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New Sexy Outdoor Video!!

Hey Hey!! It’s a nice rainy morning and I love those! 🙂 I enjoy sitting outside sipping my coffee…getting my thoughts in order for the day. Rain is always welcome in the dry desert. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I did!! 😉 I had fun with friends and also relaxed a bit too. A perfect combo in my opinion.

My new video went up on Saturday..I loved shooting outside, I will do that more. Seems to be very popular with my members..thanks everyone for the awesome compliments. I am always flattered!! 😉 I just started that video when a white butterfly landed on me. It’s hard to see, but I posted a pic. Kind of funny really, but very sweet. I love nature! I seriously can’t wait to live in the mountains some day with lots of land and animals!

I will be around all day working…I washed my cars this past weekend and no way am I getting mine dirty in the rain. Ha…just kidding, but really I don’t think I will leave the house today. No errands, just work in my office. I busted my ass on the treadmill at 4:15 this that’s dedication. I have dinner cooking in the crock pot… I can’t believe how much I can accomplish that early. I don’t want to make a habit of waking up that early..I will be in bed by 7:00 ..haha! People that know me…they know I am an early to bed..early to rise kind of girl, but let’s not get carried away! hehe!

Well my friendly peeps…I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! Make it great!


New Sexy Video!!

Hey Hey everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday so far!! 🙂 🙂 I have been up working since 6:00 and accomplishing so much already. Love that! I need to hit the treadmill shortly and get my sweat on! I am really loving my Nike Fuel Band…I don’t hit my goal every day, but most. I even raised it so now I just need to work out harder and more!

My new video went up on Saturday..I hope you like it. I love getting dolled up in sexy lingerie. (Thanks Stephen for the bra, panties and thigh highs) 😉

I am waiting for the rain and storm to hit this afternoon…Monsoon season is here!

Create a great day peeps!!


New Blowjob Video!!

Good morning!! Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! 🙂 🙂 I am still playing nurse, but not so bad..Buzz is doing great! Yay!

I am planning to work most of the day today and work around my house too..get my chores done!

My new video update is live in my members area.. I was so excited Buzz wanted to shoot again. Woohoo! 😉 I hope you enjoy the sweet and juicy blowjob! I know we both did!

Have a fab Saturday…make it great!



New Squirt Video!!

Good morning!! I was up with the birds today..I woke up at 5:00 but lounged in bed until 5:30. I am happy and energized..ready to have a productive, fun and relaxing weekend ahead. Buzz is shooting the sexy fit Jewels Jade today and tomorrow. I am guessing we will have dinner out tonight. Yay! 🙂 He is shooting again Monday and Wednesday…so you know what that means!!! Lots of goodies coming your way!

I had a trip planned to Vegas in June, but now I think I am heading to Florida instead. Funny how things change..hehe! It’s a good thing I can change my schedule so quick. I only have to make plans for my doggies which my parents watch them so it’s pretty simple. Grandma and grandpa rock! 🙂 🙂 I am very blessed.

I am going to schedule my next cam show in the next few days…I will let you know soon. K? 🙂

My new video went live this morning! A nice big squirt video thanks to Buzz. His hands are so magical! 😉 I also made him squirt in a new video coming soon..hey it’s a 2 way street, right? lol

I am going to finish my computer work, then work around my house a bit…last but not least, out to the pool to work on my tan a bit.

ENJOY your Saturday!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Pantyhose Video!!

Hi peeps…a big good morning to you all!! 😉 Feeling fantastic today…just finished my hour cardio!! I have been watching Netflix on my Ipad as I walk and it makes time go by so much faster. I have decided to make one of my spare bedrooms a workout room so I am excited about that. Just what I need more work to do around my house. lol! It never ends! I will be sure to make a video when it’s finished!! 🙂 I know you guys have been asking for just want to see my big boobs bounce. ha! I don’t blame you! hehe!

My new video went live this morning!! Be sure to check it out when you can! I hope you like..I DID!!!

I am either shooting today or tomorrow…kind of depends on how the day goes. I need to hit the gym and run a few errands…then go from there. I will snap some pics to share.

I made the best spaghetti and meatballs last night for dinner…I must admit I am becoming a good cook. I actually like cooking and I never thought I would say that. Funny how we change…isn’t it?

Have a SUPER Saturday…enjoy! See you Tuesday!


New Video!!!

Good morning!!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! 🙂 🙂 I have been partying and having fun the past few days, the convention was a lot of fun as always!! It’s great to see old friends and make new ones!! I didn’t take very many pics, but here are a few.

My new video went live in my members area this morning. Thanks Stephen for the glass toy…I used both ends if you know what I mean. hehe!

My next members cam show is this Tuesday..see you then! I am off the gym today, then back home to lounge in the sun..80 and sunny! Woohoo, perfect day to relax!

Enjoy your Sunday!