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Sexy Secretary Cam Show Tonight!!

Good morning! It feels like a Monday..I am swamped! I probably should have worked more yesterday. Oh well… I enjoyed pool time with Buzz and my doggies. It was so nice to relax in the sun and enjoy life! 🙂 I have so much going on today, but at least I get to have fun tonight in my cam show! Woohoo, see you guys at 6:00pst/9:00est!

My new video went live in my members area on Saturday..if you have not had time to check it out, you must make time. 😉 A big thanks to Stephen for the beautiful diamond anal toy and also a big thanks to Plastiek for the sexy lingerie. I am so blessed to have such wonderful peeps in my life! See you tonight!! Have a great day!

New Video! ;)

Happy Saturday!! Yay..the weekend is here! Such a busy week..whew, I need some R&R! We had a nice family cookout last night and went swimming too! I made some strawberry daiquiris again. I have a sweet tooth lately which is very rare for me. I just got back from breakfast with my mom. We sat outside and enjoyed some delicious food and good conversation. I stopped by my vet to pick up Josie’s collar and leash! Ugh..have to say that sucked! I got a clipping of her hair too! Boy oh boy I miss that dog! I was sad ..but now am ok after a few tears! I let my dogs smell her hair and one of them tried to eat it..ha, made me laugh a little bit. 🙂

Any’s going to be a great weekend..I am getting a little work done now so I can take time off my computer the rest of the day. My new video went live this morning, I loved my big black cock. (Thank you Joe) Hope you will like it!! 🙂

See you all Thursday for my cam show!! Love you guys..have a WONDERFUL weekend!

New Video :)

Hey Hey..happy Saturday everyone!! Geesh this day is flying by! I had to take my dogs to the vet this morning, they all have kennel cough! 🙁 Poor babies! Mia got it from the shelter which is common and now they all have it…it is very contagious. Hopefully it won’t last long, they are on meds so that should help! 🙂 We went out to dinner last night and took Mia with us. She gets so much attention because she is so sweet! And so beautiful too! hehe!

I am heading to Vegas next weekend! Yay! I will be shooting one day and playing the other two! 🙂 Can’t wait!

My new video went up this morning, I hope you like it! Thank you Stephen for the Magic Wand!! I very much enjoyed it!!!!

Have a great weekend!! Go enjoy life!! 🙂 🙂


Updates :)

Sexy Panties!

Behind the scenes!

4th Of July Pool Video!

Good morning everyone! Waking up to a little cooler day, these past few days have been killer hot! The excessive heat warning is gone..whew! Ohhh it’s still hot… 106 but not as bad. It is supposed to rain this afternoon, I hope it does!

I have a busy day ahead…lots of work to catch up on. Been slacking a little bit because of my new doggie. I am having fun with her ..I can’t wait until she can go swimming once her stitches heal.

I planned a shoot for this coming Friday! Yay..time to get back into the swing of things. I haven’t had a “normal” schedule for over a month. And I very much look forward to tomorrow night’s cam show! See you then!

Here are my last 3 updates…hope you are enjoying them. Many more to come!

Have a wonderful day!! Enjoy!



Behind The Scenes!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying your new week so far!! 🙂 🙂

My new BTS video went up on Saturday so if you have not checked it out yet…you must! 😉 My members love it! I will be doing more of that since it is so popular!! It ends with a nice juicy squirt thanks to Buzz. 😉

I am still trying to figure out my summer schedule with shoots and vacations..however I did schedule my next members cam show on July 12th! Hope you can make it! I will plan a pool one soon too!

I went boating with Chica and Demi this past weekend, it was soooo much fun in the sun! After that we treated ourselves to a big Italian meal. Yum!

I have a really busy day today..lots of work and errands to run. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Feeling Much Better!! ;)))

Good morning! I woke up this morning feeling sooooo much better! 🙂 Yay!

I did schedule my next members cam show for Thursday the 14th at 4:00pst/7:00est!

I am pretty busy next week with a lot of appointments for not only me, but my dog too. Plus my aunt is coming in from Nebraska for a visit so we are planning some fun things to do with her. She is a riot! Love her!

Here is a sample of my cam show that just updated today. I just love my new diamond butt toy. (butt plug sounds so nasty) hehe! It is what it is I suppose 😉 A big thanks to Stephen for sending it to me! Ohhhh and thanks for the thigh highs too! Sexy!!

Have a wonderful day! I have some catching up to do since I was sick.