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New Photo Update~~~~~

Good morning, happy hump day everyone!!
I have added some new photos for you to enjoy…at least I hope you will!!

I am off to the airport to pick up my friend from Australia, this will be his 4th visit to Arizona. He is looking forward to the heat cause it is winter there. OH..we have LOTS of that to share. Should be a fun day.
I hope you enjoy your day TOO!

My cute little tadpole..hehe

Good morning! Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.
I worked around my house yesterday and now it is super clean and I love that. I am still doing laundry ..which I don’t exactly like..but someone must do it. I was out washing my car yesterday in my driveway when a storm hit. Good thing I was almost done. Can’t say I have ever washed my car in the rain. ha! It worked out ok, I pulled it in my garage to dry it. Now it shine and sparkles. This is the first white car I have ever owned, I have always had black cars. It is so much easier to clean.
Today I have to work work work…I have so much going on the next few weeks with friends visiting. I have a friend from Australia coming in town on Wednesday. Amber and Dakota come a few days after that. WOOHOO…let the fun begin. I know I won’t work much while they are here…so I better bust my ass today.
I am posting a pic of my tadpole..isn’t he/she cute? hehe! I am not sure what sex it is, but I call it “Jaxson”..I like that name. Any ways, it is growing like crazy. I am thinking in the next few days “it” should have back legs. Pretty cool really to watch it develop. I read an article on the internet that they like lettuce…they DO! Since we had a storm blow through yesterday he/she got some fresh rain water. A very happy tadpole..toad to be. I don’t think it is a frog.
Any ways..enough animal chat.
I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday..enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

*Have a great weekend*

Good afternoon..happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

My fun started yesterday, I had a great shoot and I even had more fun in my cam show. Thanks for making my weekend start off so wonderful! Love that!

I have a busy day around my, cooking, doing laundry, wash my car…etc…
The chores continue on. I don’t mind cleaning, I actually like it. I am weird, huh? People ask me all the time why I don’t have someone help with my cleaning. NO WAY! I mean it would free up my Saturdays, but I probably wouldn’t be happy with the results. I am somewhat of a neat freak..and that is not always a good thing. So I will continue to do it myself…it is good exercise and the end ..Rachel is very happy! 🙂 Sooo I am off to play maid Rachel now. I really should get one of those french maid sexy outfits, huh? HEY..a photo shoot idea. 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!! I am posting a pic from my cam show last night. I had on this super sexy black & white dress…with silver high heels. Hot outfit.
Cam SHow Fun

Shoot/Cam show Friday!

Good morning..happy Thursday! I wanted to let you all know I will be shooting on Friday and also having a cam show after my shoot. My shows are all Members Only…so I hope you can make it!!!! Stop by my behind the scenes first and then come have some naughty fun Friday night! Woohoo…can’t wait! I miss you.
I am off for yet another super busy day. I have not been home much lately..I will be ready for some R & R over the weekend for sure.
Have a great day! ENJOY…and see you tomorrow!


Good morning and a big Happy Friday to you all! 🙂
I hope you will enjoy your weekend!
I am off this afternoon to pick up Nikki at the airport, she will be shooting for Aziani tomorrow. Sooo let’s say we are going to have a fun day/night. I am planning a late lunch/early dinner and cocktails. Fun Fun!
Stop by her shoot tomorrow…I am hoping to have some free time to chat. AND of course you get to see how sexy she is!
Have a great weekend..ENJOY!