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~Naughty Video Update~

Good morning..happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I DID!! Mine was awesome! I drove up two hours to Northern Arizona for some serious fun..some serious RzR Fun!! If you don’t know what that is basically a quad but you sit side by side. A super cool golf cart. LOL! We met some friends and rode all day Saturday and Sunday too. Some of you know these “friends”..I will share some pics soon. K? We had a lot of fun..the weather was a bit chilly, but sunny so that helped a lot! I was so tired last night. I came home and showered right away..I was a very dirty girl. (literally) hehe I hung out with my doggies ..ate some dinner and went to bed at 9:00. I am feeling refreshed today..all that fresh mountain air was great! Back to work today! I am adding a cam grab of my newest video. It is so clear, it looks like a photo. Great quality vid thanks to my amazing videographer..thx Buzz! I hope you will find time to check it out! See you Wednesday night for my next Members Only cam show! Have a great Monday!!! ENJOY!

Black dildo fun

~New Flashing Video Update~

Good morning..happy Sunday! Are you enjoying your weekend? I am ~so good~ I am leaving shortly to go shopping..gotta love that! A day of shopping is always GREAT! I added my new flashing video so I am posting a few cam grabs for you. was a fun & silly day. The weather is so beautiful lately…I wish it would stay this way year round. I feel so refreshed this morning ..I worked around my house all day yesterday so I defiantly need to get out of the house today. I woke up this morning with the birds chirping by my window, they were having a major party. LOL It was adorable. Yesterday one of my friends dog died..oh it was very sad! He was 10 and didn’t do very well with a surgery he was having. horrible, it was his baby. I felt emotional all day …gave my dogs extra love. Not like they don’t get enough..they are super spoiled. Buzz and I took them each individually for a quad ride in the desert last night. It was sooo cute. They all pretty much loved it except one of my dogs. He was a bit scared. That ride ended quickly. Just remember to spend extra time with your pets because you never know what might happen. K? Give all your furry friends a kiss from Rachel! 🙂 Have an awesome Sunday..enjoy!

Flashing Fun
Fun Flashing
Flashing Fun

Yeah..the weekend has arrived :)

Good morning..happy Saturday everyone. Aren’t you glad the weekend is here? I am! I have been so busy lately..having fun too. But today I am tired so I will be taking it easy. Take a break from the convention and chill at the pool. I did invite some friends over to get some sun. The weather is awesome…85 and sunny! Perfect day to lay around the pool..the water is way too cold to get into. I had a lot of fun last night..went to dinner with Naughty Allie. We went out for Chinese..yummy! I took a bunch of pics I will share with you soon. K? I am adding my new video today…a sexy shaving video. It should be up shortly. I hope you will like it! Enjoy your weekend!! I hope you have a super great Saturday!
Pussy Shaving Video

A day of flashing??

Good morning..happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you made it through your Monday ok! For those of you that celebrated St Patrick’s Day..I hope you had lots of fun! I know I enjoyed myself a lot last night..thanks for the awesome cam show!! about FUN! Remember I told you about the two new vids I made over the weekend..well here is a screen capture of them both. See what is coming next! Last night my members gave me some more ideas for future vids. 🙂 My plans have changed today so I think I am going to take the day and do some flashing! It has been way too long since my last flashing adventure. The weather is perfect for a short the 70’s and sunny! I will let you know how it goes. Have a great day..enjoy!


Live Sybian Cam Show

Come see me ride my Sybian LIVE!! Nothing like watching me cum LIVE…it is way more intense than just a recorded video. And I mean for all of us! I think you will agree! Only one way to find out. See you soon! By the way ….I think every girl should own one! ~wink~Friday April 6th at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm ESTLove and kisses, Rach

Mid March Newsletter

Hey everyone, welcome to the very first of my brand new newsletters!! I get so many emails asking what’s coming up, what I’m up to and what’s on the site that I decided to put together this little newsletter to keep everybody informed!

It’s also a big thank you to everybody who is a fan and who’s supported the site all these years. I’m having more fun than ever and it’s all due to you guys, so to reward you I thought I’d send out a little sneak peek of the member’s area with some photos and videos you won’t see anyplace else.

Also if you aren’t currently a member, how’s 20% off sound? Good? Well it’s yours. But ONLY if you join through the newsletter. Just click HERE or one of the links below.

Remember I still do live cam shows every week! This week is no different, come join me for a fun time out in public!! This is NOT my typical cam show, guys. I am taking my laptop, wireless connection and cam out to have some fun with you all. I don’t know where I will end up or for that matter…where I will start! Be sure to stop by and say hello!! I will be waiting for you!

Sunday March 25th at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

Thanks again for supporting the site and I hope you enjoyed my very first ever Rachel newsletter!!

Love and kisses, Rach.