Day: August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday~

Good morning! Happy Sunday everyone..I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!!!!
Mine has been wonderful so far. Started off Friday night with an awesome naughty cam show….woohoo! Thanks guys! After that I went to one of the strip clubs in town and met up with some girls that want to shoot for Aziani. Very pretty girls..and nice too! It was fun, but I drank a little too much and forgot to eat. OOPS! think by now I would know better than that. Shhheeeshh
So I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty yuk! Buzz took me to breakfast…ahhh, isn’t that sweet? I live close to this “cowboy” type restaurant. It is like a different world..everyone wears cowboy hats and boots..I love it. I love the variety Arizona has to offer. It is still very much the Wild Wild West!
First thing I ordered was a SPICY and STRONG Bloody Mary. Oh..the “hair of the dogs” works every time. Ha! I felt 100 times better. It was so good. Yum~ I spent most of the day running errands and then last night we took a ride on the RzR (quad) to watch the sunset. It was sooo beautiful. Arizona has some of the best sunsets around. I took a few photos to share with you. Tony was sporting his cool “doggles”…he is so adorable.
I don’t have much planned for, clean & do my laundry. I think I will grill out some yummy food tonight and chill in the front of the TV. I am off…have a wonderful Sunday!