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Hey everyone!! Geesh where has today gone???? I have been up since 5:30 busting my hump…I did take an hour and go to the gym, but otherwise I been working in my office on this cloudy rainy day. I hope you are enjoying your Thursday so far. The weekend is right around the corner!! 😉 I haven’t posted updates for awhile. OOPS!! Sorry! I thought I would post updates today even though it updates again tomorrow. 😉 I will post tomorrow and on Saturday. 🙂

Courtney had her 4th visit…yes 4th visit to our gloryhole. She is a favorite and it’s important to keep our members happy. She LOVES blowjobs and cum…she sucked off 17 strangers and swallowed every drop of their cum loads. That always amazes me. She can’t get enough. She is a local girl and is really sweet, you would NEVER know she is such a nympho. Always remember to never judge a book by its cover. Megan made her very first appearance, she is a 20 year old amateur. When I say amateur I don’t mean sucking dick. She loved sucking 14 strangers in our booth and swallowing every load. Raquel made her first appearance as well, she is a local MILF..maybe even a mature. Not sure what the EXACT difference is. Everyone always called me a MILF and I have never had kids so I always wondered why I got called that…but I guess it’s because of my lovely age. hehe! 😉 Raquel loved swallowing 14 cum shots as well. Last but not least Anaira joined in the gloryhole fun for the first time. She was nervous, but excited too. She gets a knock at the door and Sarah is ready to play with her and the guys. These girls are super hot together, they kiss and cum swap. They take turns on the guys cocks, of course the guys couldn’t get enough of 2 girls. They had a blast and all 17 guys blew their loads in their mouths for them to swallow. Super hot update!! Actually I think they all are!! Be sure to check them out

Well that’s all for now…I will write more tomorrow and again on Saturday. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!






Just what the doctor ordered :)

Good morning!! 🙂 I hope you had a nice weekend!!! Mine was great! We FINALLY found some time to go camping up in Northern AZ! We spent 3 night in nature and that is exactly what I needed. It was so beautiful. 🙂 We camp out in the middle of nowhere, I don’t like actual camp grounds where there are people around. I like the peace and quiet. Although at night the coyotes and elk were super loud. Wow! I never did see them, but it sounded like they were super close. It’s been at least 3 years since we have camped in a tent. It was fun!!! I mean camping in the RV is nice, but something about crawling into a cozy tent snuggling up in the sleeping bags is pretty awesome. It did get cold, I am guessing in the 40’s and the days warmed up to the perfect 70’s and sunny. I didn’t want to come home, but I did need a shower! hehe! 😉  It was nice to sleep in my own bed…so I am thinking 3 nights is my max to stay in a tent. The dogs had a blast…running free and sniffing everything. We spread Tony and Caesar’s ashes on their favorite camping spots. It was bitter sweet for sure. We didn’t get to spread Josie’s ashes because her favorite spot was about an hour away…we will do that next camping trip. Gosh…I miss them all soooooo much! 🙁 But time does help that’s for sure. Life is so precious!!!! Here are some pics to share. I am off now…I have a busy day of playing catch up. I will write more soon!! Have a great week!!! 🙂 🙂




IMG_3253 copy








IMG_3274 copy


IMG_3281 copy

Feeling Better :)

Good morning everyone! Did you all have a nice weekend?? I bet you football fans did!! Yay football is back!! I didn’t get a chance to watch the AZ Cardinals yesterday, but I heard they lost in OT. BUMMER! I am going to try and go to one game this year. Of course I say that every year and I don’t. ha! 😉 I am feeling better every day about Tony. It’s hard…it’s the little things that make me think of him. The worst is when I come home and he is not there to greet me. Buzz and I been hanging out at home a lot and sometimes I think that makes us feel worse. Soooo we went out with some friends on Friday and Saturday night both. We usually don’t go out on weekends, but I am glad we did. We had a blast!!! Friday we met up for happy hour. I was ready to party after being so sad lately. I drank 2 margaritas, 1 red bull/vodka and ended with wine. Um that was not the best idea to mix all that alcohol. I felt a little off Saturday needless to say. LOL Oh well, I would do it all over again!!! Sometimes we just need to let go!

Saturday I took an Uber car to meet up with Buzz and friends at our studio. We went out for a nice steak dinner..well I had prime rib sliders and they were delicious! We then went to Total Wine and bought lots of wine. 🙂 I can see why I stay away from hard liquor most of the time…ugh, getting too old for that shit. Sipping wine is the way to go…I feel so chill and relaxed, but still have fun and stay social. When we left the restaurant there were cops every where and part of the parking lot was taped off. Kind of scary, but no shooting even took place. I later heard a man was tased, but it didn’t make the news. So who knows?? I just know that was too close to home for me. Ugh! It is a very scary world we live in.

Buzz and I have been taking Mia for a morning walk, the temps are so perfect in the mornings and evenings. I am thinking the triple temps are over. (fingers crossed) It is pretty cool to watch the sunrise and gather your thoughts together for the day. It’s beautiful and peaceful. We will be hiking soon. Can’t wait!! I miss that! It’s that time of the year for such amazing sunsets too. I mean they are always pretty here in AZ, but this time of the year they are even prettier. You know me..I always take photos of the sky. ..I am fascinated by the clouds. It’s the little things. 🙂 I have a very busy day…but a good day. We have some errands than are meeting my parents for lunch. We are going to be in their area and thought we would treat them out to their favorite restaurant. I am hoping in the next few weeks I can go camping in the mountains. I got Tony’s ashes back this past week which was an emotional trip to the vet.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Here are a few pics I took that I wanted to share. Oh and if you are wondering who my hot blonde friend is…her name is Alena Croft. I can’t believe our paths have not crossed earlier…she lives super close. Yay!! They are good people and a lot of fun. 🙂  🙂

Happy Monday loves!












Good morning! I hope you all had a better Labor Day weekend than I did. 🙁 It was a very sad weekend. I had to say goodbye to Tony on Saturday morning. I knew it was coming, but WOW is it the hardest thing to do ever!!!! He wasn’t just a dog to us, he was part of our family. All you dog/cat (animal lovers) can relate to my pain. Ughhhhhh!! He made it 14 amazing years and I feel so blessed he stayed with us as long as he did. He proved those vets wrong!! We prepared for his death back in March of 2014. I am so happy they were wrong. We got Tony when he was only 6 weeks old. Yes he had a wonderful life, but it’s never long enough. I feel a little better today and I know time will help. I am glad he is not in pain anymore. I know he is in a better place with all my other doggies…my original 4 have all passed now. They were the best dog family, they all loved each other and got along so good. I of course have my 2 dogs and 1 cat still to love. I think having them around helps!! Thank you all for your kind words on twitter and emails. You will never know how much that means to me. Tony’s favorite thing to do was camp in the mountains. He loved running free, sniffing and peeing on everything. hehe! 😉 He had a huge furry tail and it was always straight up in the air when he would run by. I will never forget that and when I think of him now…I just imagine him running free with his tail straight up. We are going to spread his ashes up in Northern AZ at one of his favorite camping spots. It’s a huge field and he seemed happiest there. We actually decided to take Josie and Caesar’s ashes at the same time and pick their favorite spots. Ohhh shoot I am tearing up as I type this so I suppose it’s time to go now. I need to get back to work and my normal routine. Tony would NOT want me being sad. He will be forever in our hearts, love love love you Tony.


~Well Hello~

Good morning!! Happy Hump Day!! Sorry I haven’t been writing as much lately… I have been busy with life. Just kind of been sticking to my normal routine and hanging at home. Tony is not doing very good so we have to say good-bye soon. I will call the vet today and schedule his appointment. Ugh, that sucks! Breaks my heart…but it’s time for him to go to rainbow bridge with my other 3 doggies. I had my family over this past weekend so they could say good-bye to him. It was difficult to say the least. 🙁 Tony lived a lot longer than the vets thought…like 30 months! I am happy to have had that extra time with him. He no longer enjoys anything in life, he won’t let us touch him and he is not eating much anymore. At this point his back legs barely work. We can see it is his eyes, we think he is trying to tell us something and we can’t be selfish. He has brought so much joy into our lives and lived a wonder 14 years. He will always be in our hearts and we will never stop loving him. I have NO plans to get any other dogs or cats. We will still have 2 dogs and 1 cat. It was National Dog Day last week so I went to buy them some extra goodies. Seriously the cookies smelled good enough for me to eat. LOL! I love my fur-babies soooooo much…they are such a huge part of my life. 🙂 We actually been walking Mia in the early AM as the sun comes up. It is such a great way to start the day… so pretty and peaceful. Neo is 10 years old and he can’t walk too far anymore, but boy he can jump still.

I am off now, I have a busy day of running errands and appointments. Have a fab Wednesday and the rest of your week. I will write more soon!!






Sexy Updates!

Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend and will have a wonderful Monday. Gotta love them 🙂 I had a nice weekend!! I got a lot done around my house, had a cookout, went swimming…ya know the typical summer things I do this time of the year. The temps have cooled down quite a bit and we are getting rain!! I like! I am trying to plan a little trip up to Northern AZ in the next few weeks, I need my nature fix. 🙂 🙂 Since I last wrote there have been a lot of updates on our sites. I will start with Aziani …. Three new photo sets have gone up starring the blonde bombshell Alena Croft, the barbie lookalike Lolly Ink and the cute petite Dallas Black. All very hot I must say. Two videos have been added as well starring Dallas Black and Alena Croft..SUPER SEXY! As for the harder sites, GloryHoleSecrets has added 2 new videos. Alana Luv enjoyed her first gloryhole video ever sucking off 16 strangers and loving their cum in her mouth. YES I said 16! She is a cock star, love her. Lola is a local amateur, but there is nothing amateur about her cock sucking and cum swallowing skills. She very much loved all 14 guys. Gloryholesecrets has porn-stars to amateurs and everyone in between, something for everyone to love! 😉 Last but definitely not least, GangBangCreampie updated with 2 videos as well, an amateur AZ girl that just loves cock. Courtney is a favorite so we brought her back again. Trinity St Clair also featured in our gangbang station and rocked these guys. Be sure to check them out…here are a few pics to wet your whistle.