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April 2020 = Crazy Time

Who would have thought 2020 would be like it is today? So much has changed since my last post. 🙁 Such a crazy time…very uncertain for sure! I hope everyone is staying safe and trying to stay positive. I know it can be hard at times, but we need to keep an active body and brain at this time. I know everyone’s situation is different throughout the world and I am sending you all extra love and hugs! We will get through this, HANG IN THERE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you ever need to talk to someone…I am a great listener!! Hit me up on social media or email me. (

I have worked at home since 2000 so actually staying home is not a new thing to me. I have become more of a homebody over time. However, I am ready to socialize BIG TIME! Thank God I have Buzz and my fur babies!!! We have been taking Mia on her daily walks, the weather has really been nice. It’s starting to heat up though so we are going to have to change our routine with her. She LOVES her walks and hopefully she will love to swim this summer. Buzz and I have been exercising daily as well. We made one of our garages into a workout area. We have been doing CrossFit for over a year now … love it! I am trying to eat healthy as well, but it’s hard!!! I am trying to find new things to do…cooking being one of them.

Buzz and I have been taking the Jeep out a lot and doing some exploring. We met some new Jeep peeps and YES we are social distancing. It’s just nice to get out in nature and forget about what’s happening …even for awhile. The desert is blooming and looks just gorgeous…as you will see from my pics. 🙂

Luckily we live by some really pretty parks and trails…they are still open as long as you are social distancing. I heard some cities/states/countries are starting to open…time will tell what happens next. ???

I hope you all stay safe!!!!!!! Talk to you all next month, hoping for a very different post!














Hello March!!!! :))

Good afternoon!! Happy March everyone, geesh these months fly by! I can’t believe St Patrick’s Day is next week already! I am thinking of going out this year for some fun! There is always something fun to do in Vegas. 🙂

So what do you all think of the Coronavirus? We went grocery shopping yesterday and they were out of water, paper towels, toilet paper and I am sure much much more. Those are just the things I needed to buy. A lot of the shelves were empty as well, mainly canned goods. I know it’s a real fear, but I do believe people are overreacting IMO. And I don’t mean the people that really need masks because they have health issues. I get that! I don’t know what to think, I do believe it’s always a smart thing to have extra food and water. You never know when you might need that!! Buzz and I went through a prepping stage many many years ago…so I get it. I will be smart, but I will not panic!

I have been getting out in the Nevada desert to enjoy nature!! I need that in my life! Been hiking a few times at Red Rock…it’s so gorgeous there. It feels like a small Sedona. (Arizona) Buzz and I went on a bike ride the other weekend. It was great, the bike path is either 34 or 38 miles. We took a stop in Boulder City which is such a cute little town. They have some really nice parks, restaurants, hotels and bars. It went by Lake Mead and through the desert. GORGEOUS! I know a lot of people don’t see the beauty in the desert, but I truly do…maybe it’s because I am a Scorpio! hehe! Even though I am pretty sure Scorpio is a water sign. ha! Hey I lived by the ocean for a year and it was great..don’t get me wrong, but the water doesn’t give me the same feeling.

I can’t wait to do some exploring this summer…get out of the Vegas heat and enjoy some fresh mountain air. We are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe and I am on the search for my cabin down the road. 🙂 If you know me, this has been something I have wanted for many many years. Life in the mountains is my ultimate goal!!! BUT what mountains?? Hmmm

So I have been kicking ass in the gym, I LOVE CrossFit literally has changed my life. Buzz’s too… he has been my workout partner for over 20 years, but this is so different than lifting weights. I still do that sometimes, but not like I did before…and I look and feel better than I have …maybe ever! :))) Still doing Yoga too…keeping active is key!

We sponsored our 2nd bowling night and once again it was a blast! It’s so nice to socialize here in Vegas with old and new friends. We have been living here now for 5 months! I really didn’t know what to expect because most of my time in Vegas was spent on the Strip. Life here is nothing like that. It’s actually very small town feeling…but with so much entertainment and nature in every direction. Pretty much the best of both worlds! Anything you might want to do is available 24 hours a day. I am an early bird so I don’t care too much about that stuff. I am very happy about our decision to leave CA. I don’t have any regrets living there though…it was a much needed stepping stone to leave Arizona. I needed to leave Arizona to grow. I do love AZ…always will!!

We have some new projects coming soon, they always take longer than you think. Having patience is soooo important! 🙂 I will fill you all in as soon as I can!

Hope life is treating you all well! Just remember life is up and down…you are in charge of your own happiness. Nobody or nothing can make YOU happy. It’s an inside job! 😉

Sending an early cheers for St Patrick’s Day! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram

Talk again in April! Kisses,






Happy to see February!! :) :) :)

Good morning !!! How’s 2020 treating you so far?? Mine is good. BUSY! Wow! January is always a nutty month every year so nothing new there! 😉 AVN and Internext were great and even better now that I live in Vegas. It was sooooo nice coming home to my bed! This is the FIRST year in history that I didn’t get sick. Actually Buzz didn’t either. Of course we didn’t stay out until 3-4 AM so that helped. Been there…done that. lol 🙂 It’s so funny how we change. Things that were important at one time, are so NOT… and things that were NOT important…ARE! We had some very successful business meetings and I am excited for new things coming! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We sponsored a bowling night here in town and it was SO MUCH FUN! I am not very good, but it’s still a great time socializing with everyone. Some of our CA friends were here which is awesome and there are so many industry people here in Vegas. LOVE that! I am so so so happy we moved. 🙂

I finally broke down and bought the new Iphone…I am not one of those people that really cares to have the newest things. They are just “things” to me … as long as it works I am good to go. However, mine was starting to break down AND I was super excited about the camera on the new one. It’s pretty amazing…that just means more pics of my dog and cat. LOL 😉

Did any of you make a New Years resolution?? I see the gym is a little busier so I am guessing YES! I made some personal goals for myself and so far so good! I started going back to Yoga, I took a few weeks off because of the BS excuse “I am too busy.” I really was busy, but we should never be too busy for ourselves. It’s so important to make time for YOU!!! Still hitting the CrossFit hard and loving it. Never thought I would say that I actually love working out!! hehe 🙂

It’s so cold and windy in Vegas today. Yikes, it was 70 yesterday and dropped 30 degrees. I am not complaining …I might be this summer though. lol  It’s more seasonal here which I like. I am actually ready for the summer….bbq’s and pool parties. Yay!

What did you all think of the Super Bowl? I didn’t care who won this year, but it was still a great game to watch. Congrats to the Chiefs!! I used to go to Kansas City all the time when I lived in NE growing up. It’s a pretty cool city!

Well I suppose that is about all for now. I will write again in March OR maybe before. I look back and remember when I used to write in my blog daily. There again …time changes. Just remember your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can be taken away at anytime…MY blog is MINE! Always be careful how much control you give away!!

Speaking of change…The Hard Rock in Vegas has closed it doors for good. It will reopen as a Virgin Hotel. I have so many great memories there! I will try and find some older pics and post them. I remember the first gathering in 1999. Not many people are still around…only a few of us. Others have moved on.

Ok, I am off now. Have a great day/week/month!


(Let’s see about that) 😉








WELCOME 2020!!!

Good afternoon everyone! A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 🙂 It seems like everyone is pretty stoked for this new year and that is great! 2020 has a nice ring to it, right? 😉 I had an awesome 2019 and I am super excited to see what 2020 brings! I want to say thank you all for the love you give me, I really do enjoy sharing my life with you still…after all these years!! 🙂 🙂 I feel sooooo blessed to have such amazing people in my life… friends and family both. Speaking of family Buzz and I went back to AZ for Christmas…it was so nice spending quality time with fam!! We drove through Flagstaff on the way back and WOW, talk about a Winter Wonderland! Just gorgeous! I don’t miss AZ as much as I used to, probably because Las Vegas reminds me a lot of Arizona. I love the desert! Only thing I miss about CA is riding my bike at the beach. However, I am 100 percent happy with our decision to move out of CA. Vegas is even better than I thought it would be, now I know why everyone that lives here loves it. Well I should not say everyone, but most! 🙂 It’s a big small town!

Buzz and I hosted our first annual holiday ONESIE party, it was SOOOO much fun! We catered in food, had a ton of yummy drinks, played air hockey, did shots and got too drunk. hehe! 😉 I woke up the next day and people were sleeping all over my house, which I of course didn’t mind. No drinking and driving! It was funny…country music was blasting and people were starting to drink again. HA! I had a few Bloody Marys and just laughed at all the silliness. I am looking forward to next year already! 🙂

We also hosted a bowling night and that was interesting, lol! I haven’t bowled in so long, I am not very good but it was a blast!! We are going to try and do some type of get together once a month. 🙂 🙂 🙂

So did you all make a bunch of new years resolutions? I always set some goals for business and personal both. It helps guide me in the right direction. I have been KETO now for I think 35 weeks and I love it. However, it is time to make some changes to my diet. I have hit my goal weight, actually I lost a little more than I wanted. So I am going to gain a little more back. I feel so good, my energy is through the roof and my mind is so clear. I just know it’s time to change it up a bit. I had a HUGE cheat meal yesterday. Omg, Buzz and I were hungover so we decided to go out for Mexican food. It was DELISH! I came home and thought a Bloody Mary was a good idea and guess what? It was! LOL I could only drink one and I was ready for bed. hehe! My My My hangovers are bad as you get older. YIKES! I don’t have them very often…I don’t drink as much as I once did. They are BAD, they kill my gym days too. Any ways…it was a fun NYE, we went to a house party. We haven’t been out in so many years, so glad we went. One thing about Vegas is you can pretty much get anywhere in town in 30 min or less. LOVE that!

Well ….that’s about all for now. I am wishing you all a FABULOUS 2020!

Here are a few pics I wanted to share and if you know me…they are of my dog, my cat, food, drinks, nature, working out and friends of course! 😉 Talk again in February OR maybe earlier.