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~Feeling Much Better~

Good morning..happy Monday! Don’t you love them? HA! I was sick all day sucked! Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Sunday. Ugh..oh well..I am better today. I picked up some meds and they are helping. I am going to go enjoy my Monday today. I do NOT feel like working at all. I mean I have been working 3 hours already this morning, but need to take off shortly. I will not let this cold get me down. No way!

Ok…so three girls riding the sybian is HOT! Isn’t it? Mariah Milano, Cassidey and Riley Evans all have lots of naughty fun with this crazy machine! See for yourself. I am posting the three hot babes below…click on the photo to see their sample. To see more of them go to

Enjoy your Monday and have a great one!


~Fun & Naughty Cam Show~

Good morning! Happy Saturday..happy weekend! 🙂 I want to thank everyone for a super fun and naughty cam show last night. WOW..that rocked!! I will be adding the video of my sybian ride “HD” for all of you that missed it. I am getting ready to spend my Saturday SHOPPING!! Yeah! I need to buy my mom a Mothers Day present and am hoping to find some sexy summer clothes for myself too! I really don’t enjoy shopping on weekends..but I had no choice. This was a crazy week with my allergies. It knocked me on my ass! I feel sooo much better today…almost 100 percent. I want to wish you all a great…fun…exciting…cool weekend! Go ENJOY!

Sybian Ride Cam Show

**Sybian Cam Show Tonight**

Good morning! A happy happy Friday to you all! I have had a hell of a week fighting some pretty bad allergies. ~Ugh~ Today I finally feel better! YEAH, just in time for my cam show tonight. Woohoo..couldn’t have been better timing. Look forward to it. I hope you can make it. No worry..if not, there is always next time. 🙂 I will be taking my sybian for a ride tonight…gotta love that machine! OR will it be taking me for a ride? LOL! The shoot went super cool yesterday. I had a lot of fun with the new model. I found a sexy bikini photo of her that I wanted to share. She is so petite, so tiny…she has such a cute little bod. She eats whatever she wants AND doesn’t work out. Ok..I admit I hate her. LOL! Kidding of course..she is a lucky girl! Enjoy your Friday..I am off now. I will see you tonight…come join me and my sybian for an awesome time!! 🙂


Live Sybian Cam Show

Come see me ride my Sybian LIVE!! Nothing like watching me cum LIVE…it is way more intense than just a recorded video. And I mean for all of us! I think you will agree! Only one way to find out. See you soon! By the way ….I think every girl should own one! ~wink~Friday April 6th at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm ESTLove and kisses, Rach