Month: December 2009

More pics from Twitter!!

Good morning! I had a hard time sleeping last night, my throat was very dry and sore. I guess I need to put on my humidifier tonight. That should do the trick. 🙂 Feels better now that I am drinking water and coffee. Probably switch to tea and honey next…yum!

Here are a few pics that I have posted to my Twitter lately. Follow me, I am really trying to post a lot. 🙂

I am also trying to keep up with myspace and facebook!! 🙂

I have another busy work day…and of course hit the gym. I am sore from yesterday…but a good sore!

Have a great day everyone! ENJOY!

New Photos Added :))

Good morning! I slept in today, boy..that felt nice. 🙂 It is cloudy outside, looks like rain! Figures, just washed my car yesterday …lol! After my weekend chores I went out for a yummy lunch and watched the end of the Cardinal game. Woohoo, they won! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

I am working today..nothing too crazy going on. I do need to hit the gym and start my workouts again. I haven’t exercised since my trip. I did get some exercise on the slopes, but that doesn’t count.

I updated with some new sexxxy pics!! I hope you like them!

Have an awesome Monday!

~New Sexy Aziani Babe~

Happy Sunday!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!! 🙂 I had a busy work day yesterday. I worked a about 9-10 hours yesterday, of course stopping for a few breaks. I got so much done, woohoo!! I am caught up from my trip finally. I hate being behind!! Today I am working this morning and am going to take off the afternoon. I need to finish my laundry, pick up my house and wash my car. OMG, it is so dirty from the trip…all that slop from the snow. Yuk! I hate a dirty car, drives me nuts. I am going out to lunch (hopefully) and enjoy the outdoors a bit today. It is beautiful outside….60 and sunny. Probably chill in the hot tub a bit tonight. I slept great last night, will try and repeat that again tonight. 🙂

A new sexy babe was added to Aziani!! Wow…she is not only pretty, but her body is so awesome, so tight!!  You boys and girls are going to love Kayla Paige! Check her out here…

Enjoy your Sunday!

~Merry Christmas~

Hey!! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! I really hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family & friends! 🙂 I have a busy morning. I STILL need to wrap all my gifts… cook a few side dishes & dessert. I am leaving pretty early to spend the day with my family.

Last night I went to see Avatar, it was good!! I liked it! We went out for dinner and WOW, places were packed. I had no idea that many people ate out on Christmas Eve. All the small restaurants were closed and the big ones were sooo crowded. Everyone seemed very happy and in the holiday mood…so it was all good. 🙂

Once again, have a Happy Holiday!!!