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Rachel Aziani @ the bar drinking Red Bull/Vodka~

Hey..Happy Monday everyone! I am out at a new bar celebrating Happy Hour. I discovered this awesome new little restaurant by my house the other day! It is an Irish Bar with fun music. I have my laptop and they have a wireless connection..isn’t that cool? All public places should have one. Arizona seems behind sometimes. I snapped a few pics on my iPhone so it is not the best quality..but I try! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed your past weekend. I can tell you, my Saturday was a bit nuts, but Sunday was good. I have a hard time working on Monday and since I worked a lot this weekend..Rachel was ready for some fun. The Arizona weather is perfect right now..sunny & 75! Cheers! Have an awesome sure to check out my new video update. Wow..sexxxy stuff!
Rachel Aziani at bar drinking Redbull and Vodka
Rachel Aziani shows some cleavage

Back from California!

Hey Hey…I am back!! I had an awesome trip to California! The flights were not the best..but at least I am on the ground now. 🙂 The models were great…soooo pretty!! You are going to love them! I had some fun shooting as well. I had a little free time at the airport so I checked out some of my pics..not bad! I hope you will like them cause that is what matters. 🙂 I am adding a few pics from my trip. I LOVE my makeup artist, she is fabulous!! Buzz and I were messing around in front of the mirror and snapped a pic of us having a silly moment. ha! I have many more to share! It is a rainy AZ day..I like it. It is peaceful and very relaxing! 🙂 Since I am a little tired today I am heading out for a movie and dinner tonight. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. It is great to be home with my doggies and my bed!! Have a great Sunday everyone!



Cheers…the weekend is here!

Yeah..the weekend has arrived! I hope you all have some fun things planned! 🙂 I am adding a few photos is from my latest photo update and the other is of me being silly on New Years Eve… I stayed home this year. As you can see I had some fun with Dom and a dirty martini..or two! hehe! It was a fun night..I ate, drank and had awesome sex. A perfect way to bring in 2008! It has been a busy January so far..but everything is good and that is all I can ask for. I am off to the gym now..woohoo! Not! Have a fantastic weekend!! ENJOY!

New photo update

New Years Eve


Hey Hey all you awesome people! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! I had a minor crash at the bottom of my driveway last night. I am still trying to learn my new Land Rollers and hit ground…pretty hard. OUCH! I was flying down my driveway which is very steep and hit a bump in the road..I went flying and luckily I landed on my leg. Could have been much worse. It didn’t look too bad last night..(see photo below) but this morning it looks like I have a golf ball under my skin. Yikes! See..I told you I was a little klutzy. ha! Any only really hurts when I sit …so good news is that I did get in a killer workout this morning. I was at the gym for 2 hours! Yeah!! I feel good about that. I am a bit slow after that, but I just don’t have time to nap. Have too much work to do. *Blah* I think I will pour a nice hot cup of coffee and work most of the night. Sounds fun, huh? Nah! Oh well…we all must work. 😉 Hope you are enjoying your Hump Day so far! I will write more soon!
RachLandRoller Ouch

New Video Update…& Some Fun In the Desert!

Good morning..and a beautiful morning it is! Another awesome sunny Arizona day! I did go out and play for a few hours in the desert yesterday was fun! I added a few pics to share with you all. Sipping on my Bud Light & Clamato drink..yummy! I also thought it would be fun to moon you! hehe! See my tan line that I have been working on. 😉 I have a busy Saturday. I am heading out to the gym shortly…run a few errands…come home and walk my dogs…last but not least ~clean and laundry~ Oh Joy! I will also be adding my new video today…so be sure to check back if it’s not already up. It was super naughty…and super fun! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your Saturday!
RachDesert FunButt Moon