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Weekend Fun!

Good morning beautiful people!! 🙂 🙂 Happy Happy Monday…they come so fast!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was awesome!! Friday I hung out with friends which is always a fun time. Every time we get together we get silly…see pics below. hehe! I had my family over yesterday for a cookout. Yum! We had such delicious food and healthy too!! I love spending Sunday with my family and of course Buzz’s too! I am so grateful and feel blessed to have such loving people in my life!!! I have a busy busy Monday so I am off now. See you all Wednesday for my members cam show!! Woohoo! Have a super Monday!


Friday night fun!

Going to breakfast on Saturday morning!!

Awww these two love each other, priceless!

Ball anyone? hehe

Giving Mia lots of love!

July already??

Good morning!! Happy July 1st! I can’t believe how fast this year is going! Wow!! It is still steaming hot in the desert…a fire broke out about 2 hours from my house and 19 firefighters were killed. Soooo sad! My heart breaks for their family and friends..RIP to our heroes!! This excessive heat is coming to an end in the next few days and will be back to “normal” July 106 ish. Us desert rats know what we are in for and we choose to live here. My poor a/c is running non might shut off for a few minutes and then right back on. They are fairly new units so they work good! 🙂

I went to another pool party yesterday, we grilled out some yummy food and went swimming with our doggies. They have 2 dogs and Mia loves to play with them. My other dogs not so much… so they had the luxury of staying home sleeping in the nice cool house. It drives me nuts knowing some people leave their dogs outside in this heat! Ughhhhh!

I had a fun and adventurous weekend so back to work today! I have a pretty busy week planned out actually! Let the fun begin again on Friday night for my cam show! Yay..see you there!! 😉

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far! Sending love your way!



Sybian Cam Show Tonight!!!

Good morning! I slept in today…that felt very nice! 🙂 Guess I needed a little more sleep, I had some weird dreams last night. WOW..crazy thoughts must have been going through my head. Not bad..not good..just strange! I am excited for my members only cam show tonight, can’t wait to ride my Sybian LIVE! Woohoo! Hope you can make it. (6:00pst/9:00est) See you soon!! Here are a few pics of some past Sybian rides…there are many many more inside my members area. I bought it in August of 2005..and it is still going strong. Love that crazy sex machine!! 😉

I am taking today off. I am going to the gym and after that I am going furniture shopping. I would like to buy some new formal couches and/or chairs. Yay..I love shopping!

See you tonight!!! Have a great day everyone!! ENJOY!


This is my very first Sybian ride…Mmmm



What a way to wake up…some hot- sweaty- steamy- “”fuck me hard”” sex! Yum Yum! I am not usually a “first thing in the morning” sex girl …but having sex when dirty can be very fun! 😉 I feel fantastic and ready for a good Monday! Sorry I didn’t get around to saying HI yesterday. I went out with my parents on Saturday night for dinner, then they came to my house and had a few drinks..they ended up staying the night. No drinking and driving!! Sunday morning we went out to breakfast and I spent the day out and about. It was a nice family weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yours!

Today…back to work!! I need to start every Monday like this..hell, maybe every day. LOL!

ENJOY your Monday!

My New Sybian Video Is Live!

Good morning! I just added my new sybian video..that machine is crazy. Crazy in a good way! I can’t get enough of it! M’m M’m…I just love the way it vibrates my hard clit and rotates inside of me. NICE~
I hope you will enjoy the video!!

Another busy day for me. I am off to the gym for a little cardio workout..then I have to run some errands. I have an appointment that I must go to..even though I don’t want to. I must follow through with my commitments. 🙂 I need to run into the store and pick up a new blender. I was making a fruit smoothie yesterday and it just stopped working on me. It is old…so probably time for a new one. I also need to buy a wok! I used to have one, but hmmm it just disappeared. Funny how that happens. I went looking for it last night..I was going to try and new recipe and couldn’t find it. I gave a huge box to charity not that long ago. Lots of kitchen stuff…glasses, silverware, dishes..etc… I think it was in that box. Oh well…hopefully someone is getting good use out of it. 🙂

Pretty exciting day..haha! It is going to be 89 today!!! Perfect day for some cute little shorts and tank top. Since I have been on my health kick I have lost a few pounds and can get into some old clothes. Wow….it is like having a new wardrobe again. No shopping for me. I am happy happy happy about that! Just in time for SUMMER…sexy bikinis and mini skirts!

Have an awesome day! ENJOY!

**Sybian Members Only Cam Show Tonight**

Hey everyone..I am soooo looking forward to my live cam show tonight. I will enjoy a nice naughty ride. I never get tired of that crazy machine. Love it! 🙂 See you soon!

I am going to try and get in a little exercise today, but my schedule is pretty full. I have a big “to do” list waiting for me. Oh joy! That’s ok..I know my day will be great because I get to see you all tonight.

Have a wonderful Thursday!