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~New Video~

Good morning! I was up with the birds this morning…I slept so good last night. I finished all my weekend chores yesterday and relaxed with a nice hot bubble bath and movie last night. It was cloudy and chilly all day, which I loved. A nice change for us in the desert. Now today I can go have some fun playing, we are going for a ride and might find some snow to play in. 🙂 I will take pics, I finally bought a new camera so I need to test it out.

My new video is live inside my members area. Be sure to check it out when you have time!! 😉

Also it is the middle of the month so be sure to vote for your favorite Aziani Angel Of The Month… 🙂 🙂

Love you guys, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

~Cam Show Tonight~

Hello sexy people!! 😉 I am feeling great and ready for a naughty time tonight. Been working a little too hard, so much going on that I need to break away for some fun! This time every year things get crazy busy. I am very much looking forward to my members cam show tonight!! See you there! 🙂 🙂

Here are a few updates coming your way!

ENJOY your Thursday, the weekend is almost here! Yipppeeee!


Yet Another New Beauty At Aziani!!

Hey Hey everyone!! Whew, I have been soooooo busy with work and taxes lately. Yikes!!! Today should not be as crazy!

I had a wonderful holiday, I hope you had a nice Easter with your family & friends. 🙂

Rebecca Reign is the gorgeous new model for Aziani this week. Rebecca is not only super pretty, but she has a rocking body!! I have never met her, but the crew said she is totally cool and sweet..Mmm the entire package!! You can see the rest of her amazing hot pics and vids here …

I finally added my Christmas cam show…Ooops..better late than never, right? 😉
Love you guys!! I hope you have a great hump day! Enjoy!

See you tomorrow for my members cam show!!


~Sexy New Video~

Good morning! I woke up early and am ready for a productive day. I have to catch up on work and also do my weekend chores. 😉 I think I will lay out a bit and get a little sun too…it is supposed to be 90 today. Yay! Pretty soon I will be splashing around in my pool..can’t wait! 🙂

I had fun at the webmaster is always nice to see old friends and make new ones! The best show of the year for sure!!

My new video went live and I want to thank Stephen for the awesome glass toy! I love’s pretty obvious when you watch my video!!

I can’t believe it is the last day of March already..1st quarter of 2012 is gone. Wow! Every year seems to go faster! I love Spring though..everything is blooming, the birds are singing and the weather is perfect. This time every year I have the same black bird come back to take over my trees. He is cruising around my backyard like he owns it. It is really cute. I heard the rattlesnakes are back too…not so great of course.

Next Sunday is Easter …we are not doing the traditional meal this year. We are grilling out steaks and chicken…can’t go wrong with a big bbq. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!!


New Clit Pump Video!!

Happy Monday peeps! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! 😉 Mine was awesome, I enjoyed lounging in my pj’s all day yesterday. I don’t do that very often for obvious reasons, but it was great to recharge my batteries! 🙂 We all need some R & R!! We had some strange weather yesterday. Lots of thunder, rain, hail and snow in the mountains. The perfect day to chill. It’s a cold front moving through… I heard it will be back in the 80’s by Wed or Thur. I love the rain, we needed it bad.

My new video went up, my sexy clit pump video. You guys have been asking for here you go! Enjoy!

Every day is a new make it great! 🙂 🙂 Love you!!


*New Video*

Good morning world! I woke up at 6:30 and am busting out my work early. I opened my bedroom door and enjoyed the sunrise and the birds was so peaceful, a great way to start my day. 🙂 🙂 I love mornings!

My new video is up inside my members area so be sure to check it out when you can. I hope you like it! I will be shooting A LOT more hot & naughty vids (and pics too) next week when I head to CA. Can’t wait is going to be so much fun!! I am going shopping today for some new sexy clothes. I already promised myself NO more shoes. least not this time. 😉

I hope you have a super awesome weekend!!! Enjoy!