Hey everyone…sorry I have not posted for awhile. I have been busy working and playing too.. :) We shot a new hot Aziani Iron model, her name is Raquel Sultra. She is super sweet and very sexy!! You can check here out AzianiIron.com And Buzz shot the gorgeous Tiffany Brooks again for Aziani.com She just keeps getting hotter!!! She will be coming soon!! ;) I have snapped a few naughty pics for you on twitter lately, so I will post them here too. Just playing around, having fun!! Everything is so good in my life..I can’t complain. I am happy and healthy..I’m enjoying the ride!! My furry babies are all doing great..even Tony! Yay! Sending you all love!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I promise to post more!!



*Unconditional Love*

Good morning!! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!! :) I am not sure what I am doing yet??? I do know Buzz and I are enjoying a cookout and some sexy hot tub time tonight! ;) It won’t be long until we are in the pool, but for now the hot tub works. Does anyone take as many photos of their pets as I do? hehe! I doubt it! I wanted to share some recent photos I have taken of my furry babies…they mean so much to me. I just talked to the vet and it has been a year since they diagnosed Tony with a tumor. WOW! He is amazing! He is still healthy and living life happy! The vet and also the surgeon pretty much gave him a month to live back in March 2014. Ha..proved them wrong. I enjoy him every single second…of course all of them! You animal lovers understand where I am coming from! :) :) I never could understand people that don’t like dogs, cats or any other animals…sorry that is just weird. I can judge a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. I really hope someday to open a rescue for abused and abandoned animals!! My future goal! So go have fun this weekend with your furry babies… give them a kiss on their wet nose from me. hehe!

~A great Easter~

Good morning everyone! :) I hope you had a great holiday (if you celebrate that is) :) Mine was great! I went over to my brothers house and enjoyed family and friends quality time. I am blessed with amazing family and friends!! The time we spend together is priceless! We had a big feast and played scrabble outside, the weather was perfect! I love this time of the year…the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping! Just a great feeling in the air if you know what I mean.

Not much new happening with me…just working and playing too! ;) Getting in lots of gym time and healthy treats!! I just got my taxes back from my CPA and very much dreading to pay those. Ughhhhhh! It must be done though! That is the only thing I don’t like about this time of the year. lol!

Here are a few pics of me and my sweetie from yesterday. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Sending love your way!


~Fun Times~

Hey Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!! :) I have been a busy bee having fun!! I went to an adult convention in town on Thursday and Friday. It was great seeing some old friends, eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful weather. :) We have had record heat lately…in the high 90′s. I heard that it should be around 80 degrees so I am hoping this summer won’t be killer temps. Ugh! If so I will be camping in the mountains a lot! :) :) Sunday Buzz and I went for a ride up North. It was perfect weather…75 degrees!!! We met with some friends for lunch at their local saloon. We did some hiking and really just enjoyed nature. An amazing day to say the least!! We actually looked at some cabins, but I am not sure that is the place for us. I am back to the real world today with so much work to catch up on. Feels like a Monday to me which is always crazy busy! Here are some pics to share. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!


New Aziani Babe!!

Happy HumpDay everyone!! :) I have another busy busy day, but I wanted to let you know we have a new sexy model on Aziani ….her name is Ryder Skye. Be sure to check her out! She also shot for our other 2 naughtier sites.

GloryHoleSecrets.com & PovWars.com

Here are a few samples to wet your whistle. ~hehe~

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!




~New Site~

Hey Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! It is a beautiful day in the desert…sunny and 80 degrees! Doesn’t get much better than that! I wanted to stop by and tell you about a new site that my friends just opened. If you like blowjob sites you should love this one! BlowBangGirls.com

Be sure to check it out!

Not much new with me…just keeping busy with work and personal things. All is good in my life… I can’t complain. I am surrounded by amazing family and friends…and that alone makes me happy! :) :) :) :)

There is a webmaster convention starting this Thursday so I am planning on having lots of FUN! ;)

I will share some pics, K?

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy!!




*Happy St Patricks Day*

Hey everyone…I hope you all have a fun and safe St Pattys Day!! Of course those of you who celebrate it. I don’t need a holiday or reason to celebrate..hehe! The only reason is to enjoy life..however I won’t be going out tonight. Too crazy for me..plus I am super busy! OH and I am not Irish. ~lol~ I didn’t get everything done yesterday so my “to do” list got even bigger today. Ugh! Just remember to take a taxi OR Uber if you are drinking. Buzz and I have taken Uber a few times now and it has been great & for less money than a taxi …and ya know to be honest I don’t find taxi drivers to be that friendly. Some..but not most. ENJOY the holiday! Have a green beer for me! Cheers!



A Fun Weekend!

Good morning everyone!! Monday rolls around so fast..doesn’t it? I hope you all had a great weekend!! I did!! Saturday we went riding…playing in the desert. What a perfect day!! So beautiful and so much fun! :) :) Yesterday I went to the horse races with my parents. I did win..not a lot but I did come home with more money than I went with. So Yay! I always love spending time with my family! I am so blessed!! My parents are in their early 70′s..still healthy and happy so I want to be sure to spend as much quality time with them as I can. My dad gave me a huge stack of old photos of me when I was a kid. Omg, it was fun looking through them all. I will have to scan and post some for you guys to see. If you want..of course. hehe! After the races we ordered a big pizza, sat outside on the patio and laughed at the old times. Wow..it truly is amazing how fast time goes. I had a great childhood and I love those memories. I would like to go back to Nebraska and visit sometime. It has been 10 years since I have been back…I would love to see some old friends and visit my old stomping ground. Buzz has no desire so I have to talk him into that one. Nascar and Spring training are making things very busy around the valley. Lots of people visiting which is great for Arizona!! I bet they are loving our weather..80′s and sunny! No complaints from me!! I hope you all have a wonderful day!! Enjoy!


~Hi Again~

Good morning everyone!! Happy Monday!! ;) What a beautiful week this is going to be…80′s and sunny everyday!! Makes me smile! :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday I worked around my house and ended up having family over for a BBQ! We made burgers on the grill and the doggies played. One of them even went swimming. Brrr the water is way too cold for me. I think May is usually when I jump in. By August the water is like bath water… just the way I like it. ;) I am ready for a busy week ahead so I am off now. Just stopped by to show some love! Enjoy your day!


Nature Fun!

Good morning!!! Happy Sunday Funday everyone! No big plans for me today…just working around my house then I will relax a little later this afternoon. Sit outside, maybe sip a bloody mary and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is just gorgeous here…blue sky, light breeze and 80 degrees. So perfect! Buzz and I went to play in the desert yesterday. We took a new trail and it was so beautiful, it took us down to the lake which was awesome. We had a little picnic by the water. :) I just love the little things in life! I got my nature fix for awhile. :) After that we went to dinner at my friends restaurant…enjoyed a big steak and a martini! Yum! A great day to say the least. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much as I should…I have been sooooo busy with life. Just every day life and work of course. Lots of new things happening with my company and we will be launching yet another new site soon. Work hard so we can play hard! ;)

I try to post pics on twitter as much as I can…so follow me!



People ask me all the time if I have a facebook and instagram. I do NOT have a facebook, I do have an Instagram but I don’t post to it. I think I might just delete it. So all the other ones that have my name on them..they are NOT me.

Have a fabulous day everyone!



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