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~New Flashing Video Update~

Good morning..happy Sunday! Are you enjoying your weekend? I am ~so good~ I am leaving shortly to go shopping..gotta love that! A day of shopping is always GREAT! I added my new flashing video so I am posting a few cam grabs for you. was a fun & silly day. The weather is so beautiful lately…I wish it would stay this way year round. I feel so refreshed this morning ..I worked around my house all day yesterday so I defiantly need to get out of the house today. I woke up this morning with the birds chirping by my window, they were having a major party. LOL It was adorable. Yesterday one of my friends dog died..oh it was very sad! He was 10 and didn’t do very well with a surgery he was having. horrible, it was his baby. I felt emotional all day …gave my dogs extra love. Not like they don’t get enough..they are super spoiled. Buzz and I took them each individually for a quad ride in the desert last night. It was sooo cute. They all pretty much loved it except one of my dogs. He was a bit scared. That ride ended quickly. Just remember to spend extra time with your pets because you never know what might happen. K? Give all your furry friends a kiss from Rachel! 🙂 Have an awesome Sunday..enjoy!

Flashing Fun
Fun Flashing
Flashing Fun

Yeah..the weekend has arrived :)

Good morning..happy Saturday everyone. Aren’t you glad the weekend is here? I am! I have been so busy lately..having fun too. But today I am tired so I will be taking it easy. Take a break from the convention and chill at the pool. I did invite some friends over to get some sun. The weather is awesome…85 and sunny! Perfect day to lay around the pool..the water is way too cold to get into. I had a lot of fun last night..went to dinner with Naughty Allie. We went out for Chinese..yummy! I took a bunch of pics I will share with you soon. K? I am adding my new video today…a sexy shaving video. It should be up shortly. I hope you will like it! Enjoy your weekend!! I hope you have a super great Saturday!
Pussy Shaving Video

A day of flashing??

Good morning..happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you made it through your Monday ok! For those of you that celebrated St Patrick’s Day..I hope you had lots of fun! I know I enjoyed myself a lot last night..thanks for the awesome cam show!! about FUN! Remember I told you about the two new vids I made over the weekend..well here is a screen capture of them both. See what is coming next! Last night my members gave me some more ideas for future vids. 🙂 My plans have changed today so I think I am going to take the day and do some flashing! It has been way too long since my last flashing adventure. The weather is perfect for a short the 70’s and sunny! I will let you know how it goes. Have a great day..enjoy!


Live Sybian Cam Show

Come see me ride my Sybian LIVE!! Nothing like watching me cum LIVE…it is way more intense than just a recorded video. And I mean for all of us! I think you will agree! Only one way to find out. See you soon! By the way ….I think every girl should own one! ~wink~Friday April 6th at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm ESTLove and kisses, Rach

Mid March Newsletter

Hey everyone, welcome to the very first of my brand new newsletters!! I get so many emails asking what’s coming up, what I’m up to and what’s on the site that I decided to put together this little newsletter to keep everybody informed!

It’s also a big thank you to everybody who is a fan and who’s supported the site all these years. I’m having more fun than ever and it’s all due to you guys, so to reward you I thought I’d send out a little sneak peek of the member’s area with some photos and videos you won’t see anyplace else.

Also if you aren’t currently a member, how’s 20% off sound? Good? Well it’s yours. But ONLY if you join through the newsletter. Just click HERE or one of the links below.

Remember I still do live cam shows every week! This week is no different, come join me for a fun time out in public!! This is NOT my typical cam show, guys. I am taking my laptop, wireless connection and cam out to have some fun with you all. I don’t know where I will end up or for that matter…where I will start! Be sure to stop by and say hello!! I will be waiting for you!

Sunday March 25th at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

Thanks again for supporting the site and I hope you enjoyed my very first ever Rachel newsletter!!

Love and kisses, Rach.