~New Aziani Model~

Good morning…happy Monday!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! ;) Mine was good and now I am ready for a busy week ahead. Lot of exciting stuff happening! :) :) Our new Aziani model is smoking hot…Eva Long! I love her, she is beautiful inside and outside!! ;) You can check out her sexy vids and pics on Aziani.com

It’s a cloudy/rainy day in the desert. Kind of nice for a change!!

Wishing you all a great day ahead!



Fun Times!

Hey Hey everyone..I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! :) I am just enjoying life as it comes..one day at a time! :) My dog is better..thank goodness! Not sure what was wrong with him, maybe a cold or allergies? Either way..I am just happy to have more time with him. Yay! Yesterday Buzz and I went out to play in the desert, we took one of my dogs. She had a blast! It was fun to watch her run around and splash in the water. So cute! It was a beautiful day..at the top of the mountain it got pretty chilly though. Needless to say we didn’t stay at the top long.  I heard this was one of the top 3 warmest winters…nice!!! Kind of scares me for summer though. Not much new since I wrote last time…just keeping busy working and playing both. :) I have started working out in the mornings now, changing things up a bit. I like getting it out of the way in the AM. I can’t say I love to workout..I do it because I need to. Can’t be healthy without any movement. I am off now …I need to clean my house, do laundry and run a few errands. I need to get ready for a BIG week ahead. Have a great Sunday everyone!!


Well hello! :)

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend and Valentines Day!! ;) I had a relaxing weekend and not so good Valentines Day! :( Tony was started getting sick on V day…Buzz and I had plans to go out and enjoy the beautiful day, but I didn’t want to leave him home alone. He threw up a few times and was making a strange hacking sound. He was outside eating grass every few hours so I know he didn’t feel good. He woke me every 2-3 hours…ugh! I am happy to say he is better today. He started feeling better yesterday and seems normal today. Needless to say I was afraid it was his time!!! He is the one that has the tumor and has already lived 10 more months than the vet and surgeon both predicted. Yay! I get more time with him!! :) :) I will take all the days I get. I didn’t get much sleep …I was so worried. I just go day to day with him..but as of now he is happily sleeping under my desk. :) He never leaves my side. It has been in the 80′s and sunny so I have been chilling at home with my furry babies. They have been lounging in the sun with me. It’s so relaxing! We went out this past Wednesday for drinks/dinner with a new model. Her name is Eva Long. She has already shot for 2 of our sites…GloryHoleSecrets.com & PovWars.com This time she shot for Aziani.com Coming soon! She was awesome…so much fun! ;)

I have a really busy day …I have a million errands to run. That’s ok because it is so nice outside, I don’t mind. Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!


Riding Fun!

Good morning everyone!!! ;) I hope you all had a great weekend!! They go so fast! Sunday we went for a mountain ride on our Razor. It was beautiful, 60′s and sunny! I needed my nature fix bad!! We met with some friends for a few drinks at the Saloon…it was fun! We even toured 3 cabins for sale. :) Seriously debating selling our RV and buying a cabin. It’s just a thought right now! I have wanted a cabin for years, but I am just not sure what location I want yet. That is the good thing about an RV…you are not stuck in one location. Here are a few pics I took. I finally got my Iphone fixed, it was taking blurry distant pictures. That is the main reason I bought that big phone was for the camera. I have yet another busy work day today…I will say it is hard to work when the weather is sunny and 80′s everyday. At least I have a great job that I love! hehe! ;) Enjoy your Tuesday..make it great!


The weekend is here!! ;)

Happy weekend everyone! :) I hope you all enjoy!! I went to a Coyotes hockey game on Thursday night. It was awesome! Some friends have box seats which made it even better. I haven’t been to a hockey game in over 20 years. Last night we met up with friends for happy hour. Nothing like a dirty martini (or two) and some appetizers while enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather. I had the best hummus last night. Delish! I am going to try and make some..if anyone has any yummy recipes to share. Today I am going to chill and work around my house and wash my cars. Tomorrow I am off to play …I need my nature fix!! Our weather is just too amazing to stay indoors…80′s and sunny! ;)

Wishing you all a fun weekend ahead!!


*Doesn’t Get Much Better*

Hey everyone…happy hump day!! I thought I would stop by and say HELLO!! :) I am still fighting off a nasty cold. Ugh! I was hurting over the weekend BIG TIME! I had the worst sore throat, headache, congestion and cough! I haven’t had a cold that bad in years. I am sure I picked that nasty bug up in Vegas. However, I am sooooo much better today. Every day gets better. I am still plugged up a bit, but my cough is almost gone! Yay! Did you all enjoy the Super Bowl? Wow..what a game. I got out of bed for that one…just to the couch. lol! We ordered a pizza and chilled with our furry babies. It has been pretty hectic around town with the SB and also The Phoenix Open Golf Tournament…seems like the tourists have gone home now so it’s safe to leave my house. hehe! It is so beautiful outside …it is hard to stay indoors. In my opinion this is the perfect weather..especially for February. I do love Arizona!! I have been working hard the past few days to catch up on work, errands…ya know “life!” :) I am wanting to plan my next trip, but not sure where yet? I am hoping to get some play time in this weekend, get out and enjoy some nature. :) :) I so need my nature fix! Oh and Valentines Day is next weekend, don’t forget your sweethearts!! I am off now, need to finish up some work and hit the gym. Oh joy! I hope you are enjoying your week so far!!


~Back From Vegas~

Good morning everyone! Finally getting back to my normal routine and finally getting some sleep! Whew, what a fun Vegas trip! As always I ate and drank too much…oh and I never get enough sleep. I was sooooo tired when I got home. I think 5 nights in sin city is a little too much for me. I didn’t even gamble…but I usually don’t. I did have every intention on playing roulette, love that game. It was nice to see some old friends and catch up. I can’t believe how fast time goes. I started my site in 1999 and Buzz was in the business back in 1997. Wow! I have met some of the best people and some of the worst …haha! I suppose that is with any business. Right? ;) The world is full of good and bad. We went to an ice bar called Minus 5…ever heard of it? We got bored of the Hard Rock so we went downtown one day and hit the strip one day…which was a nice change of scenery. Any ways…everything in this bar is made of ice. The walls, the bar, the seats and even the glasses. Brrrrrr it was cold especially since I had on flip-flops. lol! My feet were killing me after all the walking around in heels, my feet needed a break. They give you a parka and gloves so obviously that helped keep me a little warmer…it really was a fun experience. A must do in Vegas!! They didn’t allow photos inside the bar..which kind of sucked. The other cool attraction we did was go into this HUGE Ferris Wheel that they actually call an observation wheel. It takes you up 550 feet…the views were awesome!! It was one big party!! It’s always nice to take a trip, but even better to come home. I love home! :) I didn’t take many photos because my Iphone is taking blurry pics. Ugh! I need to take it in and have it fixed. So here are a few I did get! I hope you all had a great week and weekend!! Are you ready for the Super Bowl?? I don’t know what I am doing yet …I am still partied out right now. Since it is here in town I think I might hibernate in my house for the next week or so. lol I don’t really like crowds or traffic. Tomorrow the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament starts which is close to my house and I think last year set a record with 180,000 people attending. Yikes! I went a few years and it was way too crazy for me. So with all the events going on I think I will lay low. At least that is what I think now. hehe! ;) A big happy hump day to you all!!! Will chat more soon!



Welcome to Vegas and the biggest Bloody Mary I have ever had!

Kisses to Claudia Marie!

Minus 5 Ice Bar!

Real Dolls at AVN

Hard Rock Fun!

High Roller Ferris Wheel

Off To Vegas!

Hey hey everyone…I am having a busy Monday. I suppose they all are though!! It is soooo beautiful outside..I want to go play! 70′s and sunny…PERFECT! I did play in the desert all day yesterday so I got my nature fix. :) We went riding with a huge group …it was a lot of fun! I am actually off to Las Vegas tomorrow so there will be a lot of playing!! I will be sure to take a bunch of pics to share!! ;) I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are having a fantastic 2015 so far!!! I will write more when I get back from sin city! :)


Hey Hey Everyone!! =)

Good morning!! Monday again? Geesh they come fast, don’t they? I have been enjoying some relaxation, but I always find time for fun too!  Wednesday we met up with friends for happy hour..I very much enjoyed a dirty martini with blue cheese olives. YUM! Thursday Buzz and I took my parents out for dinner to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! WOW…time flies! 50 Years? I must say I feel so blessed to have such amazing parents…they are both in the 70′s, happy and healthy people who I adore! They have always accepted my decisions in life and have loved me no matter what!! Talk about unconditional love! :) I hope they have many more to come!! Friday I hit the gym hard and then went hiking. Our weather has been awesome!! It did sprinkle a little bit last night as I was sitting around the fire-pit. I won’t complain about that, 70 degrees in January is perfect to me! Our hot tub heater broke so we haven’t used it lately, but we got a new one installed yesterday so it should be functional again today! YAY…I miss it! Saturday I went and had a much needed massage…ahhh it felt so good. Pretty much Sat and Sun were ME time, which I love. I did get a ton of work done on my computer and also around my house. I am making some changes to my office…updating it with some new furniture so cleaning out all the “junk” I have is not a fun task! I have a busy week ahead so I am off to chop away on my “to do list!”

Have a great day everyone!!!



Fun With Good Friends!

Seems Martini’s Are The Drink Of Choice Lately :)

Hiking In Arizona! Beautiful Scenery!


~New Sexy Models~

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! :) :) Mine is good! Buzz and I went out to watch the Arizona Cardinal game yesterday..they lost! :( Bummer! Today I am doing some much needed chores around my house.  I wanted to let you know about the 2 new models added to Aziani and AzianiIron…. be sure to check these hotties out. Ashton Blake has a smoking hot, rock hard body. I love her and so will you!! And a big welcome back to Devon Michaels, she also has a smoking hot body..I can honestly say I really like both models. They are not only sexy and gorgeous, but really nice! :) :) I have no doubt you guys will like these babes! I hope you all have a great Sunday!!





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