**New Aziani Beauty**

Happy Thursday!! Just think the weekend is around the corner! Woohoo! I plan on having a lot of fun this weekend!! :) :) I hope you do too!! We added a new super hot model to Aziani today! Her name is Carmen Caliente, I didn’t get to meet her, but the guys said she was super cool. She is hot, I do know that! ;) Just look at her sexy lingerie! WOW! Be sure to check her out @ Aziani.com

We bought a new toy yesterday so we went out to the desert to take it for a spin. It was sooooo beautiful outside. The temp was in the 80′s and overcast. We played a bit, ate some dinner and watched the sun go down. Kind of romantic I must say! ;) Arizona has the some of the prettiest sunsets/sunrises!! We watched this tarantula crawl up this monster hill…of course you know me I had to take a pic of it. They kind of creep me out, but it was fun to watch him or her.

I have a really busy work day and then I have to run a million errands. Well maybe not a million, but a lot! ~hehe~ I hope you are enjoying your day!!



~Columbus Day~

Good morning everyone! Today is a holiday so I am hoping you all get to enjoy your Monday! :) Did you have a nice weekend?? Mine had some good and bad both. Friday I got my hair done, added some highlights to it. I like it! :) I got a migraine while I was at the hair salon. Oh what a nightmare that was! My vision was all messed up, if you have had one you know what I am talking about. The headache didn’t hit until I got home so that was the good part. I ended up in bed ALL day. My headache didn’t go away until 8:00 Friday night. I had plans with friends that I had to cancel. I was bummed. I am lucky though because I only get maybe 2 a year. I have never had one last that long. Ugh! It sucked! I spent all day Saturday doing chores around my house. I am a neat freak.. I actually like cleaning. Weird huh? Saturday night I cooked a big Italian meal for Buzz and I. Yum! It was delicious and yes very fattening. Ha! Yesterday I enjoyed a cookout, some cocktails and football. Woohoo the Cardinals won! :) :) Have I told you that I love this time of the year? hehe! This is a busy work week, but this weekend is going to be FUN! Buzz’s birthday is Saturday and that is a perfect start to a great weekend ahead. Here are a few pics I have taken lately. Have a wonderful day!!! Get out and enjoy life!



Sleepy kitty!

This picture made me laugh. Everyone wanting daddy’s attention!

I like the messy hair look, new color :)

Kisses to Mia!


Fall Has Arrived!!

Good morning peeps!! I have been up and at it since 5:00! Got my cardio out of the way, then heading to the gym this afternoon. I FINALLY planned a tropical trip and will be walking on the beach soon. Yay! I am super excited! :) :) :) It’s another rainy day in the desert, I love it! The cooler temps really make it feel like Fall! It looks like it in my backyard too, lots of leaves falling. I posted a pic back in May (see below) of a cactus that popped up in my backyard. Kind of cool really! It’s growing like crazy, I think I might have to transplant it because it’s going to be big. I posted it to twitter and people said it is probably a prickly pear cactus. I have lived here over 18 years and I never get tired of the desert landscape and mountains. I think it is such a pretty state considering 2 hours away the landscape changes completely…pine trees and all. I didn’t go camping much this summer because of all the sites we have been working on. I really want to go this winter and play in the snow. In Northern Arizona they barely had any snow last winter, but a ton of rain this summer which was good because of the fire hazard. I need my nature fix soon!!

I can’t believe Halloween is around the corner. Wow 2014 is flying by, but don’t they all? I am ready for the holidays! However Costco has Christmas trees out already! Let’s get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first. Crazy!

I hope you are all enjoying your October so far!! ;) Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead!


Yay… I love October!!

Good morning everyone!! Happy October 1st!! I have always loved October even when I lived in Nebraska, I enjoyed watching the leaves change color and fall from the trees. I do miss that a bit! October is a great month in Arizona too. The temps cool, the moon is always so big and bright. It’s the start of the holiday season..oh and Buzz’s birthday. I can’t forget that very special day! :) I hope you all had a fun weekend and are having a wonderful week so far! My weekend was fun, probably too much fun! Friday I had a big Italian feast with my family, Saturday was my sister in laws birthday celebration and Sunday we went out for brunch and had a Bellini or two. I never had one before, but my mother in law said they were yum. She was right! We stayed the night over their house because it is far and we were drinking …we ended up taking Uber. Heard of it? It’s pretty cool really. A lot cheaper than a taxi and better service. At least that was our experience over the weekend.  Here are a few pics I took. I know some of them are dark, I can’t wait to get the new Iphone. Just for the camera alone, mine is a 4 and it’s soooo slow!!! I don’t think I can get it for another month or so, but that’s ok. I am not one to have to have the newest of things, at this point I need it. I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!

Friday night dinner with my family! YUM!

Saturday night after the storm! So pretty!

Cheers to the birthday girl!

Sunday Brunch!

Downtown Gilbert, enjoying a beautiful Sunday!

Not sure how I ended up the fat guy riding a donkey? hehe!



Hey Hey everyone..Happy Friday!! :) :) I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!! I am going to a family dinner tonight..Italian theme so I am bringing the wine!! Tomorrow night we are celebrating Buzz’s sisters birthday. Should be a fun weekend! I have been working a lot lately, but I always find time to workout and play too! Moderation is key! It looks like Fall might be coming to AZ! Yay!! It is supposed to cool down and rain this weekend which I do love. Change is nice! I am over the summer and ready for cooler temps. The holidays will be here soon… crazy how fast this year has gone. Don’t they all?

I want to thank HeyNow and “you know who you are” for the gifts! Heynow sent me a bunch of movies and music…and “you know who you are” sent me a big black toy that squirts!! Omg! I had a squirting toy several years ago and I loved it. Pretty cool really! Thanks for thinking of  me, I really appreciate that!! ;)

Here are a few random pics I have posted on twitter. Just some selfies and pet pics. You know me..always snapping photos of my furry babies. I met up with Eden Alexander the other night, she shot for our 2 sites. PovWars.com and also GloryHoleSecrets.com We went out for dinner and drinks at a country bar. The band was awesome!!! We actually sat outside and didn’t drown in our own sweat. lol! She rocks…I really enjoyed my time chatting with her! I have no doubt you will love her too!

Go enjoy life!!



Hey hey everyone, I hope things are good in your world!! Mine is great, just working a lot and of course taking time out to play. Life’s too short to be so serious all the time. :) :) We had our 1 year Anniversary party for GloryHoleSecrets.com I can’t believe it’s been a year! WOW, where does the time go? It was so much fun… we had food, drinks and a lot of laughs. I have already met a lot of the girls and guys, but it was nice to meet more and socialize with them. We had our first PovWars.com winner!! If you don’t know what that means you can go to the site and read about it OR get a quick answer from me. hehe! He was voted from the members to have produced the best videos!! (povwars, get it?) We will introduce a new winner every month! He was very excited to win his prize, he even gave a speech that I need to still get and post. Here are a few pics ..I am still waiting for more. Of course the guys faces are blurred for obvious reasons. Fun times and many more to come!!!! ;) Another monsoon storm is heading our way!! It’s been a crazy summer…it’s almost over which I can say I am happy about. Bring on the cooler temps!! I am ready to relax in my hot tub and sit around the fire pit. I am ready to wear some sexy sweaters, jeans and boots. My favorite comfy… but sexy outfits!! ;) Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone..enjoy!!



***The First PovWars Winner***

Enjoying life!

Hey everyone!! It’s a rainy mess in the desert today. Lots of flooding!! One of the wettest days in history. I enjoyed watching it this morning while sipping my coffee. :) I love the smell and listening to it hit my pool, its so peaceful! Not much new going on with me…working and playing as usual! ;) Just enjoying life, the little things!! :) :) I hope you all had a great weekend!! Mine was nice..had some pool time and also painted my studio. Been making changes and decorating it a little bit too. You must check out my new POV site!! It rocks!! PovWars.com I am off to a birthday celebration tonight, should be fun!! I hope you all have a great Monday!!


A little road trip! :)

Good morning everyone!! It’s getting closer and closer to the holiday weekend. Woohoo!! I don’t know what I am so excited about..lol! I will probably work most of the weekend. I need to find time to go paint our studio and do some new decorating…which I think is kind of fun! :) I am sure I will make time to play a bit. Buzz and I took yesterday and enjoyed a little road trip to Northern Arizona. We got a new car and have been wanting to take it somewhere. Plus this is the perfect time to visit the farms up North and get some goodies!! We picked 2 bags of tomatoes, got some corn, onions, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, a watermelon and cantaloupe! They are all organic and grown right here in AZ!! I love picking the tomatoes off the vine! I SOOOO miss Nebraska tomatoes, they were the best, but these will do!! The tomatoes in grocery stores suck! I will make another trip up there in Sept for more, I will can them for soups and chili for the winter time. Buzz and I learned how to can a few years ago. Pretty funny watching my man can. hehe!! He is good in the kitchen…oh and in bed too. Gotta love that!!!! ;) ;) ;) We went out to lunch and did a little shopping. It was so beautiful!! It rained off and on…lots of thunder and lightning. The temps ranged from 60-80 depending on the elevation. I always feel so at peace up in the mountains. It was nice to get away and enjoy nature. Back to work today!!

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far!!


A Fun Weekend!!

Good morning everyone!! Did you all have a nice weekend?? I have been working a lot lately, but have been finding time to play too. I think a mix of hard work and hard play is necessary!! :) :) I went to the salon on Thursday, love love love getting my hair done. Now that I am brunette it is SO much healthier! I am going to lighten it up next time with some highlights! :) I like to change things around a bit. The weather has been a little cooler lately which is a nice break. My dogs are even liking it, playing fetch and running around a bit more. They get bored of the heat too. Mia has turned into a fish, she jumps in the pool every chance she gets. It has been a little over 2 years since we adopted her and she hated water. Boy she has come a long way!! Such an angel of a dog..of course they all are! ;) Friday night Buzz and I met up with some friends for a few cocktails. We have not seen them in years so it was nice to catch up. Time goes by so fast, but we must make time for friends and family! Saturday I worked around my house then hit the pool for a few hours. After that we went out to dinner..talk about a cheat weekend! Yikes! I have been doing soooo good on my diet and exercise, but hey…that is what weekends are for right? hehe! Yesterday was my dads birthday, he turned 72! My brother and his wife had everyone over their house for pizza! Yum! I bought three different desserts because I couldn’t decide on just one. It’s my sister in laws bday today so we pretty much celebrated both. It was fun!! Ohhhh and guess what? A little critter slithered into my house …YEP another snake. This is snake #2! We had one back in August of 2011. They both were babies so I am sure they can crawl in through a tiny hole. I think all the rain brings them to my house. I am ok with snakes as long as they are NOT poisonous like Rattlesnakes. I think it was another King Snake, which are not bad snakes. I think they actually keep away Rattlers. So hey they are welcome in my yard anytime. (not my house) It was kind of interesting because my cat was playing with it. He was batting it around, it was all coiled up into a little ball. It was playing dead. Smart snake! We put it in a bucket and realized it was not dead, we put him out in my front yard. Never a dull moment at my house!! I am off to happy hour today with friends. :) I want to take a day this week and head up to Northern Arizona for a road trip. I am feeling the need to get out of the valley at least for a day. Sorry I am babbling so much today. lol!! Here are a few pics I have taken recently and of course some selfies! ;) Have a wonderful day everyone…ENJOY!



More Crazy Monsoons!

Hey Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day!! The middle of the week has arrived already, time sure flies!! Yesterday was a crazy day in the desert and by that I mean weather wise. It’s Monsoon season so we expect some storms to roll through this time of the year. However yesterday some cities in the valley got hit HARD! Lots of flooding and damage. I feel so bad for those people…some of them lost everything with no flood insurance. Ugh..so sad. I also saw on the news some cattle and horses trying to escape the floods. A lot of horses got injured and still missing. I heard some dogs are missing now too. Breaks my heart. Mother nature was not very nice yesterday! If you know me you know I love nature. I took some pretty cool pics yesterday. :) Stormy days or nights always make for the prettiest sunsets. I was out and about most of the day yesterday so I kind of enjoyed the rain and clouds. We got a lot of rain at my house, but no damage of any kind. I did see a few trees down in my area, but that is normal when we get any kind of rain or wind. More storms are coming tomorrow. Mia is sporting her Thundershirt a lot lately. I always heard that it worked and now I am a believer. The minute I put it on her, she stops shaking. Pretty cool really! :) They should make those for people with anxiety. hehe! Wouldn’t that be cute? lol!

I have had a busy week so far …lots of stuff going on. However I am hoping to play some this weekend! I have been a homebody lately and I am feeling the need to get out! :) :) I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!! Sending lots of love your way!


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