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Good morning everyone! Yet another weekend has flown by! Don’t they all? It’s Monday and I am ready for a busy work week ahead! I had such a fantastic weekend!! :) :) Saturday night we went to the Rick Springfield/Pat Benatar concert. WOW, it was awesome! I love 80′s music and it brought back so many exciting memories!! They both sounded amazing, they still got it …even in their 60′s!! We sat in the 11th row so needless to say it was super loud. I am finally hearing normal today. We went downtown early to have dinner and drinks, we had a biker guy drive us around ..hehe, he was cool! After the concert we walked, walked and walked more. I was happy to have on my comfy shoes! :) Yesterday I took the day off my computer, which is needed every once in awhile. I whipped up some of my famous spicy bloody mary’s and hit the pool for a few hours. Buzz and I went to get a massage and then out to dinner. A fun weekend for sure!! I can’t remember if I thanked Stephen for the sexy goodies he got me. I know I did on twitter, but not sure I mentioned it here on my blog. THANK YOU so much Stephen!! ;) I was just talking to Buzz about my next shoot..coming soon! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!! Make it count.. make it great! I am off to an early appointment then the gym! Time to work off my weekend food and cocktails! hehe ;)

Awesome Colorado Pics!

Good morning!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! I am just working away…still lots to do today. Hopefully I can manage to get it all done today. Whew! Here are a few pics from CO, I took a million, but obviously can’t post them all. ;) We took one of my dogs, he had sooo much fun. We took the back seats out of the Razor and made him a comfy bed. He LOVES to ride! He ran free in the mountains, sniffing and peeing on everything. hehe, too funny! We found lots of snow on top of the mountains which was really fun since I didn’t get to see snow all winter. It was cold and windy up top….but the views were breath taking! This was a family vacation, but we got a chance to meet up with our good friends, they don’t live far from where we were. It was great seeing them again, we have been friends for 12 years. Time sure goes fast, doesn’t it? It was one of my favorite trips ever! The company, the beauty, the fun, the food, the drinks…and lots and lots of laughs. Life is too short peeps …remember to enjoy every minute you can!! Off now, need to get some work done. Have a fab Sunday everyone!!


Lunch in Frisco

Spending the day in Breckenridge

Frisco beauty

Riding fun

One of the many waterfalls in Frisco

Furry baby riding fun

Doggie and dad hiking

Mountain goat

We found some snow to play  in

True beauty

Friends Forever


New Pics!!

Hey everyone..happy weekend!!! :) I just got back from Colorado! It was soooo much fun! I can’t tell you how much I love being out in nature… words just can’t describe it. I will post some pics after I look through them all. Needless to say I am swamped, super busy playing catch up with work and personal things too. That’s the only bad part about taking a trip…coming home to so much work. That’s ok I am taking all weekend to catch up. My new pics went up in the members area…I hope you like them!! A big thanks to Amy for the sexy white lingerie! ;) I promise to write more soon!!! Have a fantastic weekend!! Make it great!

Good morning everyone!! :) Happy Tuesday! I hope you survived your Monday ok! They are always a little rough, especially since I ate and drank WAY too much both Sat and Sun. We celebrated an engagement last night and I only had 2 drinks. lol! I behaved myself..time to detox at least until the 4th. haha!! Friends invited us over so that will be fun! I invited Buzz’s family over on Saturday for a bbq/pool party. They brought 3 of their doggies so it was a lot of fun watching them splash around and play!! Sunday I went to breakfast, whipped up my famous blood mary, relaxed in the pool and then out to dinner. Way too much food! Ugh! Been killing it at the gym and doing tons of cardio at home so I suppose it’s ok. At least that is what I tell myself. I went to Sprouts Farmers Market yesterday and stocked up on my fruits and veggies! Ready to juice a lot this week. I can’t believe it’s July already! Wow…time goes sooooo fast!

Things are heating up in the desert!! I am not surprised, but with such a warm winter I have a feeling we are going to pay for that with some serious triple digits. Only 3 more months. hehe! ;)

Thanks for the compliments on the new site guys (PovWars.com) I am happy to know you like it. I myself do find it interesting! Be sure to follow us on twitter. https://twitter.com/povwars

Also if you are not following my gloryhole site (GloryHoleSecrets.com) please do!!! https://twitter.com/GloryHoleVideos

Off to work now, a busy work day ahead. I am getting ready for vacation next week! YAY!!! :)

Make it a great day!!


Here are some pics I thought I would share! :)

Saturday cookout..yum!

Doggies begging of course!

Big beautiful baby lounging in the sun!

Heading to breakfast on Sun morning!

Whipping up my delicious blood marys!

Nude sunbathing!

My little snuggle bug!

Sunday dinner with my hunny!

Engagement celebration!

Awww these 2 love each other!! So special!!







Exciting things happening!!

Good morning everyone!! Yay it’s Friday!! :) :) I had a busy week so I am looking forward to the weekend!! Today is my niece’s birthday, she turns 12! Wow..time sure goes fast. We are all going out for dinner tonight to celebrate with a big Italian feast!! I am not sure what the rest of my plans are yet??

So lots of exciting stuff is happening lately… opening new sites and starting to shoot another one too. LOTS of shooting going on…yes still for me, Aziani, Aziani Iron, Glory Hole Secrets and our new site that just opened PovWars.com

Be sure to check it out!!! It’s one girl sucking and fucking five different strangers one after another. Wow..talk about naughty!! These girls LOVE it! Such sluts! hehe! Hey I like sluts. ;)

Aziani updated with a new model ..her name is Ariella Ferrara. We partied with her and her hubby in Vegas last trip and she just flew out to AZ to shoot again for us. I love her! We clicked, we have so much in common. We are going to plan a trip to Mexico this summer. It’s not often you find people that are so awesome! She is down right gorgeous!! Her pics and vids are coming soon, her first photo set just went up in the members area.

Wishing you all a fantastic fun weekend ahead!!





New Sexy Video!!

Good morning!!! ;) Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Mine was great! I spent time with friends Friday night, Saturday I spent the day in the pool and yesterday I worked around my house and then went out for a yummy dinner with my family. My aunt is visiting from Nebraska so it was nice to see her. I am ready for a busy week ahead!! My new video went up yesterday so be sure to check it out when you can! ;) A big thank you to Stephen for the sexy waist cincher and thigh highs!! :) :) Sexy Sexy Sexy!!

Have a fabulous day!! Make it great!!!




*New Pics*

Good morning, happy Monday everyone!! The weekends go by so fast! I worked and played both this weekend…a perfect mix! I am rested and ready for a busy week ahead. We are shooting a lot this week..not me, models. I am enjoying being a part of the shoots! Sexy stuff! ;) My new pics went live yesterday! YAY!! I also wanted to share some of the models photos with you. Two of the newest girls on Aziani...Chloe Chaos and Janice Griffith! Hot Hot Hot! The models are just drop dead gorgeous and my hunny is the best photographer! It’s nice to watch him in action!! :) :) We also shot Brandi Mae for Aziani Iron when we were in Vegas. I love Brandi, she is so sweet and down to earth. A fellow animal lover as well. :) Her body is ripped up and hard as a rock! All I can say is “WOW!!!” Her hard work and dedication shows!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday so far!!! If not…you are the only one to turn it around and make it great. You have the power!! I am off to cardio…work this body!! Been busting my ass at the gym too!


Good morning!! Playing catch up today, lots to do!!! I just got back from Las Vegas and had a blast!!! It was so much fun..and productive too! I shot one day and then we shot two models …one for Aziani and one for Aziani Iron. Hot stuff coming your way!! I wanted to stop by and say hello and wish you all a great weekend. Here are a few pics I wanted to share! Enjoy your Friday and I will write more soon!


Happy Happy Hump Day!!

Good morning everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day! :) No matter what time I go to bed I always wake up early…but I am feeling great! Refreshed and ready for a busy day ahead!! It looks like I will be doing all the BTS pics and vids for Aziani and Aziani Iron! It’s so much fun meeting the models and hanging out with them. I like it!! We know how much you guys like BTS so get ready…lots of awesomeness coming your way! ;) Last week we shot Chloe Chaos, I met her in Ca last time we shot her. I love her, such a sweet, sexy and smart girl!! Last night we shot a new model named Janice. I posted a few sexy pics of her to my twitter. She is only 18 years old!! She is very mature and smart!! I enjoyed hanging out with her as well and I must say she is a natural beauty! She looked gorgeous without a drop of makeup!! She is super petite and really really pretty!!!! You guys are going to love her! She is full of personality!! Today is back to work in the office…lots to do. I am planning a trip to Vegas to shoot! I can’t wait..it has been way to long!! ;)

Here are a few pics I have snapped with my phone..and of course I couldn’t resist to take some selfies along the way. hehe! Selfies…who knew!??? ;)

Make today great!



Happy Hump Day!!

Good morning!! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far! :) Did you have a nice Memorial Day? Mine was a lot of fun… I had a cookout and swim party with family and friends!! Everyone went swimming even my kitty. Hehe! I think he might be a good swimmer by the end of summer. Good times! Sunday night I met with my friend again, we ended up having lunch and cocktails at one of my favorite hang outs. :) Listened to some good music and had lots of laughs! Enjoy life every day!! ;) Have a happy happy hump day everyone! Will chat more soon, lots to do today.


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