Here are a few pics for you to drool over. lol!

I am planning my CA trip as we speak…can’t wait! We are not only shooting me, but several other models and some hardcore too! Woohoo!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for my cam show!! (6:00pst/9:00est) See you then!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Jewels Jade’s New Site Opens!!!


Happy Saturday!!! Wow..I feel GREAT today! I worked yesterday in the morning and took the rest of the day off to watch football! I was happy to watch the Huskers win! 🙂 Guess I will always be a Husker at heart!! I was a little hungover from Thanksgiving, I drank too much wine and once again forgot to eat dessert! How does that happen? I started drinking, singing and dancing …and forget about food I suppose. lol! I will make sure to have some on Christmas!! hehe!

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!! Mine was so much fun!! My second brother moved into a new house and it is beautiful..the views were amazing, you can see most of the city from his backyard. Gorgeous!! The food was super delicious and it was so nice to catch up with all my friends from Nebraska! I danced a feet were killing me yesterday…but they are good today! He just adopted a new doggie..of course I had to give her love! 🙂 An awesome Thanksgiving I will always remember! Hopefully this week I can find time to put up my tree…time to get in the Christmas spirit!!

This morning I am getting my work out of the way and I am going to go shoot some sexy pics and vids for you!! A few outside shoots will be fun, the weather is perfect!

The sexy Jewels Jade’s new site just opened this past week!! Be sure to check it out. Omg, Jewels is sooooo hot..everything about her is perfect! Her face, her body, her personality…she is the perfect package!! I have met her several times and Love Love Love her!

Have a wonderful Saturday peeps!! ENJOY!