Off To Vegas!

Hey hey everyone…I am having a busy Monday. I suppose they all are though!! It is soooo beautiful outside..I want to go play! 70′s and sunny…PERFECT! I did play in the desert all day yesterday so I got my nature fix. :) We went riding with a huge group …it was a lot of fun! I am actually off to Las Vegas tomorrow so there will be a lot of playing!! I will be sure to take a bunch of pics to share!! ;) I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are having a fantastic 2015 so far!!! I will write more when I get back from sin city! :)


Hey Hey Everyone!! =)

Good morning!! Monday again? Geesh they come fast, don’t they? I have been enjoying some relaxation, but I always find time for fun too!  Wednesday we met up with friends for happy hour..I very much enjoyed a dirty martini with blue cheese olives. YUM! Thursday Buzz and I took my parents out for dinner to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! WOW…time flies! 50 Years? I must say I feel so blessed to have such amazing parents…they are both in the 70′s, happy and healthy people who I adore! They have always accepted my decisions in life and have loved me no matter what!! Talk about unconditional love! :) I hope they have many more to come!! Friday I hit the gym hard and then went hiking. Our weather has been awesome!! It did sprinkle a little bit last night as I was sitting around the fire-pit. I won’t complain about that, 70 degrees in January is perfect to me! Our hot tub heater broke so we haven’t used it lately, but we got a new one installed yesterday so it should be functional again today! YAY…I miss it! Saturday I went and had a much needed massage…ahhh it felt so good. Pretty much Sat and Sun were ME time, which I love. I did get a ton of work done on my computer and also around my house. I am making some changes to my office…updating it with some new furniture so cleaning out all the “junk” I have is not a fun task! I have a busy week ahead so I am off to chop away on my “to do list!”

Have a great day everyone!!!



Fun With Good Friends!

Seems Martini’s Are The Drink Of Choice Lately :)

Hiking In Arizona! Beautiful Scenery!


~New Sexy Models~

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! :) :) Mine is good! Buzz and I went out to watch the Arizona Cardinal game yesterday..they lost! :( Bummer! Today I am doing some much needed chores around my house.  I wanted to let you know about the 2 new models added to Aziani and AzianiIron…. be sure to check these hotties out. Ashton Blake has a smoking hot, rock hard body. I love her and so will you!! And a big welcome back to Devon Michaels, she also has a smoking hot body..I can honestly say I really like both models. They are not only sexy and gorgeous, but really nice! :) :) I have no doubt you guys will like these babes! I hope you all have a great Sunday!!





Happy New Year!!

A BIG HAPPY 2015 TO YOU ALL! It’s going to be a great year!! :) :) I hope everyone had fun celebrating!! The holidays are now over…time to get back to my normal routine. It doesn’t feel like Friday at all…my days are all mixed up. New Years Eve was a blast. Omg, it was great to wear my cozy pj’s to a party. hehe! Buzz and I ordered some comfy warm ones which was good cause it was COLD! I woke up today and it was only 27 degrees. BRRRRR! It is supposed to warm up again..Yay! The party was only a few minutes from my brothers house so we stayed the night …worked out perfect! We stayed out until 2 am which is really late for me. I was drinking, eating and dancing the night away. They had a nice dance floor, a DJ and lots of heaters. Their house was all decorated in lights for the holidays, it was a great NYE! I am so glad we went out instead of staying home. On our way home I snapped a picture of the snowy mountains, it was really pretty! It is so rare it snows here. It is my parents 50 Year Anniversary today! WOW! They have plans all weekend so we are celebrating next week with a nice dinner out. :) I am so very blessed to have such amazing parents! :) Let’s make 2015 the best year yet! I am excited for a new year, I have some personal and business goals I want to reach this year…and I WILL meet them. I am off to Vegas this month and I am trying to plan another Cancun trip in March. Fun times ahead!! Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!


Making requests to the DJ!

Morning frost/ice on my car. Brrrr

Snowy Mountains

Some cute pics of my kitty!

Enjoying the holiday season!

Me again! ;) I soooo don’t feel like working today…so I thought I would pop in and say hello! I am sure we all have days like that. Right? Mine are rare! I love working!!! I enjoy keeping busy and of course I LOVE my job. I have been learning all sorts of new things on how to market and promote our sites. I don’t get when people wake up every morning with absolutely NO purpose. What a waste of life! Get moving, get active and keep busy people! Life is too short!! Life is good, live it!  :) :) I am waking up super sore this morning, I worked out legs yesterday for the first time in a month! I do my cardio daily, but not weights. I can barely walk today. lol Oh least it’s a “good” pain! Ha! Buzz and I treated ourselves to the most yummy dinner last night. We don’t go out for expensive dinners a lot…usually just for special occasions. Last night we both wanted a good meal!! And it was delish! We went to a steakhouse called Flemings, they have a lot of locations across the USA so if you have one in your city…GO!! You won’t regret it! I’m getting excited for tomorrow night…we usually always stay home on New Years Eve so it will be fun to go out. It is supposed to cool down and rain. Ugh! I am kind of liking the temps right now. (60′s) However I see that it is REALLY COLD in other parts of the country…so I should not complain!! This is one of the many reasons I chose to live in the valley of the sun! I love it! I hope you are all enjoying your day! Have a fun and safe New Years!!!



***2015 is almost here***

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I can’t believe there are only a few days left in 2014! Wow! Every year just goes faster! I had a nice weekend! I finally made it back to the gym after almost a month! Ugh..that’s terrible!! I am back now and ready to kick it up a notch in 2015. Everyone always wants to get in better shape for the new year. Ha, kind of funny how that happens. I did pretty good this year with eating healthier and working out more, but I can do better! I went out for dinner and drinks Saturday night…it was fun! Yesterday I whipped up one of my favorite spicy Bloody Marys and watched football literally all day. I was sad to see the Arizona Cardinal lose, but I wasn’t surprised. Too many players out for one reason or another. I am still very proud of our team and I have to say I love the new coach! :) It has been chilly here lately…at least for us desert peeps. I have been spending a lot of time around the fire-pit and heater. Brrr! I love sitting outside …it’s so relaxing and peaceful. The dogs and kitty like it too. I had to finally break down and turn on the heat inside my house. It really does feel like winter lately…which is kind of nice! I like change! :) I was invited to a big New Years Eve party and I have decided to go. I NEVER go out that night, but it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s a pajama party so Buzz and I both ordered some fun pj’s yesterday online. Yay! My parents 50 year Anniversary is this coming Friday. Isn’t that crazy? 50 years? Wow..that seems like a long time. BUT Buzz and I have been married 17 years, together 23. Time flies! We are all going out to celebrate! Some fun things happening this week. :) I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


Just a few random pics from the weekend. :) :)


*A Very Merry Christmas*

Hey Hey everyone…did you all have a nice Christmas? I hope so! Mine was awesome! We have a birthday in the family on the 24th so we celebrate his bday and Christmas Eve both. :) It was fun..we ate a ton of Mexican food!!! We had some cocktails by the fire-pit and enjoyed family time. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family! Christmas day was great as well, Buzz and I started our afternoon off with a mimosa. Yum!! I squeezed oranges which made them taste even better. We all decided on Italian food for dinner and it was delish! We sat outside and played Scrabble. I haven’t played that in years, but it was a lot of fun! Today I am just catching up on work and going to relax a bit after all that celebrating. I am a bit sleepy. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Make it great!


~Holiday Cheer~

Good morning!! I can’t believe Christmas week is here!! much to do in the next few days! I love this time of the year! :) :) I went to a fun ugly sweater party over the weekend, what a blast!! Yesterday I just lounged around and watched football. I ordered Chinese for dinner and didn’t enjoy watching the Cardinals lose in last nights game! I had a feeling they would. Oh well..they still did great this year. I am proud of our team! It will be interesting to see who goes to the Super Bowl. Today I have so much work to do which is a typical Monday. Tomorrow I need to get my nails done and finish up some last minute errands before Christmas. I am having Christmas Eve at my house this year and there will be 10 of us. I am whipping up my famous enchiladas! Yum! Buzz already made his delicious salsa. It will probably be gone by the time everyone gets here. lol  Salsa is a favorite in my house! I am off now, I need to take my kitty to the vet for his shots. Have a great Monday everyone! Enjoy!


Sporting our ugly sweaters!

Rob won a potty putter, omg so funny!  The “As Seen On Tv” gifts were hilarious!

Buzz and Dawn doing a suck & blow shot!

Sucking and blowing with Buzz ;)

My favorite vodka all dolled up. lol


Animal Lover :)

Hey Hey everyone…Happy Weekend!! ;)   I had such a busy week, I am ready to unwind a little bit. I am done with my work for the day so I am off to run some errands. I am officially 100 percent ready for Christmas! Yay! I have all gifts bought and food ready to prepare. We are doing Mexican food on Christmas Eve and Italian on Christmas Day. Changing things up a bit …we are all bored of the traditional meal. I am in the holiday spirit, I whipped up some cookies the other night while jamming to some Christmas music. :) Only thing I haven’t done this year is buy Eggnog. Not sure why? I am off to an ugly sweater party tonight…it’s going to be fun! Of course I will take pics. Since I got my new Iphone the camera works SO much better than my last one. I am constantly taking pics of my furry babies and I thought I would share some. :) I love animals..I love them all. They bring so much joy to my life, I can’t even describe it. All you animal lovers know what I am talking about. :) :) I enjoy feeding the birds …and Rocky (my cat) loves to watch them. It is so cute, he will sit and watch them for hours. He is in indoor cat…he only goes outside if Buzz or I hold him. If he escaped my house he wouldn’t make it long. We have bobcats and coyotes that cruise my neighborhood. Yikes! Well I am off now…I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! ENJOY!


Chewing up my ornaments :(

Busted! Caught in the action!

Hehe, playing with my computer screen.

Big boy never leaves my side! :) He sleeps by my feet all in my office.

Aww just look at that face!

He loves running errands with me.

No that’s not her Jameson, she doesn’t drink. ;)

Snuggled up with me outside by the heater.

Enjoying some bone chewing last night by the fire pit.

He visits me time to time. Go Cardinals ;)

This guy is way too big ..he thinks he is a hummingbird. ha


Hey hey everyone!! Wow it’s really feeling like winter around here lately..rain and colder temps. I had to bring out my down comforter ..but have not had to turn the heat on yet. I barely just turned off the air conditioning. lol! I have been a busy bee both with work and my personal life. Seems like those errands and appointments never end. I might go Christmas shopping and out to dinner tonight. Sounds fun on this rainy day. I always make time for relaxation and fun too! ;)

I had a great weekend. Buzz shot Devon Michaels for our sites …and I finally got to meet her!! We went out for dinner and drinks. She is really awesome!! Not only beautiful with an amazing body, but sooooo sweet! Goodies coming soon! ;)

We also met up with a potential model for AzianiIron …she is a big bodybuilder and really pretty. Her body is rock hard!! The Cardinals won again on Thursday night!! Woohoo! Unfortunately the quarterback got hurt. The second one of the season..not good. :( Saturday Buzz and I went out for lunch, enjoyed some Mexican food and margaritas. YUM! :) Then we had friends over, relaxed by the fire-pit with a few cocktails. That pretty much sums up my fun lately. I am working ALL week a lot then ready to have more fun this weekend. We were invited to two Christmas parties, one being an ugly sweater party. I love those!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!


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