Hey hey everyone!! Wow it’s really feeling like winter around here lately..rain and colder temps. I had to bring out my down comforter ..but have not had to turn the heat on yet. I barely just turned off the air conditioning. lol! I have been a busy bee both with work and my personal life. Seems like those errands and appointments never end. I might go Christmas shopping and out to dinner tonight. Sounds fun on this rainy day. I always make time for relaxation and fun too! ;)

I had a great weekend. Buzz shot Devon Michaels for our sites …and I finally got to meet her!! We went out for dinner and drinks. She is really awesome!! Not only beautiful with an amazing body, but sooooo sweet! Goodies coming soon! ;)

We also met up with a potential model for AzianiIron …she is a big bodybuilder and really pretty. Her body is rock hard!! The Cardinals won again on Thursday night!! Woohoo! Unfortunately the quarterback got hurt. The second one of the season..not good. :( Saturday Buzz and I went out for lunch, enjoyed some Mexican food and margaritas. YUM! :) Then we had friends over, relaxed by the fire-pit with a few cocktails. That pretty much sums up my fun lately. I am working ALL week a lot then ready to have more fun this weekend. We were invited to two Christmas parties, one being an ugly sweater party. I love those!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!


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Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! :) Mine was great! We shot a new model…Ashton Blake for PovWars, GloryHoleSecrets and AzianiIron …SHE IS HOT! You guys are going to love her! Here are a few sample pics to wet your whistle. ;) On Sunday Buzz and I had a few bloody mary’s before we took her to the airport. Yum..my favorite! A great weekend for sure! I have a pretty big “to do” list today so I better get started. Sending you all lots of love!


*Cancun Fun*

Good morning! Happy Hump Day everyone! :) It’s a cloudy chilly day in the desert, I like it! We sat outside by the fire-pit last night and had some sprinkles fall on us. I love stuff like that..it’s so romantic! ;) I finally went through my Mexico pics so here they are. What a amazing trip!! Everything was wonderful..the food, the service, the cocktails, the room, the views and most of all my friends! I couldn’t ask for a better vacation!! :) :) We went with our good friends Allie and Jake. If you want to check out her sexy website…click here

I am planning my next trip to Vegas in January. Yay!!! I hope you are all enjoying your December so far!! 2014 is ending soon…I can’t believe how fast time goes. I wish it would slow down sometimes..don’t you? Ok I am off..another busy day for me. Talk more soon!


My beautiful view from my room!

Seriously hunny? hehe

Pool time!

Hot tub and boobies go well together!

Silly boys!

Silly girls!

Pouring rain never stopped us from having fun!

Off to dinner in the rain!


Trying to get my boobies tan!

I love you baby!

Some creeper jerking off behind us! ~Ha Ha~

Jake catching his dinner! Not really..it was dead :(

My birthday drink!

Awww just love her!

Came home from dinner to this bubble/rose petal bath, candles and dessert too!

Buzz and Jake doing a Mezcal shot with a nice lady!

Spa Day!

Outdoor shower!



Good morning!! :) I hope you all had a great weekend!! I am bummed the Arizona Cardinals lost yesterday…a bad game! I don’t think they are going to make it to the SuperBowl this year…that would have been cool since it’s here in AZ. I do think the new coach is doing a good job! Even though I watched a few hours of football yesterday I still accomplished a lot! I was a busy bee this weekend..I even put my Christmas tree up! Yay! ;) It’s yet another beautiful day in the desert! I heard rain and cooler temps are coming which is ok. I have a busy work day then I am off to the gym and to get a massage. Ahhh!! I hope you all have a fabulous day!


BFF’s..these 2 are inseparable! Too cute!

Holiday weekend!

Good morning! Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? And Black Friday? My Thanksgiving was awesome!!! I didn’t shop yesterday…no way you will catch me in those crowds! No thanks! I did look around online, but didn’t find anything I wanted. I enjoyed sleeping in yesterday …Buzz and I snuggled up with our dogs/cat and watched a movie in bed. No place I would rather be!! :) I did get out and run some much needed errands and also went out to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Today I am catching up on my laundry and cleaning. Tomorrow I think I will relax and enjoy some football. I hate to sound like a broken record, but WOW our weather is beautiful. I’m going to open up my windows, crank up some good tunes and work my ass off today. Cleaning is always good exercise. :) People always ask why I don’t have cleaning people..first I actually like cleaning and second been there done that. I am too picky, too anal. Nobody can clean my house like I can. I find it relaxing, weird, huh? ;) Never said I was normal. LOL! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Enjoy!


Some silly turkey day pics!

Too cute not to share, Mia loves her daddy!

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Good morning!! A big happy turkey day to everyone!! I LOVE THANKSGIVING!! I don’t need a holiday to remind me how blessed I am…I know that every day. Never take anything for granted and always always be thankful for what you have! Enjoy the small things! I am off to spend the day with family…going to 2 different houses which will be fun!! Lots of food, cocktails, games, football and laughs! :) :) I had such a great vacation in Cancun… 7 nights of pure relaxation! No phone or computer… now that’s a real vacation! It was one of the best trips ever and we got to share the fun with some awesome friends! I will post some photos after I gather them all together, K? It’s always nice coming home…I missed my furry babies so much. I am so fortunate that my parents come to my house to dog/cat sit :) We sat out by the fire-pit the other night and snuggled up with our babies. I think they missed us too! ;) Home Sweet Home! It is so beautiful in the desert right now…80′s today and 70′s coming. Nice!! It was rainy in Cancun the first few days, but then sunny the rest of the time. Omg I am not used to the humidity! My skin loved it… but my hair did not. I prefer dry to humid any day. Here are a few pics I took …I will post more.

Wishing you all the best holiday! :)


Yay it’s Friday!

Good afternoon all you awesome people! :) :) I hope you are enjoying your Friday! Mine is busy, trying to get everything done before my trip and it’s exhausting. Tonight I just want to relax and go to bed early. What a week! Yesterday I woke up and Mia had one of her toenails split down the middle. OUCH! I took her to the vet and they had to sedate her because it was so bad. I had to leave her for an hour while they fixed her up. She has had 2 bandages on her leg and ripped them both off the minute I leave her alone. Ugh..I hate those cones so I will continue to keep putting a new bandage on her leg. Poor baby, that has to hurt! She is on pain medicine so I am sure that helps. Last night Buzz and I met with Rhonda Lee and had dinner. We haven’t seen her in a year so it was nice catching up with her. She is shooting for AzianiIron.com !!! I know that will make her fans happy! ;)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!



~Riding Fun~

Happy Hump day everyone! I wanted to share the photo Dawn sent to me! This was from Saturday …we went on a ride to a place called Sheeps Bridge, it’s so pretty there. :) :) Not much new since I posted yesterday. hehe! Just keeping busy busy busy! Hope you all are enjoying your day! ;)




Been awhile..sorry! =)

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in writing. Wow, my life has been so busy lately. I enjoyed Halloween with my in-laws, took my nephew trick-or-treating. It was fun seeing all the kids dressed up. My neighborhood has so few kids and their neighborhood was packed. It reminded me of when I was a kid back in NE! I enjoyed some Mexican food for dinner and one of my favorite bartenders whipped me up a special Halloween margarita. So sweet! Buzz and I celebrated our 17 Year Anniversary…awesome! This past Friday I went to visit some friends…we enjoyed cocktails by the pool and fire-pit. Always fun! Saturday I spent some time in the desert, our ride got stuck in the water. Oops! My phone got ruined in the water, BUT I have been wanting to upgrade to the new Iphone so I stopped by the Verizon store and YAY they had a new phone for me. Super excited for that. I heard the new camera is awesome and that is important to me as you know. hehe! I lost all the pics I took riding. :(

The Arizona Cardinals are rocking this year! I was so tired this past Sunday …I literally watched football all day. Buzz laughs at me because I like it more than him. Cardinals won again …I am wondering if they might make the Super Bowl this year???? It is here in AZ so that would be pretty pretty cool.

Our weather is still toasty..in the 80′s! I heard a little cool down is coming. And by that I mean 70′s. LOL I won’t complain, I felt some cold temps this past weekend and don’t miss it! I love the desert …and am enjoying the fire-pit and fire-bowls in my backyard. So relaxing and feels so cozy.

I am heading to Cancun soon, can’t wait! I am looking forward to a vacation! I had a death in the family back in Oct and also an affiliate of ours committed suicide. Ugh! I haven’t seen him in a few years, but he used to come visit us every summer all the way from Australia. It makes me sad! I always say enjoy life to the fullest and I will admit I DO!!! Appreciate life every day!! I am alive…healthy and happy!

That’s all for now, I will try and update my blog more. I do post to twitter, but I need to give my blog some more love! Hope all is good in your world!! Here are a few pics I have taken recently. :) :)


Yummy Halloween Margarita!

Enjoying the cool morning!

Out running morning errands with delicious DD iced coffee!

Keeping my tootsies warm!

Time to run the fire-bowls!

Fun times with friends!

Big ole kiss!





Monday Monday…

Hey everyone, I hope everything is great in your world! I have had some ups and downs this past week. Some good..some bad, but I suppose that is life, right? I always say to enjoy life to the fullest and I really mean that. Never know what’s going to happen next. Live in the moment! I did get to enjoy nature a bit, here is a pic of me and my baby doll…such beautiful scenery! I can’t believe Halloween is this Friday! Wow! It has been really warm here..it sure doesn’t feel like October. I am hoping the temps cool down soon. 90 degrees in October kind of sucks, I am patiently waiting for the 70′s!! I watched the Cardinal game yesterday and YAY they won. They are doing good this season! The SuperBowl is here this year, it would be really cool if they made it. We’ll see! My 17 year Anniversary is this Saturday…once again, time flies! I think Buzz and I are going out for a nice dinner..we still haven’t decided exactly what we want to do. I did plan a trip in November, can’t wait to sit on the beach!! I am off now, I am wishing you all a happy day. Make it great..make it count!


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