Happy Friday everyone! I was thinking yesterday was Friday…silly me! I woke up and realized today was not Saturday. My days are a bit messed up because of the holiday. I am looking forward to a fun Friday! I am off to get my nails done and search for some sexy clothes. I am hoping to shoot some sexy pics and some naughty vids tomorrow. 😉 I love being a girl!! *a girly girl* I invited a few friends over tonight ….I thought it would be fun to share a holiday cocktail. I just can not believe it is almost 2008! Wow…where do these years go? I want to send a special thank you to “jimmyj” for the awesome martini set..I will be using that New Years Eve for sure!! Thanks for thinking of me..cheers! Have an awesome Friday…enjoy your weekend!


Have An Awesome Weekend!

Happy Thursday!!!! Wow…I have had a busy day. I felt brave and hit the stores today. They were pretty busy…but i survived. hehe! I am now home and feeling the desire to make a margarita. I went to Costco and bought some serious alcohol…I spent lots of $$$$ on wine, vodka, tequila, Jack Daniels & Crown Royal. Party time at Rachel’s House!! hehe! I am thinking of having a party in a few months. I am ready!! I wanted to wish you all a very happy weekend! Go enjoy…have fun! I am off to make a yummy margarita and start my weekend!


Live Sybian Cam Show

Come see me ride my Sybian LIVE!! Nothing like watching me cum LIVE…it is way more intense than just a recorded video. And I mean for all of us! I think you will agree! Only one way to find out. See you soon! By the way ….I think every girl should own one! ~wink~Friday April 6th at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm ESTLove and kisses, Rach

Mid March Newsletter

Hey everyone, welcome to the very first of my brand new newsletters!! I get so many emails asking what’s coming up, what I’m up to and what’s on the site that I decided to put together this little newsletter to keep everybody informed!

It’s also a big thank you to everybody who is a fan and who’s supported the site all these years. I’m having more fun than ever and it’s all due to you guys, so to reward you I thought I’d send out a little sneak peek of the member’s area with some photos and videos you won’t see anyplace else.

Also if you aren’t currently a member, how’s 20% off sound? Good? Well it’s yours. But ONLY if you join through the newsletter. Just click HERE or one of the links below.

Remember I still do live cam shows every week! This week is no different, come join me for a fun time out in public!! This is NOT my typical cam show, guys. I am taking my laptop, wireless connection and cam out to have some fun with you all. I don’t know where I will end up or for that matter…where I will start! Be sure to stop by and say hello!! I will be waiting for you!

Sunday March 25th at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST

Thanks again for supporting the site and I hope you enjoyed my very first ever Rachel Aziani.com newsletter!!

Love and kisses, Rach.