Good morning!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! :) Mine was nice! I worked a lot this weekend, I was trying to catch up from my camping trip. I did go out for dinner and drinks with my in laws on Saturday…that was fun! We are making plans to go camping again. Tony is doing good…we are taking one day at a time!! :) :) Everyone is enjoying time with him. I always say everyday is a blessing and it truly is!! You never know whats next so enjoy life every day…every minute!! Spring is in the air and all my backyard flowers are blooming. I thought I would share some beautiful pics!! I do feel sorry for all the people with allergies, ugh…this is a bad time for them. My eyes are a little itchy, but I bought some eye drops the other day and they work great!! No other allergy issues for me. Yay!! I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!!


Thursday night date night with my hunny!

Saturday dinner and drinks!

Quality time with my babies!

Good morning!! Whew a busy day for me..feels like Monday! I just got back from camping…it was so much fun!! I wanted to make sure Tony got to go camping one more time!! He LOVES it! We all do actually!! It was perfect weather during the day, but Brrrrr it cooled down into the 30′s at night. It was so cold we had to turn on the heat. I didn’t get to see snow all winter…  :( Bummer! Things are already heating up in the desert…97 today. Ughhhh it’s too soon to be that hot! I think I might be spending lots of time in the mountains this summer. The past few days have been all about Tony and making sure he is happy and of course pain free. He ran and played in the mountains and it made us so happy to see!! I love watching them run free!! Rocky actually had his first venture into the wild..it was adorable!! He loved it and he didn’t leave our sight. All three babies had a riot! It was great..a trip I will never forget. :) :) :) Now today is back to work!! I hope you are enjoying your week so far!! Sending love!


Saturday night party with family and friends!

Life is too short!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend! Go enjoy life..it is way too short and you never know what’s next!! I am sorry I have been a little quiet lately. This past Monday I went to see a surgeon for my dog, he has a cancerous tumor…a huge one at that. The surgeon gave me bad news, his tumor is just too large to even remove. It would disturb organs and it just isn’t an option at this point. I wish we could have caught it earlier, but he showed no signs of pain or illness. Long story short..I don’t feel like getting into the sad details. Bottom line is we probably have days…maybe weeks with him??? He is on meds so he is not in any pain. I am also taking a natural route and giving him some things that might help shrink his tumor. It can’t hurt to try, right? We are enjoying every day with him while we still can. You know how I feel about my babies!! The only thing that gets me through tough times like this is my family and friends. So a big thank you for listening to me and being there for me when I need you! :) :)

He has been laying next to me in my office the past few days and he never does that…he knows something is wrong. He is not only beautiful…he is loving and oh so smart!

This was the day I brought Josie’s ashes home. He slept by her ashes …this is a spot he NEVER slept before and never did again.

Love my baby!

Sorry to be a downer today.

I do have some fun plans over the weekend and am planning a camping trip with Tony…he loves to run free in the wilderness. Sniffing and peeing on everything. hehe!

Talk more soon! Sending you all love! Be kind to everyone, you never know their story and what they might be going through!!


The little things make me happy!! :)))

Oh boy the weekends go by so fast..don’t they? A big good morning to you all!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!! :) :) Mine was good! I spent quality time with my sweetie, doggies, cat and friends!! I relaxed by the fire pit Friday night.. probably won’t be able to do that much more. I met friends for dinner on Saturday night…an old friend from Nebraska. It was really fun to catch up with her and meet her b/f. I enjoyed time in the hot tub yesterday afternoon…love that! I whipped up some delicious healthy food this weekend and even baked some treats for my dogs. I tried to give my cat a taste and he snubbed me. lol! I gave him some cat nip last night…yum yum! ;) He is finally lounging in his new bed!! He is so funny..he really is awesome! I am so happy we found him and he fits in my family perfectly! Here are a few random pics I snapped. I have a busy week ahead!! Bring it on..I am ready!! I can’t believe it will be April 1st tomorrow. Wow time flies! I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead..make it great, make it count!


Relaxing with Mia by the fire!

Silly kitty eating my pineapple!

Yay success!!

On my way to dinner!

Cardio everyday…even on Sunday!

Why is she always taking pics of me?

Beautiful Tony lounging in the Arizona sun!

Naked hot tub fun!

What A Fun Weekend!!

Good morning peeps!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! I know I did!! :) Saturday I went to a spring training game with friends! We went to Toby Keith’s Bar first for some drinks and food. A perfect day to be outdoors and enjoy life. Yesterday we went to a biker bar….it was crazy busy!! Yet another fun day! Now back to work today. I have a really busy Monday. I have an appointment this morning and then I am off to run errands. Here are some pics from my weekend. :) :) I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!! Sending love your way! ;)



New Aziani Iron Muscle Babe!

Good morning all you awesome peeps!! :) :) Feeling happy and energized..I am ready for a fun day ahead with my sister in law. We have a shopping and lunch date today! YAY..I love my girl days. I don’t do them enough! Then tonight my parents are coming over for dinner. A fun day …probably too much eating!! It just kind of worked out that way, the only time we could get together. Oh well…I am looking forward to a great day and evening! :)

Welcome the sexy Devon Michaels to AzianiIron! She shot for Aziani years ago and was very popular. Her body is rocking!! M’m M’m!! Of course she is beautiful too …that goes without needing to say. I never met her, but Buzz says she is really sweet! Be sure to check out her hotness here AzianiIron.com

THANK YOU guys for such a fun cam show last night. I had a blast!!! Thanks for making me smile, laugh and cum. hehe! ;) Hope you enjoyed the show as well! Here are a few pics I took. I can’t wait to upgrade my phone, the camera sucks. I can get a new one in April, but I think I will wait for the new one that is coming out soon. I think I can make it a little longer. :) :)

Have a fabulous day!!



*New Pics*

Happy Happy Hump Day everyone!! Yay, reaching the middle of the week is always good!! I am working away today..lots to do! I can’t wait to see you all tonight at my cam show!! It’s been way too long!

My new pics went up and I wanted to share a few with you. ;) See you all tonight…make your day GREAT!



Members Cam Show Tomorrow!! ;)

Good morning!! Yet another beautiful day, aren’t they all really? Yep they are! I am waking up sore from my workout yesterday..ouch! I haven’t been going to the gym consistently lately and I can tell. BUT I am back on track once again. :) I think I will schedule a massage for today. I hope you all had a fun St Patricks Day!!! We were invited out, but didn’t feel like going out this year. I am not even Irish! lol! I relaxed at home and watched The Walking Dead..it was a good once, sad though. Buzz and I whipped up some homemade salsa and I think it was our best batch ever!! Yum! Salsa on St Patty’s Day….too bad it wasn’t Cinco De Mayo! I went to Petsmart to pick up a few goodies for my dogs and cat, I bought Rocky a cat bed and he doesn’t seem to interested in it YET! I think in time he will like it. I know I would be snuggled up inside if I could fit! hehe! ;)

I started working on my tan a bit on Sunday. I enjoyed lounging in the sun listening to the birds sing…talk about peaceful! Spring is coming …my flowers are starting to bloom in my backyard. I love this time of the year…so do my dogs. They love laying in the warm sun! So cute! I am a little bit concerned about allergies though. Uh oh…I heard this might be one of the worst seasons because of our warm winter. I hope not!

I am looking forward to tomorrow nights cam show!! See you guys at 6:00pst/9:00est!! Can’t wait! I am soooooo ready for some naughty fun! ;)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Such a salsa nut!

Rocky’s new bed!

Working on my tan!

Who needs a hanger when you got big boobs? hehe!

Precious Mia lounging in the sun!



Playtime in the desert!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!! :) :) I had my funday yesterday!! We went riding out in the desert..it was the perfect day to spend out in nature! I even took one of my dogs, he LOVES to ride!! We went out for dinner last night after our ride, we went to my friends Mexican restaurant. It was YUM! There was a 45 minute wait to get in, but luckily I know the owner and he saved us a table. hehe! He is like my brother…we grew up in Nebraska together. We were neighbors since I was 5 years old. Pretty cool that we all ended up in AZ!! :) I am still trying to decide what I want to do today? I cleaned my house on Friday..finished laundry..washed my cars so I am FREE today! I already did my cardio for the day..I should go to the gym later this afternoon. We’ll see? I might do a little shopping ..maybe? It is still 80 degrees here and sunny…it makes it hard to stay inside. Such a great winter! Wow! Here are some pics from yesterday!!

I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!! See you Wednesday for my members cam show!! ;)


Enjoying the beautiful day with my hunny and doggie!


Let’s go already! Probably the best rider ever!

A nice walk in the sand and water.

Yikes..a rattlesnake! We just watched him slowly cross in front of us.


The moon over Four Peaks.

Pretty sunset.

Brooke Is Back!!

Good morning!!! Happy Hump Day peeps! ;) It is another gorgeous day which makes it so hard to work. Ughhhh ..I just want to play! I can’t though..too much work, but I will this weekend. :) :) Brooke Haven’s first sexy photo shoot went live today..be sure to check her hotness out here Aziani.com

Thank you Stephen for the sexy goodies I received in my mail!! A garter belt and 8 pairs of thigh highs..I am set now for awhile!! Woohoo, thanks so much!

Hope you are enjoying your week so far! Sending love your way!




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