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Lots Of New Content At Aziani =)

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week so far! 🙂 Mine is good…keeping busy. The weather here in CA is amazing…lots of sunshine and cool temps. It’s only 66 degrees at 1:00. Sooooo nice! My dog is doing great so far so that of course makes me smile! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Every day with him is a blessing …love him so much. I bought him a cactus stuffed animal the other day and he loves it. hehe! It made me think of Arizona so I had to buy it. I think of Arizona often…living there for over 20 years it’s kind of hard not to. Plus all my family is there. I am planning to go back for Christmas this year, but I hope I can go before that. I don’t really want to go over the summer. Ugh! Buzz and I will be moving soon so I will invite them to come out to visit us. 🙂

I was at the gym a few days ago and saw Steve Howey, do you know who that is? He is Kevin on Shameless…I love that show! I am not one to be star struck…honestly I could care less about actors… but he seems like a cool guy. They are making a movie a few streets down from where I live so the streets are all restricted and TONS of people and cars every where. I wonder what movie they are filming?

I wanted to let you all know about the new content on Aziani Buzz and the guys have been shooting all sorts of NEW sexy stuff…of course they are still shooting the beautiful solo scenes that you all love, but adding some “harder” stuff that the members ask for. We aim to please! 😉 A lot of girl/girl hot sex, a massage, a Boy/Girl/Girl and a Blowbang so far! So if you want to suggest something please do! Let us know what you like! 😉 It’s so much easier shooting here in CA…all the guys and girls are here. Well not all… but a lot! 😉 Life is easier when it comes to certain things and definitely harder when it comes to others. Kind of balances out…doesn’t it? I guess it just depends what’s most important…prioritize. Priorities always change…what seems important right now might not be in the near future. AND the other way around too. This thing called “life” is so very interesting!

Lunch time for me…I will write more soon!!






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~Well Hello~

Hey everyone…sorry I have not posted for awhile. I have been busy working and playing too.. 🙂 We shot a new hot Aziani Iron model, her name is Raquel Sultra. She is super sweet and very sexy!! You can check here out And Buzz shot the gorgeous Tiffany Brooks again for She just keeps getting hotter!!! She will be coming soon!! 😉 I have snapped a few naughty pics for you on twitter lately, so I will post them here too. Just playing around, having fun!! Everything is so good in my life..I can’t complain. I am happy and healthy..I’m enjoying the ride!! My furry babies are all doing great..even Tony! Yay! Sending you all love!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I promise to post more!!



New Pics!!

Hey everyone..happy weekend!!! 🙂 I just got back from Colorado! It was soooo much fun! I can’t tell you how much I love being out in nature… words just can’t describe it. I will post some pics after I look through them all. Needless to say I am swamped, super busy playing catch up with work and personal things too. That’s the only bad part about taking a trip…coming home to so much work. That’s ok I am taking all weekend to catch up. My new pics went up in the members area…I hope you like them!! A big thanks to Amy for the sexy white lingerie! 😉 I promise to write more soon!!! Have a fantastic weekend!! Make it great!

*New Pics*

Good morning, happy Monday everyone!! The weekends go by so fast! I worked and played both this weekend…a perfect mix! I am rested and ready for a busy week ahead. We are shooting a lot this week..not me, models. I am enjoying being a part of the shoots! Sexy stuff! 😉 My new pics went live yesterday! YAY!! I also wanted to share some of the models photos with you. Two of the newest girls on Aziani...Chloe Chaos and Janice Griffith! Hot Hot Hot! The models are just drop dead gorgeous and my hunny is the best photographer! It’s nice to watch him in action!! 🙂 🙂 We also shot Brandi Mae for Aziani Iron when we were in Vegas. I love Brandi, she is so sweet and down to earth. A fellow animal lover as well. 🙂 Her body is ripped up and hard as a rock! All I can say is “WOW!!!” Her hard work and dedication shows!

I hope you are enjoying your Monday so far!!! If not…you are the only one to turn it around and make it great. You have the power!! I am off to cardio…work this body!! Been busting my ass at the gym too!