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New Video!!

Hey guys! Whew..what a crazy past few days!! Everything was good until Thursday afternoon and 2 of my dogs got into a fight! I tried to break it up..I know, I know I should not have done that, but I did and I can’t go back. I did eventually break them up, but let’s just say all 3 of us got pretty messed up. I was not prepared for a dog fight..ever! It’s pretty hard to stand back and watch your dogs beat each other up! Won’t go into detail… I will say we are all doing better and things will be ok. A very traumatic experience for sure! You all know how much I love my dogs so we are working with our vet for some solutions…hopefully they will help because I sure don’t want to get rid of either dog. I am strong and I will try everything possible to make this work. Wish me luck! 🙂 Thanks for all the good well guys are the best! I am feeling really good today, I get some stitches out on Wed and then the other stitches dissolve in 2 weeks. I will be happy to put this behind me!

On a happy note my new video did go up inside my members area…Yay! Super sexy I must admit! Check it out when you have time! Sorry I had to cancel my cam show, but I was in the hospital…good excuse right? 😉 I will reschedule soon! I should be shooting in Vegas today…bummer!! I am going to try and schedule that in 2-4 weeks…good things come to those who wait! 🙂 🙂

Life is so short and you never know what is coming next…so be happy and enjoy life!! Our lives can change in an instant! Live in the moment! Love you life would not be the same without you!


New Video!!

Good morning!! I had so much fun last night!! Buzz took me out for afternoon cocktails and lunch..then we had lots of sexy time!! We had to make up for lost time. Hehe! 😉

I am in a great mood and ready for a busy day!! I have lots of work to do..then I am going to workout and pick up some groceries. We have a fun party to go to tonight. Woohoo! And tomorrow we are off to ride in the desert..I need my nature time!

My new video went up this morning!! Thanks guys for the compliments already! 🙂 🙂 I was so HORNY!! I have never done a panty stuffing video before and I must say it’s a hit!!!

Here are a few video grabs that tell a story!

Have a great weekend everyone!! ENJOY!



New Video Update :)

Good morning…happy Saturday! Woohoo 🙂 My favorite day of the week!! I woke up early full of energy so I jumped right on the treadmill, even before my coffee. It was not fun, but I am glad I did! I will go to the gym later this afternoon for my weight training. Buzz is shooting all these hot bodybuilders for AzianiIron and they are giving some great advice.

I am finishing my work this morning and then taking the day off. Some friends invited us over this afternoon for some holiday cocktails. 🙂 I haven’t seen them in months so it should be fun catching up. 🙂

My new video update went live this morning! It was a great time shooting in the desert, I will have to do more outside shoots. They seem to be popular!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


~Happy October 1st~

Yay…October has arrived! That means cooler temps are coming..although it is still going to be 104 today. Ughh! I’m sure they will cool soon!! 🙂

My weekend fun started on Thursday afternoon when I met my sweet & sexy girlfriend Catalina Cruz for lunch! We sat outside and enjoyed some delicious food and yummy margaritas too! I love love love my girl dates!! 🙂

On Friday Buzz and I decided last minute to pack up the RV and head up North to the beautiful mountains! I am so glad we did! It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. I could not ask for a better way to spend my weekend! Ohhh and guess what? I saw 2 bears!!! They were babies, but I was still scared. We were riding on the Razor so I kind of felt safe..not really! They weren’t too far from where we were camping so I was a little freaked out after that, I didn’t let my dogs run too far. Yikes!! I wish I could have taken a pic of them, but they ran away when they heard us coming.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! I got home yesterday in time to see the Arizona Cardinals win in OT! WOW..what a game, they are undefeated so far this year! Hip Hip Hooray! Hopefully I will go to a game or two this season! 🙂

My new video is now inside my members sure to check it out! 😉 Speaking of videos..I made one for you guys while I was camping. I hope you will enjoy it!

I am totally swamped today..lots to catch up on!! A typical Monday for sure!! Have a fantastic day!!


Taking the dogs for a ride!

Neo sporting his goggles!

Mia chewing on some sort of animal bone..grossss!

Play hard= Nap hard!





Thank You!!

Good morning!! Whew my past two days were swamped…felt like 2 Monday’s in a row! Ugh! As I look back on Mon & Tues I am happy they are over and I accomplished as much as I did. I procrastinated a few things that I am glad are DONE finally! I do that sometimes! 😉

Looks like no camping trip for me this week..bummer!! Oh well..once again it is out of my control. I am going to plan a trip in early October, which will be great weather. I can’t wait to wear some jeans! 🙂 My favorite piece of clothing!!

A big thank you Stephen for the black waist cincher, I love it! I already wore it once and matched it up with a sexy pair of thigh highs also sent by Stephen!! Love them both! Thanks again!! 🙂 Also thank you very much Ross for the beautiful glass toy!! He even engraved my name!! I can’t wait to use it in my cam shows and shoots! Be sure to check out his site…  He makes a lot of other pretty things..not just toys!! Tell him Rach sent you! 🙂

One of my past cam shows went up in my members area so if you missed it…here is it! Fun time with you guys always! I gave away 2 sexy pair of panties which I love doing!

Create a great day everyone..ENJOY!


Sexy Secretary Cam Show Tonight!!

Good morning! It feels like a Monday..I am swamped! I probably should have worked more yesterday. Oh well… I enjoyed pool time with Buzz and my doggies. It was so nice to relax in the sun and enjoy life! 🙂 I have so much going on today, but at least I get to have fun tonight in my cam show! Woohoo, see you guys at 6:00pst/9:00est!

My new video went live in my members area on Saturday..if you have not had time to check it out, you must make time. 😉 A big thanks to Stephen for the beautiful diamond anal toy and also a big thanks to Plastiek for the sexy lingerie. I am so blessed to have such wonderful peeps in my life! See you tonight!! Have a great day!