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*New Video Update Today*

Good morning…happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I am ready to relax a bit..I worked hard this past week. I was super busy. I would love to spend the day in the pool ..which i might do. It does look like rain, but it will probably pass. It usually does. I will have my pool cam on if I decide to spend the day floating, K?
I will be adding my new video today too! A naughty Rocker video…I love that thing. Check back to see the sample.
The weather has cooled a bit with the storms lately so I took a ride out in the desert last night. It was nice. I found some tadpoles swimming around in a puddle and had to take them home with me. I find that amazing thinking they will be frogs/toads some day. How cool is that? I know.. I know..doesn’t take much to entertain me. hehe!
I have never raised one before. I got kind of big one..and one super small one. I have been doing my research on line so they stay healthy! 🙂 hehe..wish me luck!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! ENJOY!!!!!

~Happy 4th Of July~

Good morning…a big HAPPY 4th of July to all of you in the states!!! Woohoo..we all do love our holiday! If you are not in the US..I hope you will enjoy your Friday!
I bought a bunch of yummy food to cook on the will be a nice relaxing day with Buzz and my doggies hanging in the pool. I am planning on getting super tan! I have a new bikini that I will be least part of the day. *hehe* I will have my pool cam stop by if you have time. I will post a few pics on my blog tomorrow. It is sexy!!!!!!
It is a gorgeous day here in the sky and super HOT~ just the way I like it.

Enjoy everyone!!! Have fun with family & friends!

~Feeling MUCH better today~

Good is a good thing hangovers only last a day. LOL! I am feeling great today. Slept good and ready for another full day. However, I am really ready to take off Fri, Sat and Sun. I worked my ass off this past week and last weekend so I could enjoy those three days of pure R & R. 🙂
I didn’t get much work done yesterday. I ended up eating pizza (bad girl) and watched two movies. I turned the a/c down and snuggled on the couch. It was nice…especially when I knew it hit 111 yesterday and was not affected by that at all. ha! I will be today. I am heading to the gym, to get my nails done and get all my 4th of July goodies at Costco. I am hanging in the pool all day tomorrow with my doggies. Eat..drink..and enjoy the holiday. I should be able to see lots of fireworks from my house. I am at pretty high elevation for Phoenix and I can see the entire city. It is a gorgeous view.
I want to wish Ms Amber Lynn Bach a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope she has a fun and exciting day. 🙂
She is coming to visit me soon and so is Dakota…YEAH!!!!! Can’t girls will be having lots of good times.
I hope you all have a super Thursday..enjoy!

~New Naughty Video Update~

Good afternoon..Happy Sunday! What a better way to start your Sunday, log into my site and check out my new video!! Woohoo! It is super sexy and so very naughty. You can see the sample to check it out. I have had some requests to masturbate while giving a that is exactly what I did. I usually do any ways..but this time.. I had two cameras set up so you could see too! Awesome FUN FUN FUN! 🙂

I am just working my ass off this weekend ..but that is ok because next week is a holiday week and I plan to take some time off work and enjoy the holiday. Cookout…hang with friends & family & doggies too..swim and relax. I might even do some shopping..I could use some new and exciting furniture and decor.
I watched a movie last night that I would recommend to you all. It is called “The Bucket List” and it was FANTASTIC! I laughed a lot..I cried too. We all just need to remember how short life really is and if we do not enjoy every single minute..we need to change that. I try to do that already… I love the little things life has to offer. Any ways..SEE THE MOVIE!
I am wishing you a happy day..enjoy the rest of your weekend. I need to keep plugging away on my work.

*Last but NOT least…Day 5 of sexy babes*

Good morning..happy Monday all! I hope your weekend was fantastic!!!!!!!!
Mine was very nice..I have zero complaints. 🙂

Day 5 of shooting yet another hot Aziani model. She is on Aziani already….and a huge favorite.. so she is back! Yeah! I know you will love her, she is an absolute DOLL!

Have a great, fun, wonderful Monday! You just gotta love them!